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   Chapter 34 The Powerful Strength in The Depth (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7453

Updated: 2020-01-27 00:33

Standing in front of the window, Brian was absorbed in the morning sunlight, which added light on his face, making him less coquettish but also more attractive. With a casual gesture, he was tall and slender, but full of charm. Emily was stunned for a few seconds when she opened her eyes.

"Is Emily enchanted by me?" Brian smiled.

Emily shook her still dizzy head and asked, "Why are you here?" She then drove away the enchanting mind of Brian.

"I come here to see the sleeping face of Emily." It must be a joke, but in fact, it was a joke without any emotion in his words.

"Wow, Mr. Brian, how's your appreciation? Do you like my beautiful face?" Sitting on the bed, Emily said calmly.

"Yeah, it's so charming. I want to keep looking at her."

Brian stared at Emily with such earnest eyes. She was interested in such ambiguous words of Emily a few times before, but now her interests seemed to change a little. Emily could feel that, "Don't fall in love with me, Mr. Brian. If you fall in love with me, you will be doomed. You can't afford the price."

"Oh, what if I want to have a try?"

"Mr. Brian, this decision is not wise." Under such a calm sight which seemed to be able to penetrate into Emily's heart, the usual calm expression of Emily cracked.

"Whatever. But I won't fall in love with anyone." She quickly jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom.

The sight of Brian made her unable to ignore. She chose him only because he could provide a protection for her in the future. She chose this marriage only because she wanted to get what she wanted. Love seemed to have been suppressed in an unknown abyss, and she had no right to talk about it.

She thought of the things she had to do, the crazy shadow of her memory, and the people close to her would not have a good end. Why did she have to be involved with others? As for some things, it would be good for her to carry on her own. If she had strength in the future, she might choose to date with Brian.

But when Emily looked at herself in the mirror, her familiar and strange face was in the mirror. When she washed her face with her hands, she found that she didn't seem to have the time and energy to love someone. She wash

e for Emily than do something to displease her. "I will tell the truth to the master," he said.

Emily waved her hands. When Wyon turned around and left, she gave Brian a meaningful look. Brian just smiled. Then Wyon left with relief.

"I don't know since when you and Wyon become so familiar with each other."

"Yes. I had an in-depth understanding of him last night."

Emily squinted at Brian without asking how much he knew about him.

"So you sent me away on purpose last night, Mr. Brian." Charles pouted and seemed to realize the truth just now.

"Your computer is on, isn't it? What are you doing on the computer?"

"Haha..." As soon as Emily saw his cunning smile, she got a little alarmed. "You brat, do you browse bad information online? I wonder why you grow so fast. Is it because you are influenced by the Internet?"

Upon hearing this, Charles was flustered. He suddenly admired the reply that his mother had just told him, "Hey, I'm your son. Why don't you wish me to be better?"

"Don't blame me for that. Your genes do not entirely from me. Your other half's genes make me very worried. As the saying goes, the fish begins to rot from the head. Don't I should doubt it?"

After taking a look at Brian, Charles thought of the gossip about him, so he was suddenly discouraged. "It seems to be reasonable, but Mommy, you have to believe that your smart and handsome son will always know the bad side of the matter, so I only have the essence left now."

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