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   Chapter 28 Heart Attack

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"Well, I'm just telling the truth. Uncle Yun, you seem to have made a mistake from the beginning. I have to correct you. It's not that I pester Mr. Brian. He love me dearly. I agree with him reluctantly. Uncle Yun, don't confuse right and wrong."


"Nonsense? Don't you think you should ask the person involved?" Emily looked at Brian with a smile.

"What Emily have said is my mind. I have never forgotten Emily for seven years." Brian didn't debunk her lie. Instead, he focused his eyes on her. When they looked into each other's eyes, there was a meaningful look in their eyes that only the two of them could understand.

"Uncle Yun, now you must believe it. Mr. Brian fell in love with me seven years ago. It's not that I don't want to give up the Yun clan. Besides, is there anything in the Yun clan that deserves my respect? I don't think so." Emily knew how to confound right and wrong and how to do it. She spoke slowly and calmly.

"Brian, what do you mean? You want this woman, right? Do you still care about me, your father? Do you still care about the Yun family?"

"You already knew the answer!" Brian answered indifferently. He didn't take his father's words seriously.

"Good, good, good. Do you know what you are doing? Do you want to destroy yourself to be with such a woman?"

"Uncle Yun, I don't want to hear that. Why would you think Brian will destroy himself with me?"

"Shut up! Who do you think you are to talk to me? If it weren't for your father's sake, you wouldn't be able to get into this house."

"Uncle Yun, you are wrong. Who do you think you are? I am qualified to marry Brian, I am his legal wife. Is that enough?" Although Emily didn't want to get mad at Adam, she had no right to show her weakness.

"Emily, I'm telling you, I don't accept this marriage. Don't even think about being a member of our family. I've seen many women like you. You're still young. I advise you not to covet something that doesn't belong to you. You can't get even a penny of our property."

"Uncle Yun, you know exactly what a woman like me look like!" Her eyes flickered around at Melissa and Adam, which evidently showed Melissa's mild face in full bloom.

"Shut up. You don't have the right to speak here." Words couldn't describe Adam's anger. Emily smiled but said nothing.

"Have Emily made any mistake? Don't you have a clear understanding of that? You don't accept Emily's identity and can't stand the rumors of her. But I do remember that Melissa have suffered so much from the rumors when she was pregnant. She must have had a hard time to walk over. Well, I also remember that at that time, you and my mother just got married, so you might have no time to take care of her. After my mom left, she married you. Even though you are older, I congratulate you peacefully. Now I have a crush on Emily. Do you have any opinions on this? Or should you have any? It doesn't seem to be proper, don't you have no stand? " Noticing the sarcasm in his words, Adam directly let out a sigh of relief. With the tremble in his turbid eyes, Melissa gripped tightly on his sleeve, of course Ray also didn't not feel pleased.

"It is a heart rending plot to hold half of the Qin group's shares." "Let's go. It's suffocating. Go home," Brian said in a mocking tone. Brian held Charles in his arms and took Emily's hand.

"Uncle Yun, don't blame me for being rude today. I respect the people I like and don't care who I dislike. You may be able to do well in business, but you are unfaithful in love, so you are not qualified to comment on me. My father, my mother may not be as good as you in career, but my father is a man who kept his promise to my mother, gave her a safe life, and protected her from any danger in her lifetime. That was why my mother was willing to go with him. Although I can't judge whether my mother is right or wrong, my parents are my lifetime reverence. Uncle Yun, you don't have the qualifications to mention them, because you don't deserve it. " Emily's words hit the hearts of the three people in the living room word by word. Adam's dominance was completely gone, and there was nothing else he could say. The so-called authority of the elder collapsed at this moment. All the other three people could see was that Brian and Emily were walking away, as if they were tens of years older all of a sudden. Melissa smiled bitterly, although she was so dignified and gentle for so many years, she knew that for many people her identity was still as original as before. She had done nothing wrong, but she was just searching for a chance for herself. Was it so wrong? Unfortunately, no one responded to her. The Yun family was immersed in deathly stillness. Just as Emily said, it was like a fancy cage, which locked the sourness of all people. They could only understand themselves.

The formal meeting perfec

tly ended, but Emily knew that Brian didn't look well. Even though Brian was good at disguising himself, she discovered that. Being seen as a dissolute and ignorant man, Brian felt lonely in his heart. Putting Charles on the bed, they looked out of the window. The neon was shining. Emily gave a glass of wine to Brian: "It's better for you to get drunk sometimes. Let me accompany you tonight."

Brian took it with a smile, "It's my pleasure."

It seemed that the two of them couldn't join the boisterous atmosphere outside the window. "If you want to talk, I'll listen to you all night."

Brian shook his glass with a smile. The red wine made his face mark more beautiful, "Have you already checked on me?"

"I don't think it's as interesting as you said. Of course I won't torture my ears if you don't want to tell me."

"It's nothing. Since the relationship has faded away, I don't have to care about it."

Emily stared at Brian, eyes to eyes. After a long time, she didn't move her gaze away from him. "Brian, you've forgotten all the things in your heart. Your heart is too lonely. Although it's charming to be alone, I think I need to let it out sometime," he said

Brian was taken aback and then smiled in a trance: "Have you enchanted by me?"

Emily raised the glass of wine slightly without saying anything. Brian smiled with relief.

"I only think of my mother as an arrogant and brave woman. I don't think she is a qualified mother, but a woman who makes a decision at last." Brian said slowly.

Brian's mother was born in a noble family, and her marriage was commercial for Yun family. Yun family hadn't developed into such a situation at that time. There was only one daughter in Brian's grandpa's family. Therefore, after the marriage, his grandfather retreated, and give the business to Yun family. In this way, it could take Yun Company to a higher level. In the past, it seemed that Adam had a girlfriend, Melissa, whose family was ordinary and Melissa could not bring the so-called interests to the Yun family. Adam had struggled with it before, so he was not very satisfied with this marriage at the beginning. Brian's grandpa, or Adam's father, gave him two options. The marriage of convenience would bring the Yun's family a higher level, and it occupied a first position in this city. Or giving up the marriage, the Yun Company would be of the same scale and they had to be dependent on others sometimes. Adam was ambitious and he chose the marriage without hesitation to break up with Melissa. But Brian didn't investigate how did they break up because he didn't care about it at all. Just in this way, his mother married Adam. His mother liked him as well at that time. Otherwise, she wouldn't accept the marriage to him so seriously. The marriage just began and they actually had a very nice and sensual life in the beginning. After some time, a few months, a year or two, which Brian really didn't know exactly, when Adam was back after a business trip, he was with Melissa again, so men were all inferior. But his mother didn't notice it. Brian's grandfather's death made his mother in a bad mood and in a worse health condition. She had not been pregnant, so Melissa was pregnant before his mother. When Brian was three or four years old, his mother seemed to have found something wrong and has a clue. It had to be said that Melissa was very strong, when she knew she was pregnant, she broke off all the contacts with Adam and gave birth to Ray and raised him alone, leaving Adam with a message that she was pregnant and did not want to disturb his family. Therefore, Adam looked for her by all means for three to four years. When he found Melissa and saw her life, after seeing all things that had happened to Ray, he was touched and how could he not feel guilty, and this guilt made Melissa successfully enter Yun's house.

Brian's mother was an arrogant woman. When she saw the relationship between Adam and Melissa, when she saw Ray, she was definitely sad, but more decisively, she directly asked Adam who he wanted to be with. Brian's mother was more forceful than the warm tenderness of Melissa. So Adam intended to choose Melissa. His mother was a decision maker. She directly threw the divorce agreement to Adam, but their marriage was not so easy to break up. The company had been merged, and his mother had a very important share, not to mention that his grandfather didn't agree either. And Adam did not allow her to leave with Brian was because Brian was the member of the Yun family. Therefore, his mother could not accept this fact and she had given up all the shares and her son, Brian. She signed the divorce contract without hesitation and left without taking any money. She was so decisive in her decision. No matter how loudly Brian shouted at her, she couldn't change her mind. From then on, Brain became cold hearted.

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