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   Chapter 33 A Stir in The Dark

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9683

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"It works well," It was estimated that the whole Xia clan and the Sawyer clan were still immersed in the sound of this morning. The reports, large or small, probably were the comments on today's marriage and the evidences of Adam's tiny incident seven years ago seemed to come late.

"Hum, they deserve it for that they framed mommy that way, and then see if they dare to provoke mommy again in the future." Charles pouted. He had a bad impression of the Xia clan and Sawyer. Although he only met them once, he knew what they had done. Now that his mother had taught them a lesson, he applauded with his hands raised.

But Brian just smiled at him. Indeed, it was their misfortune to get involved with Emily at that time. The only lucky thing was that seven years ago, he went into the wrong room and slept with Emily at that night. He should be grateful to God that they had got a son.

"Have you had dinner?"

"Yes, I had dinner with uncle Wyon."

"I heard the sound of the computer clicks when I passed by your room just now. I think someone is looking for you."

"Oh, I forgot." Charles rushed upstairs as quickly as he could and he wanted to see what would happen next.

"Have a seat. What do you want to say?" From the moment Brian entered the room till he came down, Wyon's eyes were always on him. It seemed that Wyon did not just want to see his appearance.

"You and Miss Emily..."

"Just as you know, we get the marriage certificate."

"What's your opinion on this marriage?"

"This should be the problem between me and Emily."

"Master doesn't want Emily to marry someone randomly."

"We have really thought about it." Brian answered in an easy voice.

"To be honest, you have a bad reputation in society." Said Wyon directly.

"It's just a game. Why should you bother about this since Emily don't care about that at all?"

"Do you really love Miss Emily?"

"That depends on how you understand what the so-called love is. This marriage is not entertainment. At the time when Emily proposed and I nodded to agree, we were already connected by the so-called marriage. She needs to get married, and I need a companion. If she doesn't propose to split up, I will not disappoint her from marriage. Are you satisfied with this?" But Wyon's stare didn't make Brian nervous at all. He really admired Brian's generosity.

"Mr. Brian seems to be different from the rumor."

"Just as you said, it's just a rumor."

A masked man was also good at camouflage himself. This was Wyon's comment abou Brian. There was no emotion in Brian's calm eyes, and he let out a different feeling. Wyon could trust the man in front of him, but if this man could change Emily's minds, which would open a crack in her slightly closed heart. In an instant, Wyon could trust Brian. "It seems that I can go back to report my work."

"Is that Charles's grandfather?"

"Yes. M

yan: "Violent maniac!"


Mary: "Do you mind us shooting for each of them, Charles?"

Charles: "My mommy has cleaned them up. She won't let them get anything good." Even though it was just a few words, it could make people understand how much Charles adored his mother.

James: "Charles, is it necessary for you to be so serious about your mom?"

Charles: "My mommy is always the first in my heart," His firm and unquestionable tone made those people shut up and smile at the same time. At the beginning, they took a fancy to Charles's momentum from the little eyes that was different from that of a child. Of course, there were other reasons for them to admit Charles's identity of the young master.

James: "Should I go to T City?"

Charles: "Is there anything you like here?"

James: "Oh, don't say that. Why don't you say that I miss you?"

Charles: "Thank you very much for thinking about me. You'd better take him with you, Moore. I'm going to sleep. Children of seven years old are very fond of sleeping."

James: "It's not funny. There might be some news from the military."

Charles: "Oh, so I can see that you are very excited. Bye!" Offline.

"Where is the innocent and kind boy two years ago?" replied James

Then there came Ryan, Nathan and Mary's disdainful expressions. Was Charles kind and lovely? Their boss' eyesight was too weak to make people feel at ease. So they simultaneously agreed with the words of Charles and let Moore get James out of here.

When Emily finally woke up with messy hair, a rumor had already spread around the city. Everybody was talking about the scandal at any time when drinking or having meal. It was such a piece of news. It seemed that the city had not been quiet since the day when Emily came back. Maybe it was because the city had been quiet for too long, or because Emily was a real genius. She was charming enough to shock the whole city.

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