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   Chapter 26 Sneaking In (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6258

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"The Qin family is not as good as the Duane family. Doesn't your father like the daughter of Duane family? Why is now the daughter of the Qin family? Is he getting old and stupid?" As far as Emily knew about T City, the Qin family was nothing compared to the Duane family.

"It must be Murphy saying something to her father. Mr. Duane has no way to deal with her." Brian said indifferently.

Thinking of Murphy, Emily thought that no one could deal with such a girl like her. She glanced at Charles by accident. Under his gaze, Charles was amused and said, "Mommy, I'm not on the same way with her. Don't mess me with her, okay?"

Emily curled her lips.

"By the way, Brian, how do you feel when you are entangled with a woman like this?" Vincent was not joking.

"I remember that you have bought a villa in a tourist resort recently, right?"

As soon as Brian finished his words, two burning eyes were fixed on Vincent, which made him uncomfortable all of a sudden. "Brian, don't play such a trick on your subordinate," he said

"I don't think Mr. Su will care about this trifle."

"The place you bought must be fantastic. I haven't enjoyed the natural glory for a long time. Charles, what do you think?"

"Mommy, I haven't gone on a holiday for a long time."

Hearing what Charles said, Vincent was flustered. But he had to give in under his gaze. It was not easy for him to get along with Brian's wife and son. After all, he was working for Brian. "I will give them to you if you want."

Emily nodded with a faint smile. Sometimes it was also interesting to bully the president of the mall, who talked and laughed happily in the business. Of course, she knew that the people in the World International were not innocent.

Hearing this, Emily's phone rang, "He's back. Don't let him run away. I'll give my sister a surprise tomorrow." The corners of her mouth were slightly twisted. Everyone would look at her smile as an evil one.

"Are you trying to play tricks on the Xia clan?"

"What a horrible word! How can I be so dirty in your eyes? I'm just a woman with high upbringings. I only went there for fun."

Hearing that, the corners of Vincent's mouth twitched. To put it simply, he guessed that the game would end badly, but he was more than happy to see it. He asked, "Doesn't Brian take part in it?"

"Since Emily has got your own plans, I'll just stand aside and watch."

'When did Brian become so obedient?' Hearing that, Vincent took a glance at Brian and then gave a glance at Emily. It seemed that they had an affair.

After a while, Brian's mobile phone rang. He hung up the phone and said: "Let's go."

"Alas, you're going to be a war lord as soon as you were promoted. Mr. Brian, it's so hard for me. If your family want to beat me up, remember to protect me. Otherwise, I can't bear the bloody rain of your family."

Hearing that, Vincent could not help but burst into laughter. He said, "Emily... You are so talented! " He even want to give her a thumbs up.

"I'm confident in Emily." Brian replied confidently.

"Thank you for your trust. Mr. Brian, I'll

rely on you! Come on, Charles, let's go to the stage!" Emily rolled up her sleeves and started to go. Charles also followed. All the important roles in the show couldn't be missed by him.

"Ha-ha... Brian... You've finally found the most precious thing in the world... " Vincent couldn't help laughing.

But Brian shook his head but didn't refuse. What a funny couple! However, he could do whatever he liked.

The atmosphere of Yun family was even worse than that of Brian when he came last time. Ray, Melissa and Adam all sat in the living room and looked at the man opposite.

"Wow, Mr. Brian, nice decoration! Wow, it looks so magnificent!" As soon as Emily entered the house, she looked around, completely ignoring the people in the living room.

"Wow, Mommy, you still have a good taste for beauty." Charles also looked around. His expression on his face was exactly the same as that on Emily's face. Of course, Brian knew what they were thinking about. He just smiled and said, "If you like it, you can decorate your new house like this."

"Forget it. I like it when it comes to make me look more graceful. But this place... I don't like the luxurious cage. " Emily smiled and totally ignored what she said made everyone in the living room change their faces.

"Brian, let this lady sit down first." Before Adam could say anything, Emily defied Melissa for a moment, seeing her good-looking appearance, gentle and elegant as well as the temperament of a lady from a rich family. The hostess of Yun family was definitely not a simple elder. With a smile on Emily's face, her natural sight also crossed Ray, a good-looking youth. The young man was calm, but his eyes weren't concealed too deep. She could tell the difference in his demeanor. Emily smiled and said, "This is the first time I come here. Are you going to interrogate me?" Emily looked around the crowd with playful eyes and sat down leisurely. Brian took Charles in his arms and sat beside Emily.

Adam took a glance at Emily. Obviously, it was not a surprise to see her for the first time, instead, he disdained and despised her. Emily despised these too. On the contrary, Ray cast a meaningful glance at Emily.

"Brian, what's going on?" Adam threw the newspaper on the floor heavily again.

"Just as you can see." Brian answered briefly. It seemed that he didn't want to explain at all.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Emily picked up a newspaper and said, "The speed of journalists in T City is still worth praise, and this is good to see. Well, the photos are not bad, but unfortunately they haven't photographed one tenth of the charm of me."

"Why do I only show half of my face?" Charles was reading the newspapers in the hand of Brian.

"It's easy. Your beauty is inferior to mine, so you are covered by it."

"I've been handsome, unrestrained, and they had such a bad taste. Quickly, show me the signature. I'll buy the newspaper tomorrow." His appearance was Charles's demise.

"If you want, I'll buy it for you this afternoon." In case that Charles would fall, Brian held him tightly and said lightly.

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