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   Chapter 45 Sever The Relationship (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9126

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"Tomorrow morning."

"I'll be finished." As soon as he heard what Brian said, Charles stood up from Brian and almost fell down from his shoulder. Fortunately, Brian was agile enough to dodge the bad thing. "Be careful," he said.

Sometimes, Brian felt helpless with his son's shocking behavior.

"Please hurry, Mr. Brian. I'm going to find a place to hide. Uncle Vincent, please take me in for a couple of days!" Charles's eyes were fixed on Vincent. Hearing that, Vincent was flustered, "Charles, Brian is here. Do you need to be nervous?"

"That's because you don't know my mommy's strength. If she knows I'm hurt, I will be miserable." Charles's serious attitude surprised the people around him.

"Are you afraid that she will worry about you?" Brian asked.

"Well, not just that." Charles was silent and sad. As a result, Brian was deeply moved by his son's sadness. He said, "I'll drive you there."

Now that there was no way to know about it, the only thing Brian could do was to listen to Charles's advice.

Of course, Vincent wouldn't object even if Brian asked him, not to mention the look on Charles's face.

After Charles kept saying that Vincent's house had no decorations and Vincent had a bad taste, Brian slowly walked out of the room.

After being shot in the eye by Brian, Sean went to deal with what happened tonight, not to mention that Brian was still angry. He didn't want to hit the gun again. If he successfully handled what happened tonight, he could probably make Brian less angry.

"What are you going to do with affairs tonight? From Charles's expressions, I think Emily won't spare them easily. But I'm curious what will happen if Emily know it when she get home."

"The territory of the World International can be expanded!" From Brian's words, Vincent knew what he meant. The Qin family would be finished.

As for the matter about Charles, Brian hadn't told Emily. Before Charlie went to bed, Jeremy had repeatedly told him not to tell anyone about that. This meticulousness was very unusual for Charlie.

When Emily came back, the room was quiet. It was rare for Brian to be at home, but where could he be if he was not at home? And he didn't need to deal with the business in the World International. He was free. "Where is Charles?"

"He went to his school."

"So early!"

"Yeah. Vincent got a computer program from somewhere. Charles likes to discuss it."

"When did Vincent learn about electronic products?"

"He's engaged in all walks of life." Brian said calmly.

"Wow, it seems that you are all talented!" On the other hand, Emily didn't doubt what Brian said. After all, for Charles, the most important thing was his charming face, and the second

her heart, she walked up to him and gave him a deep hug without hesitation.

"Brian, you are a good. I'm telling the truth. If they couldn't see how good you are, they just have no taste. Don't care too much about them. You have Charles, and he will take care of you when you grow old."

When Emily gently flung herself towards him, Brian didn't react, but felt the unique warmth from her, which made his long calm heart race. He didn't want to lose such warmth, so he hugged Emily tightly. The coldness in his heart every time when he mentioned the Yun family was dispelled by Emily's hug. He smiled with relief.

"Shouldn't Emily say that you are here with me at this time?"

"Haha! You're indeed a master in love affairs! Good at dealing with the human's weakness!" Emily tried to stand up, but she was pulled into his arms.

"I don't play any tricks on other girls, nor do I stupidly think that you are the one that I can flatter with the original way. I never deliberately flatter anyone. For so many years, the only reason that could make me say something like that was you, Emily."

It seemed that Brian wasn't trying to hide anything from Emily, which made her forget to react for a moment, just like what she had heard from Brian before. Emily was surprised. Why did he say that? Why did he look at Emily so seriously? Why did he have such an attitude? He was not like this.

"I can give you a marriage, but don't expect my love."

This was the only positive answer that Emily could make when faced with Brian's attitude. She immediately got up from him. She was afraid that her thoughts would be shaken if she got up late. She couldn't be shook because no one around her could have a good result. And Brian gave her a promise that he would protect Charles. She wouldn't get involved with Brian.

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