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   Chapter 60 Sexy Late Night

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When Emily proposed their marriage to each other, she had never thought of repressing Brian by marriage. At that time, she only needed this marriage to get information about her brother and Zoey from John, and she even wanted to leave a way for Charles, but she didn't expect that it would make up the so-called love between Brian and her.

Now, she finally saw that Brian had a crush on someone, but she didn't expect that it would be her. Falling in love with her was a disaster, and it was unfortunate for him to be trapped in love with her. This clear memory was engraved in Emily's heart. She should refuse Brian completely as she had refused him to say something to her last time.

However, facing the concerns in Brian's eyes, Emily could not speak. Perhaps she did not want to admit that she were not careless about him at all. Actually, she did kind of care about him. At first, Emily wanted to say in a frivolous way, 'Is it enough to sleep with me?' But now she couldn't say it out, because it would deny her feelings for Brian. So she just smiled bitterly.

"I don't know what you're afraid of or what you're denying. Give me a chance to love you and give yourself a chance to love someone. How about now? I said I was behind you."

Brian knew that there was a fear deep in Emily's heart, and she was so heartbroken that she rejected all the feelings from others, enveloping her own heart. She couldn't hurt others or herself.

If Brian didn't want to give his heart to others, then Emily would be the person who really immersed her heart in the deep sea. If he didn't have the courage to go into the deep sea and didn't break through layers of barriers to enter, then he shouldn't easily express his love for her. It was not enough for her to respond to his love.

At the beginning, Brian thought that Emily had a bad attitude towards love because of Sawyer. However, it turned out that Sawyer didn't have the ability to do that. Even if Sawyer had hurt Emily a little, it was not enough for her to be afraid to love anyone.

Emily was a decisive and strong woman with a little bit of self-respect. As a result, after that, Brian found that she hid a lot from him because she had suffered too much pain in the past. Now Emily had many secrets. These secrets might be the root cause of the counterattack. Now that Brian was not in a hurry to explore these secrets of Emily, he believed that there would always be a certain reason for that. He would know it all the time.

"What if I say that I love you is like putting myself in hell?"

Emily told the truth in an aggrieved tone. Except for the casual and calm disguise, now her expression was really heartbreaking.

Without any hesitation, Brian held Emily into his arms and said, "If you are in

to be sincere. Now that it had become a fact, he should treat her well. At the same time, he didn't forget that there were also pursuers around Emily.

"Since I chose you, you're my only love when we're still together. I'm not a promiscuous woman." Said Emily with a smile.

"Of course I believe you. Go to take a shower."

"Are you sure?" Emily could feel that Brian was very stiff.


It was a persistence, but she didn't hate it at all. "I'll give you a reward for your hard work and tolerance." Emily gave him a gentle kiss, then jumped out of his arms and said, "I'll go take a shower. You'd better satisfy your desire yourself." Emily said with a weird smile. She was in a pretty good mood.

Brian wiped his lips with his hand. The softness on them and the high temperature from her seemed to be invincible. Endurance was a tough task. He was about to take a cold shower to remove the desire.

Many years later, the luckiest decision Emily had ever made in her life was to have Charles, and to accept the love of Brian. Because of the acceptance, she knew what was going together with wind and rain, and she knew that everything would become a desert without Brian in this world.

After entering the room, Charles felt something wrong the first time he saw Brian and Emily. To be more specific, they were sweet. This was the feeling he had never felt before he met them. Now, they were deeply in love with each other. Thinking of this, he moved closer to Emily.

"Mommy, didn't you drive Mr. Brian mad last night?" If he was not mistaken, they were in the same room today.

Emily punched Charles with her fist and said, "Where on earth did this kid learn to say so much? It seems that I really should consider to move all the computers in your room. It's a crime to pollute the pure heart of a seven-year-old child."

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