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   Chapter 59 I Will Be Jealous

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When Michael's voice calmed down, Emily slightly stirred the chili filled in the dish, "Are you involved in the matter of the Xia clan?" Of course, it was self-evident who was being asked.

"Well, I'm sure they won't get hurt even if I stop their several cooperation abroad. But I can still trap them here." Brian admitted bluntly.

"As I said, I don't want you to get involved in this. Aren't you afraid that I'll be angry?" Emily asked curiously.

"Will you?" Looking at the calm look on Brian's face, Emily couldn't be angry. Both Emily and Brian knew the reason why he did it. He said, "You should believe in me. I can handle it."

"I've never doubted you, but I won't let go of the matter that hurt you."

Emily put down her chopsticks and smiled. She knew she couldn't blame the people who thought of her, especially when it was Brian.

Well, this was also a good feeling. Although she did not know from when she got used to not rely on anyone or hold the sky by her own hands, now, she should try to believe it.

Looking at the mild smile on Emily's face, Charles grew more satisfied with his daddy, Brian. He knew that his mommy supported a lot of things. He was too young to be told about everything. He understood that, so he always hoped that someone would help to support his mommy. Now it seemed that his wish had come true. Brian was willing to do anything for his mommy. Chewing the fish, he felt very pleased.

"Charles, get me some food. What's the matter with your stomach? Do you think you can bear the spicy food? Brian, take the fish away."

They talked for only a few minutes. When they turned around, they saw half of the fish had gone. What speed was that.

Charles wanted to protect the food in front of him, but he was not as fast as Brian. He looked at Brian with innocent eyes and said, "Mr. Brian, you are not my father now. Can you bear to see that I'm hungry?"

"You have already proven that I am your father. How can I not bear to see you suffer? I prefer to make your mom happy than starve my son."

Brian said in a calm voice, which made Charles want to cry.

"Daddy, you're selling your son for wealth!"

"Please don't use this word."

Brian had already put the fish aside. Emily was very satisfied with his reaction. She couldn't help laughing out when he saw Charles shake the fish.

"Don't pretend to be pitiful. It's useless now. Just have your porridge." Emily had already put a bowl of porridge in front of Charles. Looking at the porridge without any ingredients in front of him, he said, "You don't have to be so cruel. I'm your own

s hand. It was obvious that she had always been a little resistant to the warm temperature in her heart, but the temperature Brian gave made her feel reluctant to leave.

"Don't you know you are always attractive? For one thing, I am fascinated by your charm; for the other, I envy you crazily. You know what? When I saw other people's serious eyes and their affections for you, I knew I would be jealous too. I wanted to embrace you tightly in my arms. I am never a generous person, I care too much about what I like, but there are too few things in the world that I really want, and now obviously you are one of them. For you, I can only be generous, because I know that if I hold you too tightly, you will escape from me. You have a lot of things that I don't know now, and I am deeply attracted, so I'm very fond of you. I can't afford to bet on you. "

Brian was calm and composed, with a bit of anxiety in his eyes. Emily could only stand still. Few people in the world could see her through at a glance, but Brian was one of them.

Since when, Emily had always been around Brian. He could easily see through her mind, even though she had been armed all over, he knew very well about her. A man like Brian would seldom say something like that.

Jealousy didn't exist all the time in Brian's world. When Emily had a micro check on him, she had known that this man in front of her was unsympathetic and cold-blooded who would not easily give his heart.

Romantic activities were a game that didn't reveal one's true heart. Brian shuttled between many women but didn't leave any feelings. Sometimes Emily couldn't help but want to see what kind of woman was able to trap Brian and what kind of woman he would open his heart to.

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