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   Chapter 30 Kick Up The Wedding (Part One)

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Since Emily came in, Sawyer stared at Emily who was holding Brian's arm intimately. His eyebrows were a little curled. Star, of course, noticed this change. It was her wedding, but why people's attention was still focused on Emily? Why was Sawyer's attention also attracted by Emily? She hated Emily.

Both the Xia clan and the Sang clan were on guard against Emily. They were afraid that Emily would have any trouble on the wedding and the Xia clan and the Sawyer clan would not allow any accident to happen on the wedding, so they paid more attention to Emily. And Emily just sat down calmly and ate with no action, as if a passers-by, they wondered if they guessed wrong. They looked at Emily in confusion, but couldn't get any useful conclusion. Emily's eyes were too calm to know what was going on in the silence.

"Don't you want to start?" Brian sat beside Emily and handed her fruits. Emily enjoyed his service rudely.

"No matter what, we have to let them to finish the wedding first. Star have waited for Sawyer for so many years. I can't be so judicious, right?"

"If we revealed the past things after the wedding, both the Xia clan and the Sang clan will be laughed at."

"What's wrong with you? Do you feel sympathy, Mr. Brian?"

Brian shook his head and said, "I don't know them well, so I don't care about them. I just feel sorry for you, but I suddenly feel that the atmosphere of the wedding is good. Why don't we have a wedding?"

Hearing that, Emily was stunned for a while. Then she said: "Mr. Brian, don't forget that our marriage is making profit from each other. Don't get involved in too much and fall in love with me." Teased Emily with a smile.

"Well, it's not bad all of a sudden."

"Are you serious?" Emily could not believe what she had seen and Brian just laughed charmingly. At this time, Star had already thrown away the bouquet in her hand and interrupted Emily with a loud sound of accepting the flowers. The interesting scene was about to begin.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open. A playful voice stifled the laughter, "Miss Xia..."

Hearing this voice, Star's body suddenly trembled. Looking at the person who just came in front of her, she immediately paled. Sawyer could not help but notice the abnormality of Star. He looked at the person standing outside the door, who might not be the guest they invited. Sawyer frowned because of his ruddy temperament. He said, "Are you okay, Star?"

"It doesn't matter. Take it easy. He is not our guest. Get him out of here." Said Star anxiously.

"Miss Xia, we have known each other for many years, how could you be so heartless?" The man said directly.

"We don't know each other at all. You must have mistaken me for someone else."

"What are you waiting for? Get him out of here. Is there anybody here?" At this moment, someone came forward to take him out.

"I didn't get the wrong person, Miss Xia. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have made such a fortune. Thank you for taking care of me in the past seven years."

"What do you mean?" Sawyer looked at the person coming to him.

"Sawyer, don't listen to his nonsense. I really don't know him." Star tightly grasped Sawyer, fearing that if she let go of him the next second, she might be thrown away by the person in front of her.

"Miss Xia, you are so heartless. You are the daughter of Xia clan. I have played a part to make you enjoy the status you have now. If it were not me to help you set your sister up seven years ago, I am afraid that your sister is still the daughter of Xia clan."

His words shocked everyone present. Star even wanted to pinch blood with her fingertips, and her lips were bloodless. "I

don't understand what you are saying. You're just framing me. Who sent you to frame me? Is it my sister?"

Several people at present looked at Emily. Emily smiled unscrupulously and said, "Oh, I did ask him to come here. But I have made great efforts to do it. This person lives far away from this city. His story is very interesting. I can't be alone to listen to but I have to share it with all the people. After all, Star must have spent a lot of money on it, right? What? Stopping talking? And why are you still standing there? Did I spend a lot of money carrying you back from abroad to keep you in a daze?" Emily made the man tremble.

"Miss Xia, you know clearly whether I frame you up. Seven years ago, it was you who came to me and asked me to destroy the innocence of a woman. Tell me the room number of your hotel. Say that you have already drugged her. I still remember that you give me room number 33 in the past."

Everyone sighed and looked at Star with mockery.

"Nonsense. You and my sister are acting together. I know my sister hate me, but you can't help an outsider to frame me like this. I have done nothing. You have gone too far. It's you and Sawyer who are not right for each other." Star was crying bitterly, and her fake tears still made Emily feel sick.

"Star, seven years ago, you have arranged the wrong ring. Do you know what it is?" Emily said as she touched her fingertips.

"Sister, what are you talking about?" Star tried to keep calm on her face.

"Oh, let me tell you. Seven years ago, you ordered someone to rape me and then you asked the journalist to come here and catch me in bed. I can't defend myself even with a hundred mouths. Oh, I remember it. I didn't find the man at that time and I couldn't say anything. You did it, didn't you? The man who entered my room at that time isn't the one you found in front of you. You might get a chance to take advantage of the whole thing to destroy me, but such an accident might happen! "

"I don't understand what you are talking about!"

"Do you think you are very smart, but your plan is too rude. Do you think that everything will be fine after you send him abroad? Do you think that I can't find the owner of the money after you use your secret bank account to transfer money? More importantly, don't you know that there is CCTV in the hallway of that hotel many years ago? I have clearly photographed your face. It's not only you, Sawyer's face is also very clear. " Emily said coquettishly.

Star's heart suddenly collapsed, and Sawyer face also darkened. Everyone around them didn't know how to describe this moment.

"All of these are your plots. You can't bear to see the peace of the Xia clan, can you? How dare you frame your sister like this?" Michael roared while knocking on the crutch.

"Haha! That's my conspiracy! My grandfather, why don't you say that it's your conspiracy? Do you want evidence? I'll give you the evidence." Emily suddenly stood up and dialed a number, "Show me the evidence, and let them see what Miss Xia and Mr. Sawyer have done in the past."

Thus, the wall of the wedding photos was suddenly covered by photos including the photos that Star and Sawyer went into the hotel one after another by silent acquiescence, the photos of the hotel, the photos that Star came out of the room and Emily's photo... Then, as the screen flashed, Star and Sawyer's pictures of their intimacy were shown on the screen. It was when they were abroad, after the engagement with Emily. Everyone felt upset and confused. What happened? Their parents who had been silent to them were shocked by these photos.

"What is this all about, Sawyer?" Sawyer's father asked firstly.

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