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   Chapter 58 This Foodie

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10005

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Although Emily knew a lot about these things and could enter a company's system, she was not as good as Charles's technology. It was a piece of cake throughout the city. She estimated that he could easily solved the police station's system. There was a pleased smile on her face. "Yeah. He learnt himself. He is the so-called genius!" She was very proud of him.

On the other hand, Brian was listening patiently. Emily spoiled his son so much, he couldn't find any words to retort. He was used to it. "Well, it's true that if you don't slow down, I don't mind talking to Charles at night."

So in an instant, Emily slowed down the speed from more than 100 to the normal speed. "Mr. Brian, don't you feel ashamed to use a child to press me?"

"It doesn't matter as long as it is useful to me. As for you, I don't think you need to save face." Brian couldn't stop Emily.

"You have enjoyed such a speed, haven't you, Mr. Brian?"

On the other hand, with a meaningful look on her face, Emily stared at Brian. It felt so different for him, as he had never worn a racing car before. Although she was not as fast as the racing car, she was still very excited when she took a turn without touching the car for several days. While Brian was looking at her calmly, without any waves, which made Emily a little sure.

"Do you know the Playboy's favorite game?" Brian said indifferently.

"Great cars, horses, beauties, gambling games..." Emily teased.

"Looks like Emily know that very much. I'm a well-known playboy in the city. Racing is fun for me."

"Haha... Mr. Brian is really hiding his true identity from us! "

"You too!"

With a wild smile, Emily asked, "Do you have time to play with me?"

"I'd like to play this game if you bet on this relationship."

Emily slightly narrowed her eyes and looked at Brian. He looked calm and composed at the glance. But now Emily was not sure about the thickness of his mask. She was sure that the identity of the president of the World International should not be all that of him, just like that she was not the so-called Emily, let alone the daughter of the Xia family.

However, Emily knew that her interest in Brian was growing stronger and stronger, and she was more and more attracted to him when she met him. Especially when she heard what he said to her without any hiding, her withering heart seemed to have a spring, but it hadn't completely submerged the heart. However, when she tasted the sweet spring water again, could she endure a drought later? She didn't know yet, so she chose to escape.

"The Yun family has completely cut off from you. What are you going to do? Make your identity as the CEO of the World International public?"

"Well, with this identity, I can better protect you and make some people not dare to harm you."

Actually, Brian knew the power better than anyone else. Back then, he hid his identity for two reasons. One was to make trouble, and the other was for the emotions with the Yun fa

r not. But obviously, Charles was eating them with relish.

"It's so hard for you to know what is enjoyment."

Sweat broke out on Emily's forehead due to the heat in the summer. She really wanted to know what kind of enjoyment it was for him. But before she could ask, a familiar voice came from outside.

"Sawyer, haven't you been staying away from me for the last few days?" There was strong dissatisfaction in Michael's questioning tone.

"Grandpa, you misunderstood me."

"Misunderstanding? I just happen to come across you. I want to know what you are going to do to deal with the business of the Xia clan. Since you have already married Star, don't you have to do your best?" Michael asked.

"Father..." Charlie tried to drag Michael out of the awkward situation. He didn't want Michael to continue because he had seen the quick change of tacit expression on Sawyer's face.

"What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?"

Charlie didn't want to say anything, but the expression in Sawyer's eyes became colder.

"Grandpa, there has been some problems in Sang Company recently. Please forgive me if I can't take good care of them. I still have something else to do now and I don't have much time to stay with grandfather. If grandfather wants Star to return to the Xia clan, I will not stop you. So grandfather doesn't need to force me by taking advantage of our relationship in marriage. Grandfather, you may think about yourself sometimes." With an apology, Sawyer went to see the guests out. Apparently he was accompanying the guests.

"You..." Michael still wanted to say something but was stopped by Charlie, "Dad, that's enough..."

"Humph, you all are useless and disrespectful to the elders. Do you all think that the Xia clan is easy to bully? Star, after she get married, she only lives in the Sang clan. Does she know who she is and what kind of blood in her body is?" Michael's voice was so loud that even people in other rooms could hear it, including Emily.

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