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   Chapter 55 The So-called Friends

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However, there was no love plan in her plan for so many years. Emily thought that she could control herself, but she was still somewhat restless in the face of Brian.

What's more, after hearing what Brian said, she didn't want to face him anymore. She was afraid that she couldn't resist the temptation of Brian. She couldn't do that. But at this moment, Emily didn't know that when the love started, even an extremely powerful contradict was just a joke.

Looking at Emily jumping out in a hurry, Charles thought, 'This should be the first time that my mommy runs so fast when she doesn't smell the food. I have to admire my daddy once again.'

"You don't have to admire me so much. I'm just telling the truth!"

Charles almost choked himself with his saliva. He was absolutely telling the truth, honestly, without any false ingredients. But this truth would definitely make people feel anxious. Looking at his mother's reaction, he showed a charming smile like a suck up.

"Mr. Brian, I don't think I have offended you, do I?" The consequence of irritating Brian was almost the same as provoking Emily.

Then Charles saw the cunning smile on Brian's face. "I remember who offered to help me last night?" Brian asked.

His eyes swept across Charles, which made him shiver. "Daddy!" a soft voice came through, which was supposed to be very useful, but was forcefully ignored by Brian. He said, "Well, that's good. From now on, daddy's happiness depends on you, Charles."

When Charles saw that, he felt like weeping but had no tears. He could do nothing but look up at the sky and sigh. Brian smiled. Emily's reaction was within his expectation. But he could not continue to hide his feelings anymore. The reaction of Zoey yesterday made him feel very nervous. In fact, Emily was a charming woman, so he would rather leave something of him on Emily's identity as early as possible, not to mention that he had a son now. It is a good chance for Brian to win this game.

After walking out of the room, for half a day, Emily finally calmed down and laughed. When did she lose control of her emotions? It was really because of the great influence of Brian. She calmed down, looked at her clothes and washed them.

When Emily finished the cleaning up, she found that Charles was enjoying the delicious food. These days, Brian would cook by himself as long as he had time. Emily had to admit that Brian did a good job. After all, he could even satisfy Charles's picky stomach. Therefore, sometimes Emily wondered why Brian was so good at cooking. But she didn't bother to dig deeper into it since she could enjoy the delicious food.

It seemed that she drank too much yesterday and got a little dizzy now. Looking at Emily's reaction, Brian asked, "Are your head ache?"

"A little." When Emily was massaging her temple, she was already caught by Brian. He put his warm fingers on his temple, which was not as slender as hers but more comfortable. Without replying to him, she enjoyed his massage and he said, "You got a headache because you drank so much wine yesterday. It's normal." Brian said indifferently.

"Did I drink

tional was obviously not small, Brian needed to deal with many documents. Vincent had handled a large part of the documents for him, but he couldn't deal with them all. In the past, Vincent usually sent the documents to others. Now, he finally caught sight of Brian, and sent him all the documents here. Looking at the mountain of documents in front of Brian, it seemed that Vincent was very annoyed and oppressed. With a glance at Brian who was putting back a file that was finished, Emily asked, "Why do you want to hide your identity?"

"This way, there will be a good show, won't it?"

Hearing that, Emily could not help but curl her mouth. She thought that Brian taste was really in line with that of her. 'But that's the only reason, how could that be?'.

Taking up another file, Brian met with Emily's eyes which were filled with eagerness, and said, "I wonder to what extent they can do to me!"

"I don't know what their reaction will be when they know who you really are. It must be interesting." The person that they had personally expelled from the Yun family was the CEO of the World International, which was well-known around the world. Was there anything else that could make the Yun family more shocked?

The ringtone interrupted Emily's imagination. Brian picked up the phone with a simple "OK" and hung up.

"Who?" Emily asked.


"What did he call for?" Brian had nothing to do with Yun family.

"He want to discuss about the shares in my hands."

"Your twenty percent shares?" That was Brian's mother's and his own shares.


"What do they mean?" Said Emily, squinting slightly.

"They want to take back twenty percent." On the other hand, Brian was not surprised at the way the Yun family dealt with things.

"How to take it back? Do they use money to buy it?" In their opinion, what Brian lacked most was money. After all, all the bank cards, houses, and anything related to the Yun group were frozen at the moment of the statement. It was heartbroken to think that they even did that. No wonder Brian didn't love his so-called father.

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