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   Chapter 27 Sneaking In (Part Two)

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"Really?" Asked Charles, staring at Brian with his big innocent eyes.

"Of course."

"You are really my father."

"Hey, hey, are you trying to teach him a black sheep?"

"Why not? Besides, I don't lack money."

In Emily's opinion, such a project in the World International was enough to make him spend all his life.

"Are you done?" Bang! Adam banged on the table, interrupting the talk between Brian and Emily.

"Oh, I forgot that we were talking to Uncle Yun. It was so embarrassing. Uncle Yun, you won't be angry with me, will you?"

Emily clearly saw that Adam's face turned a little blue, "You are disrespectful and impolite. This is the good daughter that Tristan taught!"

The smile on Emily's face disappeared as Adam spoke, as if there was a dangerous glint in her eyes. "Thank you for your praise, Uncle Yun. Indeed, compared with your education to Mr. Brian, my father raised me up like a princess. After hearing what you said, my father must be very happy."

Emily meant that Adam didn't know how to educate his son. Adam's face was livid with rage, as if he had been pushed through the gate for several times. But Emily ignored him completely. She would never save face for people who didn't save her face, not to mention Tristan, the only person who she couldn't despise in her heart.

"This is the one you have chosen. She doesn't deserve our family at all." Adam's face was shivering. He glared at Brian with anger, and even Emily was suspicious that Adam had an impulse to come out.

"What's wrong with Emily? I think she is a good girl." Brian said indifferently.

"Don't you know who she is? She is Emily. Don't you know what she did seven years ago? She cheated on her fiancee, killed her parents and beat her sister. You just want to humiliate all our family."

Looking at the trembling Adam, Emily was amused. She had been used to being treated like this since seven years ago, but the result was still so shocking after seven years later. Should she thank the gossip which made her practice her heart so hard, or should she feel hatred for it, as it went so deep in her heart. But she didn't care about it at all. She said with a bright smile, "I don't know you care about me so much."

"Few people in this city don't know what Miss Xia has done."

"Ha-ha, I didn't expect you to pay so much attention to me. I should thank you for your concern, uncle Yun. But I assume you don't know the inside story. You know that I cheated on my fiancee seven years ago. Forgive me for my word so short. But Do you know who had a good night with me and almost caught by the reporters? Uncle Yun, Do you know who he is? "

Adam frowned and seemed to think of something. Emily looked at him slightly and said, "Uncle Yun, you guess right. That is Mr. Brian, your son. He cheated on you seven years ago."


"Nonsense!" "Charles, you and your grandfather haven't seen each other for seven years. Say hello to y

our grandfather. It will prove that I am telling the truth," said Emily with a wild smile.

Charles felt helpless and knew that he would be dragged into the mire sooner or later. But if his mother was interested in it, he would be happy to get involved in it. He greeted, "Hello, Grandpa." Her soft voice made everyone softhearted.

Hearing this, Adam suddenly froze. Melissa and Ray also glanced at Charles. Although they saw it on the newspaper, and they had noticed it since he came in, it was still not a shock for them. Grandpa? Was he really the son of Brian? And there was no denying that he was related to Brian by blood when they saw that he looked like Brian.

"He is just a kid of unknown origin. We won't admit it."

Looking at Adam, who was smiling, Emily found his smile very funny but at the same time he looked so oppressive, which made her hard to breathe. When she saw Adam, Brian held her hand. Charles was a taboo to Emily, so she couldn't bear to say anything bad about him. Brian would know it in the auction. Moreover, he was with the same attitude towards Charles. Not everyone was allowed to talk about the son of Brian, even including his family. "I don't think there is only one unknown person in the Yun family." Brian's light voice immediately made defiant Melissa's face paled a little. Even though Ray tried hard to calm down, there was a bit of nervousness on his face.

"What are you talking about?" Adam trembled with fear, but Brian sneered. Emily had planned to restrain herself due to Brian's rude words.

Charles said, 'Grandpa, don't be angry. I'm not an unknown kid. I have evidence.' He winked with his innocent, big eyes which had deceived a lot of people, and took out another piece of paper from his pocket. "Grandpa, look. I'm dad's son." It was a paternity test certificate in his hand. As for when did he do it, it was daydreaming. Looking at his innocent appearance, Emily knew it clearly in her heart. She secretly scolded, 'Does that brat really do it?' Brian was also calm, after all, he had guessed it from the time he came on the car, but he had to admire his son's ability to do it.

"Huh! So what? You think you can get into our family with this baby?" Adam had made up his mind.

"Daddy, does grandpa not recognize me?" Even Emily wanted to applaud as she saw the grievance on Charles's face. She slightly glared at Charles and thought it was necessary for him to act in front of them. In response, Charles also glanced at Emily. 'I am following mommy and studying hard.' Emily didn't want to care about him.

"Oh, is the threshold of your Yun clan very high? If I can't get into it, who can? Oh, like Miss Duan, a kind-hearted girl, or the sweet Miss Cassie. I'm a full-time housewife, and I can be any one of them. Uncle Yun, what's wrong with me?" Emily said with a light smile on her face.

"You are really a glib tongued, uneducated and shameless woman to say something like that."

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