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   Chapter 31 Kick Up The Wedding (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7401

Updated: 2020-01-27 00:03

"The photos are falsified and it is Emily's revenge. Please do not take it wrongly, uncle." Star tried to argue.

She wouldn't give up. The picture suddenly appeared in front of her was a test certificate of a hospital. When Star saw this certificate, she fell to the ground and couldn't help but sigh with bitterness. It was true that she had to bear the consequences of her own doing.

Star's health check-up sheet seven years ago appeared on the screen. The date and result of the examination could clearly be seen on it, which indicated that Star was already pregnant. Also, on the other side, there was a bill after her miscarriage. This date...

A record rang at the same time. It was about the conversation between Star and Sawyer, about the children and about Emily, which Emily had heard at the hotel's door few years ago. Although it was not clear, at least she could find these, she really wanted to thank the hotel's arrangement.

At this moment, all the people present knew what was going on. The man who had cheated on them was not Emily, but the new couple in front of them. It was a mistake for others to have all the verbal attacks on Emily.

"Do you have anything else to say? My grandfather, Star and Sawyer may have nothing to say either." Said Emily ironically.

"Why? Why do you do this to me? I just want to seize my happiness. Why are you so cruel to me?" Star said in a helpless voice.

"Cruelty, ha ha! Do you also know what cruelty is? Do you think about my situation when you plan for your so-called happiness? Do you think that your plan will cause the death of my parents? At the moment when you seize the happiness, do you think that I should go far away from my country with this gossip to suffer? I will treat you the way you treated me. You should be grateful that I didn't ask you to buried with my parents. Do you know what I felt seven years ago when I saw you? Have you ever said sorry to me? It's okay that you haven't apologized to me in front of my parents' grave. But what did you do to me? Are you going to use the baby in your womb to get Sawyer's sympathy. Star, is your behavior called love? Your love is really cheap and disgusting! "

"Well, you kno

easons. You robbed your son's Xia Company, my grandfather, what you did really made your granddaughter really admire you. Grandma, I wonder how my parents will feel when they know about this. " When Emily learned all the facts, she felt that it were not worthy to her parents. Thinking of how many difficulties Michael had made to her mother and how cold he had been to her father, she felt like there was a fire burning in her heart. The expression on her face was so cold and indifferent that it made people feel shocked.

"Let's go." At this moment, Brian had surrounded Emily. She nodded.

"I am telling you here that I don't like Xia clan and it don't have any connections with me outside. The only parents I care about in the Xia clan are gone and you are just strangers in my eyes. What I did today is just returning you everything you have done in the past. This is the first time that I give my parents an explanation. Do you want to take revenge on me? " After saying that, she walked out with Brian without looking back.

No one had expected such a happy wedding to end up like this, but it was certain that both the Xia clan and the Sang clan would fall into decline. Everyone in the city saw what they did when Emily suffered from rumors at that time. They didn't expect that they would be like this seven years ago. They couldn't imagine that seven years ago, Emily had to face the wound alone. It hurt so much that she looked even more lonely and desolate.

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