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   Chapter 46 A Lovely Couple (Part One)

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Brian didn't force Emily to do anything, because he knew that she was on high alert. Why did a rich young lady, whom Tristan had doted on since she was a little girl. Why would she now block people who wanted to know her? Was it because of Sawyer? Maybe he was not qualified. What did Emily go through in the past seven years? Did she really turn into a totally different person from before? Or she is not the same person?' thought Brian, with a different look in his eyes.

"Hey, is it a bit of trouble for your father to announce that he wants you to divorce me? Should all fault be attributed to me?"

On the other side, Emily had changed her expression. She changed her expression as quickly as turning a book. In this aspect, Charles inherited from her. Anyway, one day Brian would find out the truth. There was no need to be in a hurry.

"What did you want to do?"

"No, you're wrong. At this time, you are the one who has to worry. After all, you have been kicked out of the family. Without your identity, I don't know what will happen to you. I really want to see."

Only a few people knew Brian's identity of the CEO of the World International, so in the eyes of outsiders, Brian had always been under the protection of the Yun family. They wondered what would happen to him without the protection of the Yun family.

"You are taking pleasure in my misfortune."

"I just remember that I haven't visited here since I came back. Would you mind going with me?"

"It's my honor."

Then Emily drove out of the house without any scruple. She wouldn't go to a place which was neither crowded nor expensive.

They had much pressure under the people's sights on their way. Of course, a lot of people wanted to get an answer from Brian. Brian said indifferently that since Adam said so, it must be true. No one would disturb me and my wife's date.

Many people couldn't find the direction of Brian's beautiful eyes even without the halo of Yun's family, let alone his unique aristocratic temperament. It was hard to figure out

e so stupid to kick you out of the Yun clan, I wouldn't have come in if I had known it was belonging to the Yun clan. Now that I'm here, I'm not bothered by the rotten smell emitted by your clan. Since I like this shirt, are you not going to sell it to me?"

The waiter was intimidated by Emily and speechless, "No..."

"My card in the Yun Company must have been frozen. After all, I can't afford the money except my identity as a heir."

Emily laughed even more crazily: "Brian, I didn't expect that the Yun family treated you so cruelly. It's all right. From now on, just follow me. Please pack this shirt foe me. I don't want to say it again. To be honest, it's a piece of cake for me to buy the whole mall. Don't push me to do what I don't want to do. Although I'm willing to watch the mall changing its name, I won't go. "

Shocked by the slightly sharp look in Emily's eyes, the waiter nodded quickly and said, "I'm going now... Miss Xia, please wait a minute... " She quickly packed up the clothes and took the card that Emily gave her.

It was a rare chance for her to be kind. How could it be so difficult. With a smile on his face, Brian thought of what Emily said just now. 'Is it really a piece of cake to take down this shopping mall? That is not a small amount of money. But where does the powerful force backing Emily come from?' he wondered.

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