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   Chapter 24 The So-called Identity

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The inappropriately ringing phone interrupted Brian's thoughts. "Hey, Mr. Brian, how do you feel on your wedding night? Have you been oppressed by my sister-in-law?"

"What do you think?" Brian walked slowly towards the sofa.

"Oh, don't tell me you haven't eaten anything yet. It's rare to see him here. Mr. Brian is less attractive now." Vincent smiled, making no secret of his smile in his tone.

"Are you so idle that you want to travel abroad?"

"Ho, I think I should continue to devote myself to the company at home. But then again, Emily is quite surprising." No matter who he was, or what he had done these days, Emily's performance was inconceivable.

"That's more interesting, isn't it? And call Emily sister-in-law from now on."

On the other side of the phone, Vincent was flustered. It was publicly acknowledged the identity of Emily. Mr. Brian was captured by Emily, who had just returned home for a few days. It was incredible, but very interesting, wasn't it?

"How is it going?" Brian poured another glass of wine himself.

"You're right. Cassie is not a movie star without a strong background. She went to see your father this afternoon. As for what they discussed, it's depending on your guess." It seemed as if they were going to watch a good show.

"Sure enough." Brian's apartment was not open to the public. Brian didn't expect that Cassie would block the way in such an open manner. It seemed that Cassie would investigate him clearly. Brian decided to find out what they were going to do. "I'll ask someone to send some women's clothes and children's clothes here tomorrow. The brands are the same as mine." Then Brian hung up the phone. In a daze for a second, Vincent wondered what he should do next! He then revealed a playful smile and thought, 'Is Mr. Brian going to turn into a different man since he cared about the clothes? Does he want to be a dutiful husband? That's great. I can't believe my eyes.'.

In Charles's room, he turned on his computer and logged in a special account. The moment he logged in, a sudden ringtone gave him a scare. He hadn't been online for only two days. What was going on?

Nathan Luo: "Charles, you are finally here." Nathan cried in pain.

Charles: "Nathan, you're crying so hard. I'm scared."

Ryan Lang: "Charles, leave him alone. He is in a bad mood."

Nathan: "Ryan, let's fight one-on-one if you have the ability,"

Ryan: "I'm not interested in bullying the weak."

Nathan: "Damn it! All of your family are stupid!"

Ryan: "Well, then you need to ask my sister personally."

Nathan: "Where's your sister?"

Ryan: "In the belly of my deceased mother."

Nathan: "Damn it! Ryan, You are courting death!"

Mary Mo: "Damn it! Shut up! Or I'll give you a shot for compensation."

Nathan: "It's a violent woman."

Ryan: "Alas".

Mary: "Nathan, you are in America. Your address is..."

Nathan: "Oh, I'm sorry. It's all my fault"

Mary: "Hey, don't frighten our lovely Charles again. Or else I will put one bullet right into his head."

Nathan: "I'll keep that in mind," Nathan cried again.

Mary: "Hi, Charles, when are you going to come to me?"

Charles was speechless.

Charles: "What happened on earth?"

Nathan: "Our leader has left. Now the group doesn't have a leader!"

The corners of Charles's mouth twitched. "If I remember correctly, today is the day to confess to Hess."

Nathan: "Yes, young master," Crying!

Charles: "Then what did he do?"

Nathan: "Our leader said that one of the claimed biggest diamonds would be displayed in London today. He has to go and have a look. He can also take this opportunity to make a date with a beautiful woman."

Mary: "Wow, it is much to my taste."

A faint smile appeared on Charles's charming little face. Anyone who saw him would know that someone was going to have bad luck. "In other words, at this critical moment, the one who pretended to be innocent went to London."

Everyone was silent, and they could feel a dark atmosphere from the screen.

Charles: "Who is negotiating now?"

Ryan: "Moore Bai."

As soon as Charles finished his words, he began to work on his computer. The information on several computers flashed densely. Within five minutes, a smile appeared on his small serious faces. Then he sent the message he got directly to Moore Bai.

Meanwhile, in front of the computer table, where they were negotiating, Moore was looking at the message from Charles, fiddling with the flying knife with his fingertips. At this moment, he burst into laughter.

Nathan: "Wow, Charles, you have successfully broken the distribution map and the defensive layout of Hess. Now they are invisible to us."

Mary: "Wow, you are awesome, Charles."

Charles: "If they don't get out obediently, just kill them directly."

Everyone was stunned, thinking that it was not good for Charles to be so violent.

Moore: "I have solved it."

Charles's fingers were still flying on the keyboard and before long he had hacked the electronic system of London museum. He guessed that many people might be carrying out a case against him at this moment.

Mary: "Charles, what are you doing?"

Everyone was looking at the full picture on the screen.

Charles: "I just bring more troubles to those who

like to join in the fun. It's not a simple challenge. Don't you think so, Moore?"

Moore: "This is the man's escape route."

Charles: "Oh, then I will send it directly to the police. London police is very interesting, so he won't be bored." He pressed the send button and also pressed the alarm system of the London museum.

Moore: "Well done!"

At that time, the alarm bell was ringing in the Museum of London. The men who hadn't touched the diamond yet in the museum screamed in their minds. At the same time, the electronic system of the police, which was responsible for hunting, had received a map of the route, so London was destined to be an uneasy night tonight.

Charles: "If he is caught, don't go to protect him. Whoever wants to protect him will be my enemy. Well, I'm sleepy. I'm going to sleep. Good night, everyone." He closed the computer pleasantly and had a good sleep.

Moore: "Have heard every word Charles said? Do you want to be our enemy?"

The gloomy atmosphere spread through the screen of the computer, and everyone felt chilled. They shook their heads and sighed, thinking, 'Hess, do you know you have offended two killing gods today? They kill people invisibly. You'd better avoid to meet them later. Hess, pray for yourself.'.

Therefore, Hess was very upset when he escaped from the museum in London. He wondered why there were people every time he opened the gate. (There is a sweet blush under everyone's face. Hess are not doomed to die. Someone want you to die.

Having slept on the bed for a long time, Emily didn't know that Charles had made a mess in London tonight, and that Charles was the so-called master. She wanted to give him the best protection, but she didn't know what kind of life he had made to protect her.

When getting up in the morning, Charles had an good habit, that was, he didn't want to sleep a lot. Emily also has a habit, that was, she didn't want to get up if she didn't smell the food. When he saw that Brian was making breakfast, Charles sincerely thought that how powerful the effects of the Brian's genes on him.

"Wow, Mr. Brian, you get up so early."

"Good morning. Do you want to help?"

Charles happily followed it. Sometimes work was a virtue, but the final reason was that the reflexive force from Emily was too strong, which resulted in a naturally response.

After a while, Emily came out with a pair of slippers. Looking at the two figures in the kitchen, she had no reason but just felt that it was such a beautiful scene that she even didn't notice the slight smile on her face.

"Oh, my God! My dear mommy, the sun is rising from the West today! Why do you get up so early?"

"I haven't seen Charles's beautiful face for a whole night. I miss him so much, so I get up to see him."

"Wow, Mommy, I am so moved by your words."

Emily didn't think much of it. It was because she had been in a daze for the whole night. This morning, when she found everything strange, she found it was obvious that she was in the room of Brian. It was difficult for her to fall asleep again. So she had to get up.

Looking at Emily, Brian smiled meaningfully.

"What are you looking at? Am I beautiful again after having a night?" She touched her face and thought that she shouldn't be like that.

"This pajama is supposed to be mine."

"Why not? I don't have any clothes. If I don't wear them, I would be naked. Why are you so mean that you even care about a pajama?" Emily was walking towards the bathroom with a pair of slippers and a pair of pajamas in the bathroom. She didn't know whether Brian had worn them or not. But she didn't care about it at all, which was a totally different view for Brian.

"Hey, it's in the early morning, okay? I'm only seven, please don't get me wrong."

"Oh, Mr. Charles, please don't tell us a fact that we can't accept. It's not good for our heart."

Tears began to well up in Charles's eyes.

Brian looked at the mother and son with a smile. He seemed to get used to the way that Emily and her son got along with each other these two days.

When they was about to enjoy breakfast happily, the storm dropped sharply, making Brian's cell phone ring. After checking the time, Brian couldn't understand why Vincent had such a leisure time. "You should have just woken up at this time," he said

"Well, it's not easy for you to remember to care about me, but then you should care about yourself. Turn on the TV, it is absolutely hot." There was a carefree feeling in Vincent's tone, which showed that he was not worried at all.

Brian turned on the TV, and a familiar picture immediately appeared in front of everyone. Oh, to be more specific, there were two photos of him and Cassie on every channel. Mr. Brian of the Yun Company was engaged to Cassie, the daughter of the CEO of the Qin Company. Both of them were recognized by the parents. The following are the reports to interview the chairman of the Yun Company. Later, Adam appeared on the TV. News on the Internet shocked people and even revealed the Cassie's identity. All the news attracted the attention of the whole city in the morning. When Brian read the news, he narrowed his eyes as if it was a sharp sword which was about to come out of its sheath and could shoot the eyes of others.

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