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   Chapter 62 You Can Investigate

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Brian's father would never give the stock of the Yun group to someone he didn't trust. Besides, it was rare for him to sell it, so his father certainly took his time to retrieve it.

"Oh, how heartless he is!" Said Emily ironically.

"I knew it a long time ago. But it only proves it again." But it seemed that Brian didn't care about it at all.

"Your brother looks like the heir to our group now. I've heard that Ray is in charge of many major cases of the group recently."

"Ray has endured it for so many years, and now he finally take control of it. It's natural for him to do such a thing." Brian said indifferently.

"I hope he can always make a clear judgment. Business is a war field, and the result may be uncertain."

Emily said casually, which was echoed by a smile of Brian. As for Vincent, he could do nothing but shake his head helplessly. He knew very well that nobody was allowed to offend either of them. He was not sure what kind of person Emily really was, but he knew that she had a very similar feeling to that of Brian. He could not offend her. "What are you going to do with the Xia clan, Emily?"

"Can't they hold on any longer?"

"Charlie's ability is not enough to deal with such a crisis. Michael's idea for these years is too limited. It is just a so-called fight for power that can't be resisted in the general interests. In these years, it is a miracle that the Xia clan hasn't been destroyed by them. This time, we are only going to stop several important cooperation of them. The result is obvious that the controller of the Xia clan now is far weaker than your father."

Although Vincent hadn't paid much attention to the Xia clan in the past few years, he found that Michael and Charlie didn't seem to be able to manage a big company at all. He was surprised to see them decline in seven years.

Hearing that, Brian said thoughtfully, "It seems that someone is helping the Xia group."

"Don't worry. We'll wait and see. I don't want to see the Xia clan destroyed, but I'd like to know if they are qualified to continue to stand in the city."

"Emily, don't you want to take the Xia clan back?" After all, the company was created by Tristan.

Emily shook her head slightly, "The Xia clan doesn't belong to me."

Her voice was calm but deep. A smart man like Vincent who was in business could hear that from her voice. He thought for a while, but didn't say anything in the end. Staring at Emily, Brian had a feeling that something was wrong. Emily looked at Brian and asked, "Is there anything wrong?"

"Not yet."

Emily was amused by the smile on Brian's face. She was sure that the man did notice something. But under the circumstances, it seemed that he was waiting for her to tell him. Could she?

Emily slightly closed her eyes. What happened i

ian's fingers, with a smile on the corner of his mouth. He knew that Emily had hidden something from him, and he was waiting for that person to tell him personally, but now it seemed that the time for waiting was a little too long.

These were not good words for Vincent. Normally, the result of these words was that he would be busy for a long time.

"I just mentioned it casually." Vincent smiled.

The pen that was moving freely on the tips of Brian's fingers stopped in an instant. "Mike should be back in two days."

"As expected," Vincent had almost finished handling the affairs outside the company.

"Ask Mike to investigate it." Brian looked at the clear sky outside and said calmly.

Hearing his calm words, Vincent was stunned and asked, "To investigate Emily? I thought you were reluctant. "

After all, Vincent hadn't received such an order these days. Even if he had doubts, he still didn't dare to investigate. He knew that Brian was waiting, but now...

"Vincent, I told you that I must stand by her side and protect her well. That's the only way to protect her well."

No one knew better than Vincent about what Brian's calm eyes and firm words meant. They had been supporting each other since they were teenagers. Over the years, he had rarely seen Brian being so serious, as if he had long been accustomed to his cynical attitude that showed that he didn't care about anything.

But now, apparently, the quiet man, Brian, had shown his true nature again. With a brilliant smile on his face, Vincent said, "I see. I'll make Mike give you a satisfying result."

"I'm afraid it's not that simple." Brian said indifferently.

"Even Mike?" Mike was not only the vice president of the World International. Brian and Vincent knew what he meant clearly. Although Brian didn't answer his question, Vincent sensed something from his silence.

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