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   Chapter 54 Sweet Morning

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"Let me finish. Although I may not be a qualified mother, I love you most, Charles. So I can't compromise on your matters." Charles was her life, so she didn't allow him to be hurt.

"Of course, Mommy, you can't give in, I'm used to your ways of torturing, if you suddenly change your style, what would I do?"

Charles said seriously. This should be the inner voice, the deepest voice in his heart. If it were in the past, he would not have said so straightforward. But now the situation was different and he just blurted out. Emily's face was almost twisted. It was true that Charles was spoiled by her. But it was good that Charles was like this, so she did not care about this kind of words from the bottom of his heart.

Looking at Emily and Charles, who had recovered their colors, and were as fearless and cruel as before, Brian thought they were back to normal states. However, they were happy with each other, what about him? So he began to tighten his grip on Emily's hand.

"What are you doing?" Said Emily sourly.

"What about me?" When Emily saw Brian's sad face, she was so frightened that she almost got him out of bed.

Who would have thought that the man in front of her was the Mr. Brian of the Yun family, and the CEO of the World International? In spite of his handsome face, such expression was not as useful as he looked.

In fact, Emily accepted that Charles was just pretending to be wronged. But it didn't mean that he had to ask his father to learn from him. When Emily couldn't stand Brian anymore, he shouted, "What are you doing? Stay away from me! I already got goose bumps!"

However, it was obvious that Emily's low voice and movements failed to get rid of him. In other words, even the plaster was not so clingy, let alone the plaster was Brian.

"Don't say that, honey. I'm sad."

The voice was so sweet that Emily got goose bumps all over. She was about to vomit. Today, she had witnessed that there was someone more disgusting than her.

"Mr. Brian, I yield. You are right. I forgive you. It's all my fault. Is it right? "

She really didn't want to see Brian's face anymore. Although it was easy to associate with a new attractive face at ordinary times, now it seemed that she was not aware of it at all. Now that she was hugged by Brian, she could only surrender. After all, she didn't want to be sick to death.

"Oops, you are not sincere at all, Emily." Her shameless voice made Emily on the verge of exploding. She said, "What do you want? " She gritted her teeth while speaking.

"Since you have made an agreement with Charles, how about making one with me too?"

"What do you want?" she asked curiously.

"Since you have made a promise with Charles that he can't be

love with me." Brian replied confidently.

"For what?" Looking at Brian who was so confident, Emily smiled.

"Because I'm the only one you will love in this world. You started that game and I'm in it now. How can I leave you alone?"

His arbitrary and unreasonable words surprised her a little. With a bright smile on her face, she said, "I knew it." It made her feel irrefutable and want to sink into it. It should be very interesting to be with this person.

"You won't give your heart to someone easily, Emily. Why are you so cautious about your own heart?"

"As for you, you have indulged yourself in the pursuit of women, but you haven't done anything sincerely. You are also a cold and heartless man."

"But I really like you, don't I? Well, I think we look like a perfect match. What do you think?"

But Emily didn't answer.

"Give your heart to me, Emily. I'll give you another future." The words of Brian were so casual that they made Emily quiver. "What do you know? " She asked. Her tone was extremely dangerous.

Brian threw up his hands and said, "Nothing, but I have guessed something."

With Brian's sensibility, it was not surprising that he could sense something. The only unexpected thing was that confession that Emily didn't know if it was a real confession. "Even if you have guessed it, you won't change your mind. Why? "

"No need. I already made up my mind after sensing my true feelings."

It was the style of Brian, "Aren't you afraid that you fall in love with a time bomb yourself? "

"I believe in my own eyes. Even if it is a time bomb, I am willing to detonate it together with you. I can give out the brightest glow."

"Whatever. Get your hands off me. I want to get up." Emily didn't know how to explain this to Brian. Brian was not kidding, and she could sense that.

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