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   Chapter 50 Being Self Righteous

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Emily looked at Brian indifferently, but when she saw the wine on the table, she knew that Brian was jealous. But she thought she had made it clearly to Brian and she didn't understand why he took an attitude like that.

"Bring Charles with you to see him a few days later. The person I care about is also someone you are curious about."

It seemed that Brian didn't expect that, but Emily's words made him feel better. "Okay."

Looking at the smile on Brian's face, Emily always felt that her emotions were getting out of control these times. What should she do?

Looking at the people at home, Adam said, "It's not that I don't want to help you, but that I can do nothing. Who did you and Qin clan offend? Why is he so mean and fast?"

"Yes, I did. I did offend Brian. But it's all because of that woman. Brian was obsessed with that woman, so he became so cruel to me. I'm just..."

Tears streamed down Cassie's cheeks. She didn't expect Brian to be a man of his word. Without Qin family, she was nothing. She didn't expect that Brian would be so cruel hearted.

"Cassie, shut up." Cassie's father shouted. Just because her daughter was spoiled by him, she was seriously injured finally.

"Brian!" Cassie's words made Adam scare.

"How could it be possible?" After that, Adam gradually relaxed himself. Brian was not qualified to do such things because he was not a member of the Yun family now. After he made a statement, Brian echoed with the words "break away from the Yun family" when he showed his affection to Emily. Brian had nothing to do with the Yun family since then.

"How is it not possible..." Before Cassie could say anything more, her father stopped her.

"Brother Yun, I'm so sorry that my daughter has caused you trouble."

Since Adam had made up his mind not to give a hand, why would he waste time here? He had been in the business world for so many years and knew what Adam meant.

"Dad, why?"

"Cassie, the Qin family has been ruined. You should know that."

Cassie's eyes were frustrated. She didn't know why did she get such results. Was it because of that bitch? She remembered what she had read on the newspaper today. There was a picture of Emily and Brian. Her eyes became as red as a ghost.

Cassie's father looked at Cassie and shook his head. The business man failed, but he didn't expect that he would be defeated so thoroughly.

He thought that Cassie wouldn't do something wrong even if she didn't wake up. He had heard of what she had done before. After all, she was his daughter. He just hoped that she could wake up, but he didn't expect her to go further.

How could a person defeat the Qin family and clear away the Harvey Gang in one day? How could he be easily provoked? Brian, the Yun family sometimes misjudged.

After Cassie had gone, Adam fell into silence. "What do you think?" Asked Adam who walked out.


't get on with. And many people wanted to use dirty tricks to deal with her. However, few people dared to hurt her now.

Even though Yun family disliked her, they wouldn't use such a method. The Xia clan and the Sang clan were busy enough with their own affairs now. If it was someone else, they would take such small actions. In the end, only Cassie, Brian's most intimate confidant, and the destroyed Qin family were possible to do this.

"Miss Qin, as far as I'm concerned, the Qin family is just on the decline, and it's not easy for us to spend that much money on a murder case or kidnapping."

"Shut up! It's all your fault! If it weren't you, Brian wouldn't have treated me like this, and the Qin family wouldn't be like this. All of you deserve to die!"

Seeing Emily's calm expression, Cassie was speechless out of rage. How could she be so superior than Emily.

"Us?" Emily seemed to understand something.

"It's you! And your bad son!" Cassie was completely blinded by jealousy.

"What did you do to Charles?" Emily thought of Charles who she hadn't seen for a few days. She heard what Cassie said and then realized it.

"Haha, what did I do? Of course I slapped and scolded him. Now it's time to deal with you. How do you like it?"

"Go to hell!" Emily quickly grasped Cassie's throat. Emily's action was so quick that everyone in the room didn't know what she was going to do.

"Well... Well... let her go of me... " Cassie tried hard to take away her hand, but failed. "Em... Come on... Don't you want the money? "

People around were about to come up.

"Do you want to die?" The sharp eyes like arrows made people around shudder and dare not go forward. They stayed there like that.

They seemed to have discovered something. Emily said, "If I had pinched you lightly, you wouldn't have the chance to be in the world. Life is fragile. Don't do that. Tell me, what have you done to Charles? "

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