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   Chapter 32 Get Drunk in Rare Time

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9379

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"Did you have a good time?" Brain asked.

Emily looked out of the window. Her black eyes showed no excitement after the revenge, but loneliness. Her beautiful face was filled with loneliness. She just sat still without answering Brian's question, and he didn't ask any more.

"What are you doing?" Looking at the shop in front of her, Emily said, "Charm?"

"I think you should want some wine now."

"Oh, is it your treat?"

"I'm sure I can afford the bill."

Emily directly walked into the room, thinking that maybe she really needed a few glasses of wine. Also, she found a quiet corner to get more wine. All the red wine was almost drunk by Emily, but Brian didn't stop her. He just told her to drink a little slowly, while Emily seemed not to take his words seriously.

Therefore, not long after, Brian saw several empty bottles on the table. He sighed and finally took the glass which was filled with red wine in Emily's hand.

"What are you doing?" Emily was slightly dissatisfied with Brian's action.

"I am afraid of you getting drunk?"

"Drunk? What a joke! I can drink a lot. But sometimes I really want to be drunk." She said in a bitter tone.

"You didn't do anything wrong to the Xia clan, nor did you do anything wrong to the Sang clan."

"Of course I did nothing wrong. That's what they should be responsible for. I just showed them the truth, so I didn't feel guilty at all."

"Then what are you upset about?"

Emily touched the empty bottle with her tiny finger and said, "I just suddenly feel that those people are living for themselves, but why some people can't live for themselves more? I hope they will be more greedy to take good care of their lives, but why are they so selfless?"

This time, Brian was sure that what Emily said was not the Xia clan and Sawyer. He asked, "Who are those people you referred to?"

"Who? You don't know? Of course my family."

No one could be called family member except for Tristan and Mrs. Tristan. But it seemed not to be correct. The more they got along with each other, the more Brian felt that there were many mysteries in Emily. He couldn't figure it out.

"Brian, what do you want to live for?"

Brian frowned. He didn't expect that Emily would ask such a question. "Do as I wish."

"Then what do you want?"

Emily obviously sensed that the boss behind the scenes of the World International was rendered speechless. He asked, "What does Emily want?"

"I want to live happily and follow my heart to hate." While speaking of this, Brian noticed the tears in Emily's eyes and asked, "What are you still hating? The Xia clan?"

"Ha ha, they don't deserve my respect. I'll just take justice for them. The rest has nothing to do with me."

"Then who do you hate?"

Emily lifted the corner of her mouth

ons like that. Although Charles had always been curious about his biological father, Wyon knew that in Charles's heart, nobody could be more important than Emily.

"Well, it is good on the whole." Charles liked Brian very much and asked, "Is it my grandfather's bad idea that makes you come here? Be careful that you may be harassed by mommy."

Wyon was a little embarrassed. Emily and Charles were so sensitive, or his master was so stupid that they could get the point so easily. He didn't know how to play the undercover.

"I can tell from your expression on your face that you are trying to be a jerk. My mommy has told me to coax you back. What do you think I should do?"

The muscle on Wyon's face froze all of a sudden. "Charles, I know how kind-hearted you are, I don't think you would turn me out so mercilessly. Moreover, I just came here. If I go back like this, I can't explain to the master."

"Why didn't I know that I'm kind-hearted?"

"Well, Mr. Charles, what do you want?" Wyon gritted his teeth and asked.

Then Charles say something in Wyon's ear and Wyon's face darkened and became an black egg. "Mr. Charles, are you kidding me?"

"I have always been serious. It's impossible to make fun of you. But mom told me to drive you back tonight. What should I do then?"

"Okay, I know."

"You are so kind to me, uncle Wyon." Charles let out a joyful laugh. His face was full of joy. But the man next to him was not that happy, but he was used to be cut down.

"What happened? Why are you so happy?" As soon as Brian came down, he saw Charles dancing happily.

"Is it so obvious? I don't think so. Have you settled mommy down?"

"Yes, she have a sound sleep."

"How's everything going today? Is everything overturned?" Charles didn't go to the wedding because of Wyon, and he felt disappointed not to see the scene at the wedding.

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