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   Chapter 41 An Old Friend

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9855

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When Brian opened the door, he happened to see the stiff Ray standing at the door.

"Since when do you like to eavesdrop?"

"I come to ask my father for something."

Brian made way for him.

"Is it true for what you said just now?" Although Ray didn't let Brian leave, he still stood in front of him.

"What do you think? For those who want to believe it, they will think it's true. But for those who don't want to believe it, they will think it's fake. Do you think it's true or not? " A bright smile appeared on Brian's face, which drew all people's attention easily.

Adam didn't speak. For the first time he felt he couldn't see through his little brother. He knew that they all wore a mask, but he couldn't see how thick was the mask that his brother was wearing, which was so thick that he even didn't see the most basic surface. Did he think he could win if he kept fighting with such a person? Brian had left when Ray was thinking of this.

Looking at the building of the Yun Company, Brian promised his grandfather that he wouldn't leave the Yun Company, but now it was not the matter that whether he want to leave. It was up to that man's choice. He gave Adam a result and wanted to see whether he would believe it or not. Brian seemed to have a foreboding.

It seemed as what Emily had said in the morning that they walked around the surroundings. They didn't see it carefully last night, but now they knew it was indeed a beautiful place for sleep. They knew well about their brother's preferences both before and after. Emily looked around the surroundings, when she walked to the cemetery again, she suddenly saw a figure flashing in front of her. This figure gave her a familiar feeling. Emily frowned slightly and his eyes changed dramatically. Before John could react, she had chased the figure.

"Emily..." Not knowing what had happened, John hurried to catch up with Emily.

"You, stop!" Emily shouted at the figures who were scurrying forward.

The mountain road was rugged and covered by dense forest, but the speed of people in front of them was surprisingly fast, which seemed not to be affected by the terrain at all or he was familiar with the area. Emily's speed was not less than his. Although the so-called block did not work for Emily, since Emily was in a distance with him and she was not familiar with the terrain here, it was impossible for her to stop him. When they passed a peak again, she passed it slightly.

A moment, the figure was gone. Emily calmed down and looked around. At that moment, she found a shadow of a tree nearby moving quickly. She ran to that direction. Sure enough, the people in the forest also ran up, but they seemed to slow down. In a moment, that person was caught by Emily. Emily turned him around hurriedly to see who that person was. When his face appeared, the huge disappointment on Emily's face seemed to be able to drown the entire world.

"Hey! What

s Emily by your side? I'm looking for her."

Hearing that, John frowned and asked, "Brian?"


At last, John gave the phone to Emily after taking a glance at her. After a short pause, she asked, "Who?" But she still picked it up as if nothing had happened.

"Are you still there?" Shocked by the familiar voice, Emily asked, "How do you know John's number?"

"I have no idea which lady has kept the phone switched off for the time being, so I asked Vincent to check it out. With the identity of the CEO of the World International, he must have some prestige."

He was not only powerful, but also had great prestige. However, Emily had never thought that Brian would ask Vincent to check John's telephone number. What was it? It was just a waste for Vincent to do such little things. It was ridiculous.

"I'm so glad to hear that. By the way, do you miss me? I've only left for one day." Although it was a joke, it was much more serious than before. It was not as lively and active as usual. It should not be able to detect it, but it was easily detected by Brian through the mobile phone.

"What happened?" Brian became serious.

Emily hesitated for a moment. She didn't know that he could get over her emotions, or because it was from Brian. She didn't know what to say. "It's okay. I just miss the beautiful scenery."

Silence reigned on the other side, when Emily was about to give up, Brian said, "I'm always with you."

Such a simple sentence, however, was like an irresistible vital energy intruded into Emily's heart, which opened up a crack in her heart for a long time. And she began to regain herself again. A strand of excitement emerged in her heart, and freaked her out. As a result, a gust of cold wind blew, which couldn't erase the ripples that were standing in the bottom of her heart. It was not until a long time later that she found out that at that time, she began to open her heart to him, but she didn't notice it.

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