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   Chapter 37 A Visit in The Cemetery (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9173

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"I don't know. She must have gone out with the people from the New City Law Office."

"New City Law Office? What is it? " Charles was confused.

"Haven't your mommy told you?"

Charles shook his head. Brian squinted. It seemed that Emily didn't tell everything to Charles.

"A law office. The person in charge is John. She should have something to deal with. Since your mother didn't mention it, it should be someone unimportant." Since Emily didn't want to let Charles know, there must be a reason that she didn't want to tell him, so Brian didn't say anything. "What do you want to eat?" he asked.

The words brought him much excitement. "Let's have western food tonight," he said.

On the other hand, Brian shook his head helplessly. Charles was a typical person of lacking in both meat and lust. These two days, Brian realized that he wasn't a picky eater. But every time he ate, he had to put on some flesh. Despite that, he hadn't put on much weight. Just as what Emily had said, the food was really wasted.

After Brian just ate the food, his cell phone rang. "Mr. Brian, we haven't seen each other for a few days, but the news about you hasn't decreased. After going out for a few days, I came back and saw such explosive news. Don't we celebrate it?"

A frank but kind of friendly voice came. Hearing that, Brian frowned and said, "You are willing to come back from the gentle countryside."

"I am tired of the foreign beauties, so I come here to change my taste. What a lovely domestic girl!"

"I don't agree with your taste."

"Yes, yes. Mr. Brian has a special taste. When will you come? The bar is full of good wine."

"I can't go. I am having dinner with Charles."

"Charles? New girlfriend? Are you kidding me? You just got married, but you have an affair."

Damn it! Brian almost wanted to put the phone into his mouth.

"Oh, your son? Come with him. I want to see what your son looks like."

"You'd better not pollute a child's pure soul for the time being."

"Damn it! You spoiled it!"

In no mood to speak to this man, Brian hung up the phone directly. Charles took a look at him and said, "Mommy is going out. Mr. Brian, you are going to hunt the beauties."

"Do you know what does beauty hunting mean? It seems that your mommy is right. You should stay away from the Internet."

"I'm so smart! I'm not a fool!"

"Yes." The narcissistic Charles was absolutely invincible. "After eating, we will go back."

"Didn't someone ask you out just now?"

"The same as the other day."

Charles felt sorry for the person who called Brian a moment ago.

However, in the end, Brian still drove to the attractive door because Charles wanted to come and have a look. At first, Brian stoppe

while, Brian finally let go of Sean. "Sean, no one can hurt my persons except me. Don't joke with the wrong person. This is a lesson for you. Don't do that next time."

Brian directly left with Charles who was stunned in his arms. The temperature around them was still very low, and there were people who noticed this scene. In a short while, the commotion was restored as Vincent waved his hand to ask someone to deal with it.

The place where Brian grabbed Sean still hurt. He touched the bruise on her hand and replied, "Seriously? I was just kidding."

"Sean, it's indeed your fault this time. Don't forget who Brian is."

Sean's hand trembled.

"Don't forget Brian's nature just because he has been playing for seven years. Other people can't see through him, but you can't forget what kind of person he is after you have been away for a few days. He doesn't allow anyone he cares to be hurt. Charles is his son and he loves him very much. How dare you make such a joke? Have you thought that if Charles hadn't dodged your blow today, what will you end up with today? It's lucky that you didn't go to the hospital, okay? "

"Well, I just think that guy should be able to escape. Why am I the bad one in the end?"

"There is if and uncertain in Brian's world. What he wants is the absolute things. You have known Brian for such a long time, but you still can't figure it out. Just figure it out by yourself. It's boring to have this drink tonight."

Thus, Sean was left alone in the room, facing a few bottles of wine. Alas, it seemed that he went too far tonight. He had to apologize to Brian. However, his arm hurt so much. He and Brian had such a long relationship, but now he was even not as important as a son. Alas, it was impossible for them to be related by blood. He was just a side relative, very dull.

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