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   Chapter 52 Shackles of Love

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But Emily didn't want to talk to him at all. She just held Charles's hand and walked away, completely ignoring the presence of Brian.

Seeing that, Charles took a look at Brian sympathetically. He knew that it was he who had done something to offend Emily, but he would definitely choose Emily between Emily and Brian. So, Mr. Brian, good luck.

Receiving the look of 'good luck' from Charles, Brian wished he could bite his teeth. Charles deserved to be his son. It was really a good way to pass the responsibility to other people. It turned out to be wrong to hide the truth for the little boy.

But when he thought of how rudely Emily had treated Cassie, he shook his head and decided to let it go. He was the father, and Charles was the son. He deserved it.

As a result, Brian couldn't stand it at night anymore after being tortured by Emily for all the day. He dragged Emily out of the room and said, "I think we should have a talk."

"Is it necessary?"

"Yes, it is." If it continued like this, he would go crazy first.

"I'm listening."

"It's my fault to hide it from you, but I don't think I did anything wrong. Charles is not only your son but also my son. Just like you can't refuse his request, I can't turn him down."

"So you mean that it is Charles's fault."

"No, Charles did nothing wrong. He was afraid that you would be worried, so was I."

"So you mean it's all my fault?" Emily raised her voice.

Brian sighed, "Don't you find that you are too irrational about the matter of Charles?"

Brian discovered this before. He understood that Emily cherished Charles very much. But when he saw that how she solved the matter of Cassie today, he didn't reject to let Cassie learn a lesson, but he also found that Emily was a little extreme.

"Why was Charles so careful when he was just hurt slightly? You have done something to make Charles worry about you before, right?"

Brian's words made Emily feel a little worried. She seemed to think of something. Was it a shadow? Emily smiled bitterly. She took a look at Charles's room and thought, 'Am I asking for the wrong things?'.

"I'm going out for a walk."

She didn't want to stay in this room anymore, she didn't want to face Brian, and she didn't want to see Charles's pure eyes. All of these made her think whether her so-called protection was a shackle.

Brian wanted to grasp Emily. However, Emily shook off his hand with strength and said, "I can do it myself. Don't follow me."

After Emily left, Charles walked out of the room with an angry look in his eyes.

"Mr. Brian, you've gone too far. How could you say that to Mommy?"

"What about you? Why are you so cautious to hide the news of your injury?"

"You know nothing. How could you say that about Mommy?"

Brian was annoyed by the look on Charles's face, but he couldn't ignore

son's sensitivity, Brian didn't say anything, but just smiled slowly and didn't contradict him, "If I say yes, what will you do?" Brian didn't regard Charles as a kid who didn't know anything. Charles had the right to know everything about them.

After thinking for a while, Charles seemed to have made up his mind and his eyes were red with tears. Then he said, "Mr. Brian, I like you very much. I want you to be my daddy too, but I don't know what Mommy will think."

Brian was not surprised by Charles's answer. They were bound by blood, but also got along very well with each other. But Brian knew that if Emily wanted to leave, Charles would follow her.

"Your mommy and I have the same idea that our family will live happily together." Now that he had fallen in love with her, how could he leave her alone.

It seemed that Charles thought of something. He looked at Brian and thought about Emily. He didn't want to leave Emily on his own. He believed in Brian.

"Daddy, I'll help you."

Brian smiled and said, "You just have to stay at home. I'll take your mommy home."

Charles patted his chest to make sure that he would be at home.

It was unknown how many cups of wine Emily had drunk in the "Qiwei Appointment". Even if Zoey wanted to persuade her, she wouldn't stop. So he had to drink with her.

"Am I binding Charles up too much?"

Emily shook the glass slightly. The wine tasted bitter.

"It's just your thought. Charles may not think so,"

"Oh, really?"

Emily drank it up and said, "I owe Charles too much, really." She owed him both a happy childhood and a smooth life.

"Although I haven't met Charles before, I'm sure he'll think that he feels lucky to have you in his life."

Just as meeting Emily was the most celebrated thing in Zoey's life. He was willing to do anything for her. Emily was a charming person, but Emily didn't seem to realize it.

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