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   Chapter 63 Brian's Identity

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"Is Emily really hiding it from us?"

It was probably not the only reason. After spending some time with Emily, Brian had sensed that there was something behind that. But he hadn't confirmed it yet.

Seeing the expression on Brian's face, Vincent didn't ask anything more. He thought he'd better do something as he could and quietly left to arrange things.

Looking out of the window, Brian didn't say anything more. No matter who Emily was, the only thing he needed to know was that he liked that woman. And that Emily was his wife.

When Emily arrived at the building, she saw the company's logo on the building. Her face was hard to tell. It was a mixed feeling of joy and sadness. Before anyone could see her face clearly, her eyes, which were about to scrutinize the surroundings, turned around and she walked inside.

When Emily went into the building, Alice was dealing with the documents at hand. She looked up and was stunned for a moment after she saw Emily.

"For such a long time, every time you see me, you will be so obviously stiff. Do my face really make you so absent-minded?" Then Emily found a place to sit down.

"You are overthinking things, Miss." Said Alice. Her concentrated voice was as decisive as before.

"Alice, you haven't changed a lot in these years."

Alice was still fast and sharp with her short hair. Her every move and action clearly expressed the wisdom of the woman in front of her, but there was always a little coldness in her. From the time they had known each other to now, she had gradually grown a mature aura. Only the initial sincerity had been slowly ground into a pale color of persistence by time.

"You haven't changed."

"I'm afraid you're the only one who would say that to me." How could Emily still be the same after seven years? If she hadn't changed, how could she still be like this? And if she hadn't changed, how can she had such a mood? "What do you want to tell me so anxiously? "

Alice looked at Emily, "Miss, you haven't come to the company since you came back. Don't you want to see it?"

"I think you will understand me, Alice." Emily said after looking around.

"Just like you have stayed here for him for so many years, and I also don't want to go to this place which belongs to him. You stay here to keep a memory of him, but as soon as I come here, I will resent him."

"Miss Emily has been taking charge of the company since you regained your memory seven years ago. Now the company belongs to you."

"Well, I don't think so. The boss of this company should be the only one from beginning to end. I don't want to steal his achievement of his hard work."

"He established this company for you and wanted to build a commercial empire for you. However, before it was finished, he had chosen that way. No matter

ar that she would have no guarantee in the future, and even worse, he did not expect her to have a son. However, since he had made such a decision, why should he ask them to tell her about the whereabouts of his tomb and Zoey after they know the result of her marriage? Emily shook her head slightly. In the end he had made up his mind to wish her to live in peace and happiness, but it was a pity that she couldn't live in peace and happiness without him.

"You take care of the company affairs. I'm leaving now." Then Emily turned around and left.

Soon it was the evening of the charity party. Looking at the white dress on her, Emily felt depressed. She fancied the short purple dress, but why was the dress so long? Though it looked good, it was absolutely not rampant as the purple dress. She raised her eyebrows unwillingly.

"The dress you are wearing matches me very much. This one suits you very well." As Brian spoke, he put a shawl on her shoulders to cover her exposed back.

"I'm a born beauty. And I don't think this dress is unparalleled. But by the way, Mr. Brian, you are wearing a black suit tonight."

Black could be combined with different colors, so she could wear anything. It was just that Brian seldom wore such formal clothes. In Emily's eyes, Brian was more suitable for the bewitching red, publicized and wild. But when she thought of tonight, and what would happen tonight, Brian was also proper to wear formal clothes.

But the man in front of her was so attractive no matter what he wore. He hid his dashing and playful look, and now his self-confidence and flamboyant charm made Emily smile a little. Such a man was real Brian, who was arrogant but fascinating enough.

"Yes, there's only one Emily in the world. How can a piece of clothes be the same? It's about time. Let's go."

Then Emily walked out of the room reluctantly.

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