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   Chapter 39 Miss You at Night (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 8634

Updated: 2020-01-29 00:03

The Sang clan was also in chaos. Although the wedding of Star and Sawyer was overturned by Emily, it was also after the wedding. Before the wedding, Star and Sawyer had got the marriage certificate, and also was a couple who had held the wedding. The truth of the past had been revealed, and bad criticism came one after another. There was not only Star who was condemned, but also Sawyer.

Divorce? Their engagement with the Xia clan had been cancelled seven years ago because of gossip. Now they couldn't divorce with Star because of gossip again. Do they still have the face to ask for divorce just because of that? After all, they did have a justified position seven years ago, but now, they had no reason to do so, let alone say anything about it.

The truth of seven years ago was uncovered. Tristan and his wife were killed. It seemed that the Sang clan was the executioners. Not only did they put their daughter to that situation, but they also hurt Emily too deeply. Now, their slanders and calumnies to Emily had become jokes, and they had been reviled by others. They had been wrong in the past, but now what they could do to make up for it? It had happened, it had been seven years. They couldn't make it up. All they could do was blaming themselves.

In Sawyer's room, "Why did you do that?" Sawyer said to Star.

"I just want you. You shouldn't have told me that you kind of liked her in your heart." Star screamed so loudly that it echoed in the air.

"I've been loving you for so many years, but I've never got your trust in me in the end. At that time, I'm in love with Emily, but I don't want to forget you, Star. I love Emily's purity very much at the beginning, but I'm more distressed about your sacrifices. Why don't you trust me more? Why did you treat Emily so cruelly at that time? Do you know that you would destroy all her life?"

"Haha! Yes, I destroyed her life. But so what? My life has already been ruined. Why only she can enjoy the peace and quiet of her life? I can't accept this. Why does she easily get what I have worked so hard for?"

"Star, what did you may go all out to get while Emily got easily? Father's love, mother's love, money, status, love or everything else around Emily. You are too greedy, because you cheated your eyes by the illusion. It is obvious that there are parents who love Emily very much, which is the feeling that uncle Xia and aunt Xia have been through ups and downs for more than ten years when they are together with each other. Money and status? That was violently fought by Emily's parents, step by st

. Although he didn't pay the bill in the end, Vincent believed that it was not that Emily couldn't afford the money.

Moreover, from what Charles dressed and what he liked, he didn't look like a person who was lack of money. Seven years ago, Emily had broken away from the Xia clan. Where did the money come from? She even knew who Brian was. In this case, it was reasonable for Vincent to be curious about Emily.

Brian tapped his fingers casually and seemed to be very sure of what he was thinking, but he was also a little confused. It had been a long time since the last time that Vincent saw Brian's expression like this. In the past few years of getting along with him, he had been able to easily accomplish almost everything. Even when he had just established the World International, he was fully confident, which had gained many people's submission. He had sharp perceptions. Vincent had almost never seen Brian to show an uncertain expression in the business. Now there seemed to be an accident, and the accident was expanding.

"What do you think? Is it possible for a person to be completely transformed into another person after going through so much pain?"

The words coming out of Brian's mouth surprised Vincent. Vincent was not a fool. "Emily? What do you think? "

Brian smiled and said nothing.

"Do you want to know more about Emily when staying abroad in the past seven years?" They hadn't done a thorough investigation of Emily.

Before Brian could answer, the phone rang. He looked at it and smiled in a joking way. And then he hung up directly. Vincent also seemed to know who was calling him. After all, the only person who could make him smile like this must be from the Yun family.

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