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   Chapter 40 Disturbance in The Yun Company

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9626

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"Your brother and your father seem to be buying shares of the Yun Company. What are they going to do?"

Brian gave a snort of contempt. Buying out the shares to prevent him from usurping the power was really hilarious. Was power really so important? He said: "What plan can they have? I can't stop them if they want to buy the shares."

Indeed, Brian can't stop them. He just want to watch the show. But he got bored after watching it for so many years. "It seems that they are worried about you."

Brian kept silent. During all these years, he had owned a lot of shares, which deeply hurt Adam. 10% after birth, 10% after adulthood, 20% after marriage, even though he was a so-called playboy, the 40% of the shares was more than 35%. Adam was greatly threatened. Not to mention that they were not in charge of the marriage of Brian. Brian was sure that they were in a hurry.

"Boring." Vincent said. If Brian wanted to fight with the Yun Company, even ten Yun Companies were not enough for him. With such a bad taste, the Yun Company would also be in danger.

"Bring Mike back and tell him that the holiday is over." Brian stood up and said, "By the way, ask him to find a place to let Sean experience something. Either Africa or Thailand is good. Choose one. I don't want to see Sean recently."

Hearing that, Vincent's eyebrows twitched. Poor Sean! He must be very upset this time. Mike was the person who obeyed Brian all the time. This time, Sean was going to have a hard time. "Leave now?"

"Since they have made such a big move, I have to show up in the Yun Company, which will not disappoint them, won't it?" That enchanting smile was so chilling, but that was the true character of Brian, wasn't it?

"Send me John's phone number."


"Whatever. Just give me his number." After saying that, he left, leaving Vincent in shock. After all, he was an executive president. He was not a spy. Thinking of the phone number, Vincent realized that yesterday, Brian had mentioned Emily and John went out together, so Vincent showed great interest in what Brian looked like today.

On the other side, Emily had been staring at the tombstone the whole night. It was a little cold in the morning even in the summer night. However, she seemed to be unable to feel it and continued to look at it obsessively. However, even if her eyes were burning, the stone tablet was still cold and wouldn't change because of the gazes.

"Let's eat something." John leaned against a tree near the bed and looked at Emily's eyes. He felt sorry and helpless for her, wondering why they always suffered from torture. They couldn't escape neither in the past nor now.

Emily took the food from John without any hesitation. After all, what John brought to her always met her taste. Seven years ago, or nine years ago, they had already known clearly about what she liked. Afte

quite a long time.

"Ha ha, you are right. If I weren't a member of the Yun family, I wouldn't have been able to get it." Brian said with a mischievous smile.

"In the end, all you have done is for the shares owned by me. Do you feel so uneasy with these things in my hands? Who are you going to give them to? My brother, your favorite son?"

It was difficult to find the emotion hidden in Brian's voice. His cold voice seemed to freeze everything or destroy everything.

"Well, actually, it's much better in the hands of Ray than in your hands. The Yun Company is the lifetime painstaking work of our Yun family, and we can't let it be destroyed. If you divorce with Emily and marry Miss Qin, I won't take charge of the stock in the Yun Company. If you are still in a wrong mind, don't blame me for being unkind." From Adam's words, it seemed that he had been tolerating Brian for a long time.

"Have you ever been so polite to me? Do you think you will give me the share of the Yun Company if I marry Cassie?"

"What do you mean?"

"You have been doubting my blood power, haven't you? Grandpa destroyed the paternity test certificate of us. You haven't seen it yet, right? You have doubted it for so many years. Do you need me to accompany you to the hospital?"

Adam's hands trembled, "How do you know?"

With a smile on Brian's face, he didn't reply, "Your son who was with you since he was born is not as good as a married man. For my so-called brother, you never suspect the blood tie between you and him, but suspect me. However, you are right. I'm not your son. It's really hard for you to tolerate me for so many years."

Brian stood up straight, but he was stopped by Adam. "What do you mean?"

"Isn't it obvious? You are not the only one who can do the DNA test."

Adam's hands became weak. Brian smiled and thought, "That's right. After all, I've spent a lot of money of Yun Company.".

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