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   Chapter 36 A Visit in The Cemetery (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7444

Updated: 2020-01-28 00:13

When Brian received Emily's call, he was in the office of the World International. After Brian gave his order, Emily hung up the phone. Staring at the phone, Brian smiled helplessly. It had been a long time since anyone hung up on him.

Looking at the depressed expression of Brian, Vincent asked, "Is it from Emily?"


"Did she call you to check?" Vincent said jokingly.

"She have to go out. She may not come back tonight. So I have to pick up Charles."

"It seems that you have a good life after you got married. You look so gentle and sweet, which is totally different from your original face. I have to admire Emily's great personal charm."

But Brian just ignored him.

"But don't say that, yesterday, Emily's performance in Sawyer's wedding was quite wonderful. Look at today's newspaper, all of the accusations against the Xia clan and the Sang clan are going to make them have a disturbed time."

"They deserve it." Brian said indifferently. He didn't have any sympathy for them.

"But the Xia clan is really ruthless," said Vincent in an indifferent tone. They not only expelled Emily, but also took her legal identity of inheritance.

If that's the case, at the time when the gossip was the most powerful, Emily should be pregnant with Charles. Nobody knew how did Emily get through that time.

On the other hand, though Brian didn't respond as he expected, Vincent kind of admired that kind of girl very much. In his opinion, not every girl could hold on bravely in spite of harsh words, insults and hurtful words, and not every girl could smile and be strong in spite of such a serious injury. And not every girl was able to stand in front of the person who had brought her such a great deal of pain in the past. She was so calm, unbridled and arrogant. He thought highly of Emily.

"I remember that Charlie had several cooperation projects with foreign countries recently," Brian replied Though Brian didn't pay much attention to it, hearing his words, Vincent raised his eyebrows and asked, "Are you going to avenge for Emily?"

"I just want to give her a gift." Brian smiled.

"Brian, are you..." Brian had never done this for any woman before.

"It seems a little far

't he lying here? If he can climb out of the grave, I don't mind listening to his opinion."

"You know it's almost impossible."

"Tell me whether I should dig the tomb open or not, and take out the so-called cremains to test the DNA to see if he is the person in it."

Still calm, John replied, "Do you think you can verify the result by scanning the contents?"

"Perfect arrangement, exquisite layout, even the tombstone that were buried became the evidences of threatening me. Since you have achieved your goal, why did you leave me alone? I really don't know how to praise you, my brother."

Emily said as she clenched the gravestone. But no matter how hard he tried, what he held in his hands was only a piece of cold stone.

"The room I arranged is down the mountain."

"Well, I won't go downstairs tonight. We haven't seen each other for so many years. It's worthy of his seven-year efforts to accompany him here."

John sighed and shook his head. He couldn't deal with Emily's stubbornness. In some way, they were the same kind of person, who could do anything they wanted, which was irresistible.

It seemed that John had anticipated such a situation, so he went downstairs as ordered by Emily. After a short while, he took out several blankets, and also a sleeping bag. Obviously, she was well equipped. Emily took a glance at him with a smile and took them over.

When Brian came to pick up Charles, he asked, "Where's Mommy? She is leaving me here alone."

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