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   Chapter 29 Unbearable Pain in The Past

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His grandpa didn't allow Melissa to enter into the house directly, because he felt guilty to Brian and his mother, so he left all his shares to Brian after death, his mother's shares were also in his hand. However, since her mother left, Adam seemed to have forgotten that he had a son, Brian. After all there was also Ray. How could he remember Brian? His grandpa raised him for a while, but soon died. He didn't like the atmosphere here, because he went abroad in his teens and rarely came back. Melissa married into the Yun family soon after he went abroad. He didn't attend his father's remarriage, nor did he return home. There was no need to think too much. Therefore, in his impression, Adam did not leave anything for him. The so-called kinship had been gone long ago, naturally not very close. However, the shares in his hands seemed to make him a target of the Yun family, and it was also 40% of the shares. His, his grandfather, and his mother, were naturally envious. There would be naturally some moves from them. Some of their moves didn't hurt at all, and Brian just played with them. Romantic was just the outside layer of loneliness, and he wouldn't say no to any woman who approached him. Even if they stayed together for a short time, he would be loyal to her, giving her a comfort. And he believed that his ignorance was just a trick to mislead others.

"Do you hate her?" He hated her mother because she abandoned him. He hated that he went abroad at such a young age. He hated that his father didn't care enough about him.

"What do you think?"

"I don't think so. Since you don't even care about her now, you don't have to hate her. Besides, it's too troublesome to hate her. I don't think it is suitable for Mr. Brian." Emily took a sip of the wine.

"You got me."

"Did you find your mother?" asked Emily with a hollow smile.

"Yes, she has already died, and her last days were peaceful."

"That's good. At least you can take a last look at her and know what she looked like when she left. But there are some things you can't see even if you want to."

"Is Emily talking about yourself?" Brian looked at Emily.

She drank it up and said, "Kind of."

Brian wiped the wine glass with his fingertips and asked, "Do you hate her?"

"Is that a fair exchange of secrets?"

"It's understandable."

"Yes, I hate. I hate a lot. Sometimes I even want to turn into the hell's karma fire, burning everything that makes me angry and burning myself." When Emily said in a low voice, the ferocious light in her eyes was like a ghost that came from the hell, wishing to kill people and swallow their souls. Seeing that, Brian couldn't help but touch Emily's eyes.

"What are you looking at? Who made you hate so much that you want to die with her?" Brian was very close to Emily. He said every word clearly. Shocked by what he said, Emily dodged her hand in panic. "You think too much."

"Really? I wish that I have thought too much. Although I don't know much about the situation of the Xia clan, I also know that the daughter of the Xia clan, Emily, seems to grow up with the spoiling of her parents. Other than hating Sawyer and Star, there seems nothing for you to be so resentful for such a stubbornness. In addition, Sawyer and Star might not make you hate so much that you want to perish together. Besides, Emily is a beauty and not shy, but you are not so optimistic to this point. Seven years have really changed a person from inner to outer. Can you completely change into another person? " Brian stared at Emily, who was stunned by what he had said. Emily replied to him in an instant, "Mr. Brian, what do you think? Or you just don't like me. In the past seven years, there have been too many things that can change. Do you want to have a try?"

"Never mind. I like Emily now." Brian especially emphasized "like".

"Thank you very much for your appreciation, Mr. Brian. I am tired and fell asleep. I still have to act tomorrow. Please do cooperate."

"It's my honor."

Looking at the figure who kicked his door open again, Brian could not help but pay more attention to Emily.

The next morning, the sun shone brightly. There was no cloud, and it was really a good day. Even Emily could not help but sigh with emotion. Why did God treat them so kindly? It was just the wedding of Sawyer and Star. If it came to rain, storm, rain, hailstones, Emily might be happier. However, it seemed that her wish could not be fulfilled now, but she was also in a good mood to act in such weather.

Sawyer stared at the newspapers on the table, on which there were photos of Brian, Emily and Charles. He didn't expect that Emily would get married an

d the bride would be Brian, and the child was indeed Brian's. And seven years ago... Sawyer was so shocked that he crumpled the newspaper in his hand into a ball.

Star also looked at the newspaper in her hand and threw it aside angrily. She hated to see any message from Emily. Even if Brian was not good in her eyes, she was still upset when she saw Emily's face with bright smiles. Why? Emily did not have anything with her anymore. She also did not have a good reputation or family background. Why could she still live a peaceful life like that? Star was unwilling to accept the fact. She knew that it was not the time to lose her temper. Today was her wedding day. She had waited for seven years. This day was finally coming.

In the next room, Michael and Charlie also saw the reports of Emily. At the sight of this, Charlie was so angry that he almost wanted to take his crutch off his body. He thought that although Mr. Brian was the childish and unruly, he was holding the absolute shares of the Yun Company.

"Dad, will Emily come to revenge?" Charlie was a little nervous. Although the Xia clan and the Sawyer clan were rich, they were not a match for the Yun clan.

"Don't be afraid. We'll find a way to deal with it. I don't believe that a little girl can make a huge trouble."

"But the Xia clan..."

Hearing that, Michael took a glare at him and said, "The Xia Company belongs to the Xia clan. Except that, there is nothing else."

Charlie nodded.

Michael looked around and asked, "Why hasn't Abby come yet?"

"Father, you also know that Abby and Star have always been..."

"You should also let her come over. It matters if she, as the mother of Star, comes over. Don't let others say anything about it."

"Okay, I'll call her now."

Michael nodded his head. He had to worried about all of them.

The wedding of the Xia clan and the Sang clan had attracted half of T City, so the wedding invited many respected person in this city. But for Yun clan, World International and Duane clan, although they had recieved the invitation card, it was uncertain whether they would come or not. After all, these clans had a position that no one could shake for the time being, but it was only temporary.

The white curtains, the expensive wedding dress and the delicately decorated venue were full of so-called luxury, which really met the taste of Star. The so-called details only demonstrated her wealth and status, and it undoubtedly caused a great disturbance when Emily came over. Of course, this chaos was not only because of Emily's original identity, but also the gossip about her. That news stroke many people in the city like a thunderbolt. After all, Brian had many rumors and it said that he was going to be engaged to Cassie. Moreover, the news spread that they were going to get married and that they had already had a child. As soon as the news broke out, they were shocked to hear Brian's news several times a day. They could not help but feel shocked that the bride of the most inconceivable person was Emily, who had once owned nothing and a disheveled woman in this city. They could not believe that the dashing man would choose Emily instead of Cassie. It was incredible, but when they thought of the fact that they had been deeply in love with each other. The rumors between them seemed to be attractive.

Emily didn't care about the gazes from these people, and Brian didn't care too. He was always arrogant. How could he take such gazes in his eyes? It was just that he didn't like the gazes on Emily from these people now. Emily belonged to him.

"It seems that I'm here in time. If I miss this wedding, I will have the regrets for the rest of my life." Murmured Emily in delight.

"What are you doing here?" Looking at Emily, Michael became angrier.

"Aha, have I forgotten that Mr. Sang has invited me to attend the ceremony in person? It's only a few days, but have you forgotten that?"

"People who attended this wedding are all our guests. Since Emily is here, we certainly welcome her." Sawyer's father came out and said, "Mr. Brian is also here. We just heard about your marriage. When will you hold the wedding?"

"You're welcome, Mr. Sang. As for the wedding, we'll wait and see." While saying, Brian looked at Emily affectionately, completely respect her opinion. No one had seen Brian treat a woman like this in so many years. His unique favor made many women present jealous, including the two who were holding the wedding ceremony on the stage. They were not only jealous but also angry.

"Well, Emily is so lucky to marry you." His tone sounded humble and embarrassing. No one knew where his attitude came from.

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