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   Chapter 42 Charles Is Kidnapped (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7016

Updated: 2020-01-29 00:33

Emily managed to hold back her excitement and said, "Don't say that. Even if you are behind me, you might not be able to block the wind and rain."

"I have to work harder to seize the opportunity." Brian said indifferently.

"Yes, I like both money and power. Can you satisfy me, Mr. Brian?"

"That's not a big deal. If it's your wish, I'll give it to you."

"Mr. Brian is really good at pleasing women." Emily relaxed a little.

"From ancient times to present, only Emily makes me worry so much." Emily could feel the seriousness of his words. She didn't know how to respond, so they both fell into silence again.

"When will you come back?"

"We are supposed to arrive at home early tomorrow morning."

"Okay, I'll wait for you at home."


After hanging up the phone, Emily looked up at the sky above her. It was home. There seemed to be a place for her to go back now.".

Since receiving the phone call from Brian, John had been observing Emily's facial expressions. Her expressions of care and surprise on her face and in her eyes made him certain that Brian was the one she cared about, but he wasn't sure yet what the degree was? But after all, this kind of care was not a bad thing, wasn't it? Perhaps it was the right thing. And it's time to meet Brian.

"I'm leaving now. Next time, I will take Charles and someone you may like to visit you." Again, with a flick of the cold stone tablet, Emily left.

John glanced at it and looked around. 'Maybe we are too worried. That person has disappeared for so many years. We don't even know if he is alive or dead. How high the probability is that he will suddenly appear here? But Ron, you have disappeared for a long time. If you don't show up, people will think you have disappeared in this world.'.

After hanging up the phone, Brian looked out of the window and felt worried when he heard the heavy voice of Emily. He liked to see Emily with a light smile on his bright face when she was teasing or kidding, so he said those words without hesitation. He didn't regret it and wanted to protect her. He neede

a and sat down, with his legs hanging down. "Well, where's the meat?"

The man put on a big smile and said, "It will be right there."

"Ah, uncle, I also want to have a spaghetti steak and a small cake with tiramisu. Well, as for milk, you can open a cup as you want." Charles had already raised his opinions without hesitation, but when they heard what he said their expression was not very optimistic. Italian steak and tiramisu? They were kidnappers not hotel waiters.

"Well, uncle, if I don't eat the food I get used to, I'll pass out later. I was born with the obsessive-compulsive disorder. And it's very easy to kill me. If my dad saw me passing out, he would punish you. Alas, why do I suddenly feel a little dizzy?" Charles's body was cramped to one side.

What is called 'good at lying'? This was the so-called masters. Charles had a remarkable ability to distort the facts by changing the black and white. What kind of OCD did he have? Are you suffering from this kind of disease? No one would pass out when you eat what you dislike. But they have no other methods, they only knew that they are not allowed to hurt him at this moment. Is there anything they can do about it? The only thing they could do now was to send someone to buy it. He thought that he had made a good fortune to buy it this time. While Charles was happily enjoying the food here, Brian had no mood right now.

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