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   Chapter 64 Charity Dinner

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Following behind Brian and Emily, Charles shook his head helplessly. He really admired his daddy's words of praise. His daddy didn't say anything to praise the beauty of this dress. It was just that he disliked the purple dress, because it was too sexy. It was because that he didn't want his mommy to show her perfect figure. He said that it was almost the time. Was Brian afraid that his mother would find a chance to change the clothes?

Of course, the coat that Emily was wearing gave Charles a sense of satisfaction. It was just that he didn't expect his father, Brian, to be so possessive. His mother was so clever but she was confused when she met Brian. Well, forgot it. He tried to catch up with the two people in front of him. Something interesting would happen tonight. Charles was always involved in such kind of things.

When they arrived, it was already very crowded outside. The city was full of luxury cars, handsome men and beautiful women, attracting people's attention. This was even worse than the opening of the auction held by Vincent. After all, charity could easily improve people's morale and group charisma. Who made a lot of money in the society naturally wanted to give a reward to the society.

Firstly, it was from some traditional moral concepts in China. Secondly, it was natural for people to rise to fame for themselves. Therefore, the party invited many big and powerful people from T City, including business and political circles, occupied half the city. After all, people were willing to do anything for charity, not to mention that they were invited by Sara.

Sara was an influential figure in the field of charity, neither a star, but she had a better reputation than a star. Everyone in this city knew her and admired her very much. She was born in a literary family, came from a political family, and her father was the vice mayor of T City.

But it was said that in the beginning, she didn't use the family relationship to devote herself to charity. What's more, she was a famous lecturer of T University. Every year, she would hold a few charity dinner to raise charity fund. Who wouldn't care about such a woman? Moreover, the business and political circles were complicated. So the party became a platform for them to find partners. Emily commented Sara as an ambitious girl.

"Mr. Brian, how do you feel when you see your ex love?" Emily held the Brian's arm and they walked inside.

"Is Emily jealous?"

Emily curled her lips.

"She is a rare woman to understand."

As Brian spoke, except for Emily, Sara should have seen through his true self. Not too deep, but she had been able to turn around easily, which impressed him. He

ated such a woman. Even Emily would take a few more looks at her.

"Miss Sara might have heard about it." Brian said indifferently.

"It seems that you don't care about it now." Sara said straightforwardly.

"You're still so sensitive, Miss Sara."

"Shouldn't I accept your compliment gracefully?"

"If you don't mind."

"You are still so interesting." However, they didn't hear her. When she raised her head, she looked gorgeous.

"Don't you mind introducing them to me?" Sara sensed the slight gaze from Emily ever since she came over. When she was talking with Brian, Emily just looked at them with a gentle smile, without any interruption or panic. Her calm and cold eyes seemed to have no danger, but somehow made Sara feel stressed. Emily was a woman that Sara couldn't see through.

"Nice to meet you, too. I'm Emily, and Brian's wife. Oh, the boy in his arms, Charles and my son."

Emily introduced to her in a gentle voice. His smile was so piercing that it seemed to penetrate Sara's heart. Sara smiled hearing that. The smile was like a cherry blossoming in the night, looking wistful.

"I've been curious about what kind of wife Brian will marry. Today I finally see you."

"Oh, what do you think?" Said Emily with a smile.

"Brian, you have a good taste. Miss Emily is a woman who matches Brian, not an ordinary woman." Her attitude and way of speaking showed her unique charm. Realizing this, Sara slowly calmed down.

"Ha ha. In my opinion, you are really uncommon. You are the first woman who dumped Brian publicly. This special case will remind you in your whole life. Who Miss Sara will meet must be someone who is devoted to you. I will accept Brian personally so that he won't destroy the world again. For all human beings' sake, I will marry him. "

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