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   Chapter 61 Having A Moment

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9840

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"Mommy, you must be outdated. In an electronic era, how could such words only appear on the computer? You can find them on all the electronic products, as long as you want to find something, not to mention that I am a genius."

He was so proud and complacent that he didn't notice that a pair of claws had grabbed his soft ears and cruelly caressed them.

"Well, as long as I want to, I can find him, you are a genius. I am really curious about what did you do with these talents. Come on, tell me honestly, is there any bad information?"

"Mommy, I'm your son. Do you think your own son is so evil? I'm so pure, kind and lovely. How can I browse bad website? I'm innocent, innocent. I'm the flower of the motherland in the future. Mommy, you can't destroy me."

Although Charles knew that Emily was just pretending to be angry with him, he didn't guarantee that his dear mommy would be irritated by his words and that his little ears would be hurt. He didn't want that so he'd better hurry up to get away from it. Then he blinked his innocent and kind eyes, which were full of grievance and pitiful expressions, and successfully made his mommy raise her hands in surrender. He had tried many times, but every time he succeeded, he was stunned.

By the time when Emily could make a slight reaction, Charles had already slipped away to the other side. Due to Emily's little regret, Brian could only stand aside. He knew clearly that child was good at pretending to be obedient and innocent, but even so, he could only surrender to him. Brian shook his head. Charles was indeed a genius in some aspects.

"Is Charles really my son? I don't know if he could come back as I wished." Looking at Charles, Emily was overwhelmed with emotions.

"It might be difficult." Brian echoed with a smile.

Brian had told her the truth. She sighed again and again, which amused Brian.

"I think it's good that you and Charles are getting along well with each other. If someone says something bad to Charles, you would fight hard with him. Why are you sighing all of a sudden?"

"Of course. He is my son. Others have no right to judge him."

She was also valiant and spiritless, but she seemed to be spiritless soon. "I'm worried about this boy's future. You see, I gave him such a great talent gene, and I wonder which woman has such a great gene to match him in the future. Alas, I can't be so perfect, so that in the future, his taste won't be so high."

The bread Charles just ate almost gushed out. His mommy was really narcissistic. Was there anyone who would say something like that about herself? How could she say that about his son? He really wanted to cry. At that time, Brian just smiled calmly.

"They are destined to meet. Men are strong. Nothing is wrong with that. Only in this way can they protect what they want to protect." Charles nodded in agreement with Brian's words. Yeah, it was true that he liked what his fathe

learly? She just fell in love with a person and want to possess someone by all. She just wanted to live with Sawyer. She walked out and did not take a look at Sawyer who was sitting at the table.

Sawyer's parents looked at her with disappointment and shook their heads. "There should be someone against the Xia clan. You don't have to get involved in it. Such a person... Alas, I made a wrong judgment. " Sawyer's mother said.

"Well, I know what to do." Now that Sawyer had said so, they would not say anything more. "As for Emily..." Her mother wanted to say something but finally sighed. Anyway, it was none of their business.

Sawyer knew what his parents were thinking. Brian lost the qualification to inherit Yun group. They were worried about Emily, but they were more guilty.

Emily followed Brian to go to the World International since she had nothing else to do recently. In general, Emily was the wife of the CEO of the World International. Therefore, she had been very happy to see her husband in the dark.

Looking at Brian, Vincent sighed. These days, Brian appeared in the World International more frequently than in a year. He was happy that the boss finally stopped giving everything to him. After all, Brian's presence meant that he could reduce a lot of documents and was in a good mood.

But when Vincent noticed that Emily was looking at him coldly, he shut his mouth at the right time. It seemed that Emily still remembered that she had been humiliated by him last time. Thinking of this, he looked away immediately. Anyway, Emily had plenty of chances to calculate the account.

"By the way, have you received the money of the Yun clan?" Emily didn't want her words to be in vain yesterday.


"The Yun group is rich enough to take out several billions." Said Emily while seated herself on the couch.

"Even if he cuts some business and gets the capital back, he will send the money back as soon as possible."

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