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   Chapter 48 The Qiwei Appointment

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Brian could trace Emily and find out where she had been tonight. But Brian did nothing. He knew that Emily didn't like this kind of actions. Because he cared too much about her, he didn't want to lose anything.

Since Emily would not go back to the house for the time being, Brian took another way to look at Charles, who was enjoying his delicious food. Sure enough, wherever he went, he would treat him well. Brian looked at the face of Charles and asked, "Does it still hurt?"

"Mr. Brian, I was slapped, not stabbed. How could it be hurt?"

"Well, it can teach you a lesson."

"Well, as your son, why do I feel so stressful now? I feel very tired."

But Brian just ignored him.

"Did my mommy notice that?"

"What do you think?"

"Daddy, you're so clever and invincible, you should be able to cover it up, right?"

Charles shining eyes almost blinded the others, but when Brian heard "Daddy", he decided not to tease him anymore. "Not yet."

"Wow, I know it."

Charles was so excited that he went to bite the piece of meat again. After a while, he seemed to think of something.

"Oh, don't worry, Mr. Brian. Even if the Yun family kicked you out, I will support you for the sake that you are my father."

Brian seemed to remember something and said, "I would spend a lot of money. Can you afford it?"

"Well, the most thing I don't lack is money." These words sounded so familiar. Oh, it seemed that this was said by Brian before.

"Where did you get so much money?"

"Mommy has several companies." Charles gave Brian a quite disdainful look.

As expected, hearing that, Vincent, who stood beside, was a little stunned and asked, "Does Emily have companies?"

"I suppose so!" Brian answered. If it weren't for this, Emily wouldn't have been so rich.

"I haven't seen Emily dealing with the business. Are they at abroad?"

"No, we've some overseas, but most of them are in this city." Charles said calmly. However, the two men beside him couldn't stay calm anymore.

Emily had her own companies in T City, but they didn't know what they were. All the people in charge of those companies in the city had seen them, and they had never heard of Emily in the city. What's the matter? Did she hide like Brian?

Thinking of this, Vincent suddenly had an idea. He looked at Brian, who smiled and said, "It seems that I am not the only one who's been hiding something!"

"Charles, what is Emily's company?"

Then Charles shook his head and said, "I only care about money and nothing else."

Vincent felt a little surprised that Emily let a seven-year-old child take care of the money. It was a shock to him that only Emily could do such things. But to Emily, such a terrified thing was just a piece of cake.

"Come here. Where's Mommy?"

"She was out for something."

Then Charles went to deal with the meat on the table.

"Are you abandoned by Emily? Didn't you just hold her hands and enjoy the ro

pure and white.

"It's gardenia. I like the blue more than the white. I like blue demons more." Emily said while shaking her glass.

"I said that gardenia is good for you."

"I haven't seen you for a long time, and you're the only one who think so, Emily."

The slightly joyful eyes of Emily made the tall man's body slightly stunned. Over the years, nothing seemed to be more pleasing than this. There was a joy of reunion in his blue eyes, which eased the coldness out of his body.

"It's been nine years, and you have changed."

Zoey Qu took a quick look at Emily. He saw her bright eyes on the cheek. When he saw the pair of eyes, he was certain that there was no need to doubt about her identity.

"Do I look prettier than before?" Emily said as her fingertips touched her face.

"No, you are still beautiful."

What Zoey had said was always simple and never made people doubt.

"You have a good taste, but I think we should find another place to have a talk. From the beginning, they all focused their eyes on you, and I don't want others to say anything about us. The reports are enough these days."

Emily said as she pointed around. All the people's attention was on Zoey since he began to mix the wine, so he was also very attractive.

"Go upstairs."

After they left, the bartender looked at the cocktail on the table and said, "Wow, our boss is good at mixing drinks. Why didn't he ever mix them before?"

"Because the boss will only mix the wine for one person."

A girl who came here with Zoey and was ignored by Emily said.

"Haze... You mean that lady is the boss's..."

Haze Lan shook her head, "I can only say that she is the most important person in boss's heart."

Then Haze left, leaving the bartender there alone who didn't understand the meaning of her words.

Looking around the simple layout, Emily asked, "Have you been living here in recent years?"


"Why do you treat yourself like this?"

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