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   Chapter 43 Charles Is Kidnapped (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 8852

Updated: 2020-01-30 00:03

When Brian couldn't get Charles, his face had become more serious. After he couldn't call him, that would be a more serious look. He had to look at the surveillance video to know what had happened. Then, what he wanted do was only to kill them.

"Vincent, Charles was kidnapped. Ask Sean to find him for me. I need to know where he is in fifteen minutes." He slammed the car door heavily. Very well, They even dared to kidnap his son. It seemed that they felt too comfortable to stay in this city.

Judging from his tone, Vincent knew that these people had touched Brian's bottom line, so he asked Sean to come here as soon as possible. It seemed that Vincent hadn't seen anyone who challenged Brian for a long time. Who would it be this time? A dark smile played at the corners of Vincent's mouth.

In less than three minutes after Sean received the call, the network of the city's underworld began to active. In here, Charles was still enjoying the delicious food by his mouth. He couldn't go hungry no matter where he went. Only when he was full could he fight. This was a true saying of Charles, so he ate happily there.

"What's going on?" A woman's scream interrupted the dinner that he was enjoying. Looking at the woman who appeared in front of the door, he immediately knew what was going on. It was a debt of love that his father had committed. He was innocent and got involved in this matter. The woman in front of him was none other than Cassie, who had announced her engagement with Brian a few days ago. But now it seemed that it was her behind the kidnapping.

"Miss Cassie, he is hungry, so we give him something to eat." The strong men nodded and bowed.

"Well, you are such sympathetic guys."

Rubbing his lips, Charles said, "I'm so young and energetic. I can't starve myself to death."

Looking at the face which was the same as that of Brian's, Cassie wished she could tear him into pieces.

"I said although I have a handsome face, could you stop looking at me like this? I already have someone. Don't seduce me."

Cassie said with resentment: "Hum! You are just a monster looking like Brian."

Looking at the woman who was obsessed with love, Charles was speechless and said, "Madam, if I am a bastard, who is my father, Mr. Brian, and who is you, the woman who likes me? Shouldn't you be a good person?"

Embarrassed by what he said, Cassie retorted, "If you really have the guts, say it out loud. What kind of person has what kind of son. Your mommy is a bitch, and you are a bitch too!"

"What did you just say about my mommy?" The intimidating sight of the child made Cassie hesitant for a moment

n. If you have this chance, you will never have the chance to raise it again." Charles glared at Cassie with a bloodthirsty and dark look. No one would doubt what Charles just said.

Charles was very angry now. Although Emily once told him that he could do whatever he wanted outside, he could only avoid being injured. Now the woman in front of him dared to make him injured. How could he confess to Emily because she had hit so clearly on his face? When he was about to fight back, the door was suddenly kicked open. Then he saw Brian, Vincent, and Sean as they stood outside. Of course, Brian kicked the door. He glanced at Charles, who was dragged by those people. His heart was ache for a moment.

"Brian..." Cassie froze when she saw Brian. Brian quickly walked to Charles's side. The several strong men didn't want to let him go, but after they saw the bloodthirsty eyes of Brian and his intimidating aura, they loosened Charles's hands involuntarily.

At the same time, Brian stared at Charles's red face with more gloomy eyes. Those strong men around could not help trembling with fear when they saw this look. It was a look of killing and the eyes even could swallow people alive. If he had a knife now, no one would doubt that he would stab it directly into their chest with his sword. At this moment, they felt that they messed with the wrong person.

"Does it hurt?" When Brian gently touched Charles's cheek, he dared not touch his fingers, afraid of hurting him.

On the one hand, Charles was surprised to see that Brian's imposing manner, which was different from what he had seen these days. On the other hand, Charles saw that Brian felt sorry for him, which made him feel happy. It seemed that he had seen the happiness in Emily's eyes.

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