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   Chapter 44 Sever The Relationship (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7201

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"Brian..." Cassie were also shocked by Brian's stare. She had never seen Brian to be like that before. He seemed completely a stranger.

"Miss Cassie, you have touched my bottom line this time. Shouldn't you pay a price for what you have done?" There was no tenderness in his low voice which was different from usual.

"I just like you. I just like you..."

"I don't like you."

"No, without her, that bitch, without this bastard, you would be with me."

"Clap!" A clear voice sounded again, but at this time, the target of the clap was changed. Brian slapped Cassie without mercy, which was much heavier than that slap on Charles's face just now. In a daze, Cassie could not believe that Brian would hit her. Cassie had always been a spoiled woman, how could he hit her? How could he...

"I have never hit a woman. This is my first time. Miss Cassie, you spread the news of the engagement without telling me when you were with me, and sent the photos of us abroad to the newspaper as well. I don't care about these. But you shouldn't have touched my bottom line. When we were together at the beginning, I said we could end up peacefully. You are too greedy. Charles is my son. Since you dare to hurt him, you must be ready to bear my anger. "

"Brian, I love you." Cassie pleaded, clutching at Brian's sleeve.

"I never thought you love me. Miss Cassie, I know you like my identity, but it brings you vanity. It's meaningless to say it too clearly." He picked up Charles and left.

"I don't want to see everything here, and I don't want to see everyone standing there after tomorrow. I don't want to see them in this city again." After hearing what Brian said, Sean realized that this place would be a ruined tomorrow, and he was willing to do so.

"What are you doing?" Hiram said when he came out of the frightening atmosphere just now, he didn't come back to his senses until he heard what Brian said.

"What do you think?" Brian looked at Hiram with his sharp eyes. Hiram felt a chill all over his body, but he didn't shrink back.

"I'm telling you, I'm from the Harvey Gang. Even if you're the second young master of the Y

tiful face. Otherwise, why did he apply so much ointment on my face and ruined my lovely face?"

Vincent couldn't help but sob. 'Do you think the doctor would like to put so much medicine on your wound? It's just that your father pressed him with his eyes. Didn't you see that the doctor's hand almost trembled.'

"Why do you care about your face?" Sean could not help saying.

"Why do you say that? My face has been my pride since I was born. Besides, my mother once said that my head can be cut off but I can't lose my beautiful face." That was a powerful voice.

Embarrassed, Sean asked, "Mr. Brian, are you sure he is your son?"

Brian took a glance at Sean, Sean stepped back a few steps. It was just an offence, but why did he still hold a grudge? It seemed that Sean would have a hard time in the future, but it didn't matter. After all, he was facing the famous Mr. Brian. He had to admit that the impulse was devil, and the impulse to Brian was exactly the devil of the devil!

"How long will it take to recover?" Charles poked his face with his finger, but before he finished it, he was grabbed by Brian. "Don't move. The doctor had just applied the medicine. The swelling will be alleviated in about three days."

"Three days? Oh, my God!" All of a sudden, Charles was like a deflated ball, he leaned on Brian's shoulder tiredly. It seemed that something came to his mind. "Mr. Brian, when will Mommy come back?"

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