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   Chapter 51 Strange Concern

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10047

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Flushed in anger, Cassie could barely breathe. "How dare you?"

"Do you want to have a try?"

Emily grabbed Cassie's throat harder, and the air got dark immediately. Then Cassie was aware that Emily wasn't joking and that Emily was really going to kill her. At that moment, she realized what was the real fear, then she patted on Emily's hand with all her strength.

Emily relaxed her hand and asked, "What did you do to Charles?"

"Keke... I just slapped him. " Breathing hard, Cassie was not as arrogant as before.

"Well, you slapped him, then how are you going to pay me back?"

Emily reached out the other hand to stroke her cheeks and said, "Give me this face!"

As she spoke, she took out a folded dagger from her sleeve. She stole it from them when they got into the car just now. She didn't expect that the dagger would come in handy. The sharp dagger slashed at Cassie's delicate cheek.

"What are you doing?" Cassie shivered at the sight of the dagger.

"You know what? Charles cares about his face the most. I have never hit him since he was a child. How dare you hit him?"

Emily suddenly turned her wrist and made the sharp point of the dagger at Cassie's face. The dagger was now stained with blood, and a trail of blood was left on Cassie's face, which, of course, wasn't enough to disfigure her.

"Which part should we cut next?" Looking at Cassie's face up and down, Emily said in a calm tone as if Cassie was a lamb to be slaughtered in front of Emily.

Cassie was totally scared out of her wits. She had never seen such a scene before. The only thought Cassie had was that Emily was a monster in her mind now.

The kidnappers were shocked to see this scene. They had seen a lot of blood, but none of them had seen a woman as intimidating as the woman in front of them. They must not go forward. That was the conclusion they came to at this moment.

The cold dagger was pointing at Cassie's face again. With a slight smile on Emily's face, she didn't stop but looked at her. It was not until a figure appeared in front of the door that Cassie was struggling desperately as if she had found a life-saving straw.

"Brian, help me. This woman is crazy..."

That was what Brian saw when he came. The coldness and cruelty that Emily uttered was like a sharp knife that cut off anything that she couldn't bear. But it made Brian feel sorry for Emily when he saw her impassive look. He walked up to block the knife that Emily was putting down.

"What? You feel sorry for her?" Emily raised her head to look at Brian.

"It's not worth staining your hands. It makes Charles feel bad if he knows that."

Brian was telling the truth. Gazing at the dagger in her hand, Emily thought of Charles and stared at him for a few seconds.

"Do you know that Charles got hurt?" Emily's tone was so peaceful that people couldn't tell what it was, but it gave people a desolate feeling.


"Charles was not attracted by the system at all these days in Vin

that you shouldn't hide it from me? I think you are working well together with Mr. Brian."

Emily was angry obviously. Charles blinked his bright eyes.

"Well, Mommy, just give Mr. Brian a chance to perform. It's not easy to be promoted to be my father, so he have to seek justice for his son. As you see, I'm quite satisfied with Mr. Brian's ability."

He wanted to explain to his mother.

Emily just knew that why Brian had done so much to the Qin family these days. But even so, it couldn't be denied that the father and son had conspired to cheat her. Thinking of the slap on Charles's face, Emily wished she could scratch Cassie's face.

"Why are you hit by Cassie?"

"Well, I was just absent-minded and wanted to see what kind of tricks she was playing. I didn't expect that she would be so crazy."

"Charles, do you remember what I told you when you came back from abroad?" He nodded and replied, "Yes."

"Charles, I don't care how you play. If you play too much, I will take responsibility for you. But you have to promise me that you won't get hurt."

"Mommy, I'm sorry." He lowered his head and hugged her.

"Charles, don't get injured again. Don't do it again. I can't stand it." She didn't know what she would do next time.

"Don't worry. I won't use extreme powers or get hurt in the future." His own injury would break Emily's heart and make her crazy, which he had known about even when he was just a few years old.

"Okay, I got it."

"It seems that the problem has been solved." While standing at the door and watching this warm scene in the living room, Brian had a different feeling as well.

"Of course. I'm the apple of Mommy's eye. How could she be angry with me? Are you jealous, Mr. Brian?"

"Yeah, I do feel a little jealous. What should I do?"

Hearing that, Charles was flustered. As a father, Charles didn't think it was suitable to say that in front of his children. He would be laughed by others if a father strived for favor with his son.

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