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   Chapter 25 An Open Marriage

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"What are you going to do?" Vincent asked Brian on the other side of the phone.

"I remember that I'm married."

"Are you trying to push Emily out? Aren't you afraid that other people might attack her together with Charles?"

"Do they dare?"

"Are you sure Emily agrees?" In Vincent's opinion, Emily was a pushover who could be bullied at any time.

"I'm sure she won't miss such a wonderful scene."

"Are you going to hide your identity all the time?"

"It's about to be public."

Now that Brian had made up his mind, Vincent didn't say anything more. "I think the clothes of Emily and Charles should be sent there soon."


Emily wiped the crumbs from her hands and said, "I'm going to defend my right as soon as I got the position."

"There are so many unpredictable people. We'd better defeat them all in one net."

"Mr. Brian, when we applied for the marriage license, we promised to give the Yun family a blow, but we didn't say that we had to deal with flies every day, did we?"

"It seems that you have changed your mind."

Damn it! Why didn't Emily regret it? She had already got the marriage certificate, and she couldn't change it any more. Let alone whether John would agree or not, Charles was a problem. However, she said: "Isn't it that your father likes the girl of Duan family? And it become this one again. He change it quickly enough, or does this fiancee have a backup?"

"It seems that he likes the good conditions of the Qin family."

"Your father want to sell his son for wealth."

"An ignorant, dissolute and extravagant son is worthless in his eyes. Of course it's better to get some benefits by marriage." Brian said lightly, as if he was not talking about himself.

"Look, you brat. How nice I am to you!"

"Thank you very much, Mommy."

"Good boy." Emily patted Charles on the head.

"What would your father look like if he knew that you are the CEO of the World International? His expression must be interesting."

"Do you want to see it?"

"Forget it. I respect the old people. As long as they don't mess with me, I will have a good time. By the way, the Yun family is developing well. And they are expanding quickly. They plan to monopolize T City."

"Don't you know that human beings are greedy?"

"Oh, this seems to not be shown from Mr. Brian." Emily had no doubt that it would be easy for Brian to annex the Yun Company. With the power of the World International, no one in the city dared to challenge him.

"That is because you didn't notice. Didn't you feel that I've become greedy for you, Emily?"

"Oh, it's better for you to stay away from danger," Said Emily with a big smile on her face.

"I'm more and more eager to have a try."

"Well, Mr. Brian can be casual. But it's a pity that today's headline is occupied by Mr. Brian. I might not be able to come out on the newspaper even I made such a fuss yesterday."

"Mommy, are you going to have somebody report the strong hit?"

"You brat, just focus on your food. Can't so much food shut your mouth?"

Charles just smiled happily.

"So Mr. Brian intends to make it public."

"In this way, it will be more interesting for the following actions of Emily, isn't it? I think that the expressions of Sawyer and the Xia clan will also be very interesting when they see it."

Holding her cheeks in her hands, Emily nodded and said, "That sounds great. Let's do it."

'Mommy and Daddy are two devil foxes. It seems that I not only need to be careful about my mom but also my dad in the future. I totally forget who made a fool of me last night, ' Charles thought.

"Charles, what do you think?" However, Brian didn't intend to ignore his son's opinion.

"Have fun as you like." Charles thought, 'As long as they don't play tricks on me, they can do anything they want. The people who get into trouble with my mommy and daddy are so unlucky. '.

Brian looked at Charles. There was a sparkle of excitement in his cunning eyes, which made him believe that there was nothing wrong with him. His son was not just a child of seven years old. Brian had such an impression on Charles.

"Mr. Brian, you're looking at the wrong person. My mommy is over there."

Brian smiled in silence in response to Charles's words. Looking at the TV screen, Brian didn't want to make a fuss with them, but it didn't mean that they could do anything to him.

Emily stared at Brian and felt that his eyesight was really attractive. She liked such eyesight. Thinking of the wedding of Sawyer and Star tomorrow, she believed that many people who wanted to meet Brian today might be ready to watch a good show tomorrow.

Charles looked at the two pairs of beautiful eyes like foxes and wished those who had been targeted by his parents good luck.

People at the gate of Brian's apartment were all shocked when they saw that Brian, Emily and Ch

arles were dressed in parent-child clothes. They didn't feel shocked even if they were struck by the thunder. Although they had guessed that, they were still shocked when the whole family was happy, especially when they saw that Charles was in Brian's arms. Hence, they all rushed forward.

"What's the relationship between Mr. Brian and Miss Xia?"

"Is this the son of you two?"

"Was it Mr. Brian long who was intimate with Miss Xia seven years ago?"

"Is the news released today fake..."

All kinds of questions came. It seemed that they were not allowed to leave if they didn't tell out anything more. The cameras were aimed at them.

Emily grinned to the camera and answered, "I don't think it's a good idea to dress in parent-child clothes." She said those words through clenched teeth.

"It seems that the result is very good now." Brian gave a sinister smile. No wonder people said he was a slut.

"Why do I suddenly have the feeling of losing something in this game?"

"It's an illusion. I can promise that Sawyer and the Xia clan will be happy to see this."

"Ha-ha... Hurry up! Run! "

Brian smiled and faced the camera.

"Do I need to tell you our relationship?" In a natural way, Brian held Charles with one hand and hugged Emily with the other.

"As for engagement, I've already married. Why should I be engaged?"

Get married! If they had been struck by lightning before, they would have been in a panic now. They didn't know who Brian had married and that young Mr. Brian who was a playboy in a relationship with many women was already married. That was a blockbuster. The journalists were desperate to dig out more information, but unfortunately, when they were in a mess, Brian had brought Emily with him and left. After Brian walked out of the room, Charles winked at the innocent reporters and his innocent eyes shocked many of them. When the reporters saw the car driving away, they immediately went back to report, believing that this city would be covered by Brian's news again, but it was interesting to see what kind of expression would the people have.

"It seems that after a while, I'm going to meet the parents of you, Mr. Brian. What kind of present should I take so that I can't be expelled? Do you have any idea, Charles?"

"Mommy, don't you think I'm the best gift? I'm talented, handsome and able to write and dance. Which gift can match me?"

"You're right. You could be our shield when we were in danger. Kill two birds with one stone. Great!"

"Mr. Brian, do you think I should do a paternity test to see if I have any mother's gene in my body?"

"I suspect that my son was replaced by you when I gave birth. But it's impossible. After all, when you were born, I was by myself. If you want to have a DNA test, you should test Mr. Brian."

"I have it done a long time ago," As soon as Charles finished, he felt that he was greeted by several burning sights.

"Well, I don't know when you did that."

"I don't know either." Brian added.

"Ha-ha, I'm so clever that I won't let you find me. Ah, here we are, and I wonder if Uncle Vincent is coming to welcome me." Charles opened the door and ran out.

Getting out of the car one after another, Emily and Brian asked, "Does this shrewd and clever boy inherit great genes from me?" Emily sighed with emotion.

Brian didn't refuse. He didn't mind paternity testing with his son, so he wasn't angry with him.

"Uncle Vincent..."

"Charles..." Though Vincent had only seen him for a few times, he still loved this little boy very much.

"Nice to meet you, Emily." Vincent greeted Emily politely.

"Mr. Su, why haven't I received the bride gift yet? You won't go back on your words, will you?"

"Weren't you afraid that your affection to me would be hurt when you just met me for a few days?" asked Vincent, who almost fell to the ground at the gate.

"Oh my God! Why don't I know that I have a crush on Mr. Su? Do we have an affair before?"

Now, Vincent was enlightened by Emily's eloquence. He retorted, "Emily, I admit defeat. How much do you want? I'll give it to you with my hands. And I won't say anything even if you want me to take the position of CEO." He finally saw how capable Emily was and thought to himself, 'Brian really has a good wife.

So Emily was in a good mood.

They entered the private room.

"Qin family and Yun Company are united. Half of Qin family's shares belong to Yun Company." Vincent told them what Cassie and Adam had talked about.

"The Qin family is really generous." Brian just smiled.

"Cassie, the only daughter of the Qin family, would rather find a tree to shelter herself than deprive the power of its uncle and nephew. The Yun family is a good shelter. Besides, you have been close to Cassie outside for so long, and the information of your engagement has been reported. It's not strange."

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