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   Chapter 47 A Lovely Couple (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6418

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"Brian..." A familiar yet strange voice sounded. Looking at the person who was talking, Emily saw Ray standing there. Then, Ray saw her too. He smiled gently and said, "Emily is also here..."

"That's very sweet of you to say that. I remember that early this morning, Adam as well as your father declared that he wanted to deprive Brian of his right of inheritance, and that he had to make a clean break with Brian. I can't bear you address me as your sister-in-law." Said Emily with a slight smile.

Ray didn't expect that Emily's answer would be so direct. But thinking of the recent reports of Emily, he thought that it was also reasonable for Emily to be so blunt, so he ignored it and asked, "Are Brian and Emily coming here to buy clothes?"

"You are joking. What else can we do if we are not shopping here?"

"You seems to be hostile to me," said Ray gently

"It's not 'seem to'. It's obvious that I'm hostile to you. You know, Brian was the rightful heir to the Yun Company, but now he has no valid reason to inherit it. If he can't inherit it, then I won't be the lady of the Yun clan, and I won't live a luxurious life. Shouldn't I be hostile to you?"

Emily really hated Ray. There was no reason. She just smelled a familiar smell from Ray. The smell was so familiar to Sawyer. They were all so hypocritical and dignified.

"Emily just said that you can easily change this place even if you don't have the Yun clan to back up."

"Oh, you heard it. Now that you heard it, I don't want to explain any more. Brian has already been kicked out of the Yun's house. If I am still lack of momentum, how can I support the whole family? You should know that it's very expensive to raise Brian."

Ray didn't know how to answer. It was the first time that he had seen a woman like Emily who could satirize others so thoroughly. What's more, her ironic target was Brian, the dream lover of countless women.

n't like your girlfriend, Cassie. You indeed have such a bad taste..."

Brian lowered his head, saying nothing.

"Well, put me in the front. I have something to deal with, and Charles isn't here, so you can enjoy the wonderful night freely."

Before Emily was about to leave, she was stopped by Brian. "Won't you invite me to join you?"

Looking at Brian in the eye, she knew he was telling the truth. "What if I don't want you to come with me?"

"A man?"


"Mistress, confidant?" Brian said coldly.

"A friend. A very important friend." Said Emily seriously.

"Go ahead. Go back early." After hesitating for a while, Brian finally let go of Emily's hand.

"Brian, I will go back. Don't forget to hang up the clothes I bought. I have a good taste."

Emily smiled happily. Brian lowered his head and gently kissed Emily on her forehead. To her surprise, she didn't expect that. She froze slightly. Brian said, "I'll wait for you at home."

Emily even didn't know how did she get there. Because of Brian's actions, she had been in a trance for a while. Then she shook her head heavily. 'Damn it! It was just a light kiss. I had experienced it before.' But there were all kinds of feelings in her heart. It seemed that she was in a dangerous situation.

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