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   Chapter 38 Miss You at Night (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7674

Updated: 2020-01-28 00:33

"Are you scared?" Brian asked, looking at Charles who had been staring at him since they got on the car.

"Well, nothing." He was still staring at Brian.

"Sean has always been a sensible person. Tonight must be a nightmare." After all, he did save some strength to Charles.

"It's okay. I can dodge it easily." Charles still stared at Brian.

"What do you want to say?" This kind of gaze was so strange to Brian that he felt a little uncomfortable.

"Daddy, you must be skilled, right?" Charles could tell from Brian's reaction that he was not a simple man.

"I learned it when I was abroad." Brian didn't explain too much, but he could see the light in his eyes.

"Who taught you how to fight?" Charles must have practiced these before. However, it was beyond Brian's expectation that a seven-year-old boy could be so skilled.

"Grandpa and uncle taught me."

"Okay," Was it these people again? Who were these people? Brian was getting more and more curious, but it was obvious that Charles couldn't explain it clearly. Either he needed to check it by himself, or he needed to get the information from Emily. But it seemed to be very difficult to use the later method.

After settling Charles in, Brian looked at the night outside and took out his phone to make a call to Emily. He fumbled for the phone in his hand and found it amusing. Finally he dialed the number. After a while...

"Mr. Brian, what are you doing? It's late at night."

"I couldn't sleep well without you."

"Mr. Brian, I didn't eat much tonight. I want to vomit."

"Haven't you had dinner yet?" Brian frowned.

"Of course, I had dinner. I'm always nice to myself, but I'm sure I eat much worse than you two. With that brat by your side, I'm sure you had a really good meal."

"Tomorrow, you can come back to enjoy."

"I haven't decided when I will return. I will work here for a few more days. You can take care of that brat,"

"Where did you go?" Brian seldom spoke in a serious tone.

"I want to feel the night wind, the echo of air Valley and the shining stars. It's so beautiful that I don't want to fall asleep."

"You are in the wild!" He had been worried a moment ago, but now he felt angry.

"What are you doing outside at this time? It's very dangerous to go out

hing to Emily.

"Are you listening to Dad's bad idea again?" Said Abby coldly.

"Abby, am I wrong?" Charlie hated and feared his wife. After all, he had Star in the night when he was drunk and fell asleep, which made Star enter Xia clan. He should be guilty to this original wife for this thing.

"Think about it yourself. Do you think you are right or not? Your father is your own father. Don't you see clearly what kind of person he is these years? Although our elder brother is not his biological son, he has never treated him unfairly. How did he treat them? I feel disappointed even as a stranger. Star is your daughter, not mine. If my own daughter does such a thing, I will kick her out of our family. Star is your daughter, and Emily is brother's daughter too. They are also the daughters of the Xia clan. You should stand the tortures from your own behaviors. I didn't know how Emily lives in these seven years. Now, your daughter should know. " Then Abby left.

Charlie was stunned there. It was really true that Star's fault was still earlier. His father was too stubborn. In these years, he seemed to have seen it too. On the overt side, he was in charge of the Xia Company. In fact, in many cases, it was Michael who made the decision just for the sense of achievement. It seemed that he took the Xia Company from Emily's hand at the beginning not for the sake of everything he so-called as to take them back. It seemed that it just made Michael more satisfied, the situation was getting more and more chaotic.

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