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   Chapter 57 Entrap To Death

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"Yes, you are good!" When Emily heard that, she patted Brian's shoulder and was very satisfied with his words. Although he didn't spend much time with Emily, he had known her very well. Therefore, when he talked to Emily, he only smiled.

The only thing Ray could do was to look at Emily and Brian sitting opposite, talking with each other in a low voice which always made others feel annoyed. "Miss Emily, should we talk about something serious?"

"Well, I remember we have been discussing it for a long time." Taking a sip of the tea in front of her, Emily said, "I have set forth conditions for the shares. It depends on how much you will paid in exchange!" Emily gave Ray a faint smile.

Noticing that Emily was waiting for him to pay for the goods, Ray hesitated before he made a decision. But when he looked into Emily's eyes, he suddenly realized that he wasn't the one who made the deal but Emily dominated.

They didn't have to sell it, but Ray had to buy it so they seemed to have lost the control from the very beginning. However, Brian and Emily knew this very well. With a bitter smile on Ray's face, it seemed that this time it was not that easy to reach a consensus.

"My father's opinion is that we should buy it at the price of 50 million each." Ray was forced to speak first.

"Hahaha..." Upon hearing this, Emily couldn't help patting on Brian's thighs and laughing.

"I didn't expect that the shares of the Yun Company were so cheap. It's funny. In that case, I can buy the shares of the Yun Company."

"What do you mean, Miss Emily?" asked Ray, frowning

Then Emily said, "You must be kidding. Fifty million dollars each, twenty percent, that is to say, ten billion. Brian, I didn't expect that you, the second son of the Yun family, was so cheap!" Emily looked at Brian and said flatly.

"Since I was born, the shares have been transferred to me. Unless I give up on my own accord, the company's income will still belong to me to some extent as long as it doesn't disappear, no matter what my current identity is, and whether the company is willing to or not." Although Brian said these words calmly, Ray was kind of stunned. Actually, it was true. After all, Brian had something that he was never proud of.

"Well, you think it's quite cheap, don't you? How about not selling it? Anyway, I'm willing to squander money from the Yun Company every year anyway." Said Emily with a smile.

"As you like!" Brian looked at Emily affectionately, which made her feel warm in her heart.

"Forget it. I don't like outsider's things, nor cold, emotionless things. Since the Yun family don't even like them, I don't take them seriously. I don't like them to pollute my eyes."

Emily had a bad impression on the Yun family. What's more, they actually publicly expelled Brian, which made Emily very unhappy. How could she make the Yun family happy if she was unhappy.

"200 million each. You should return all Brian's belongings back to the original. That was left by his grandfather and mot

ough Brian had lost everything of the Yun group, his smile was still so dazzling and warm. Ray gently wiped away the tea cup with his hand, and the tea turned to be cold.

Under the pressure and begging from Emily, Brian gave in and Emily finally won the right to drive again.

Damn it. It was her car. She made the decision for herself. But since her last car accident, she has been deprived of the right to drive the car. Brian and Charles said that it was for the people and for the safety of the city. She just sacrificed her own efforts to achieve great things.

Emily didn't have the spirit of contribution. The fact was that she was restricted tightly by the two people in her family. She was good at driving, so she was called the "car king" of underground gambling cars. But now she just had to be shameless to have a try. She felt sad.

As far as she was concerned, she was a dominating and powerful woman. She understood the feeling of the car from the rear view mirror. When she saw the car in front of her, she immediately understood that she was a little bit envious of the car. While enjoying the music, Emily also enjoyed the exciting feeling of the car.

"It seems that Charles's advice is right to not let you drive at will." Looking at the car speed, Brian was deeply touched. Emily completely ignored the traffic rules, and even ignored the electronic surveillance cameras. That was all she could do. But was it really good for a child to learn these skills?

"I don't think so. If Charles could drive, he would be more cruel than me. He could hack into the network of the city even if he was caught by the electronic monitoring."

Emily was so proud of Charles. But Miss Emily, don't you think it's frightening that a seven-year-old child can hack into the network of the city? Obviously, Brian doesn't think so.

"Who taught Charles to use the computer?" Although Brian didn't have absolute knowledge about the Internet, he also found that Charles was excellent at it.

"Not me."

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