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   Chapter 23 Seduction

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"Charles never feels that you are unworthy of him. If he knows that, you will break his heart,"

Emily just smiled.

"I haven't had a good childhood. I don't want my son to be like me."

"It seems that you will be a good father. Then I am relieved." If something happens, Emily can trust him to let Charles be with him.

"Emily, you are unparalleled to Charles. No one can replace you, even me." Brian looked at Emily seriously. The sight through her fortress panicked and scared her. She shifted her sight quickly, "Are you jealous, Mr. Brian?."

"Probably, I am jealous. I never thought I would have a son, let alone meet you." Emily was somewhat confused by his words, not knowing why he said that. "We have superior red wine. Do you want a glass?"

"The wine here is, of course, very good. I won't refuse such drinks."

Brian smiled and took the wine glass.

Taking a sip of the wine and looking at the traffic under the starry sky, Emily hadn't felt such a comfortable experience for many years, and once again, she didn't expect that it was in front of Brian.

"You have left for seven years without coming back." Holding his glass, Brian said casually as he stood beside Emily.

"What? If you bring Charles back, Will Mr. Brian who enjoy himself with the beauties accept it?" Emily replied flatly.

"Maybe." It didn't look like a joke.

"I wasn't sure whom the other half of the child's gene was from at that time. I didn't want to take risks."

"Emily! Have you noticed that your smile will be more charming when you lie?" It was so beautiful, like a peony blooming at night.

"Ho, is Mr. Brian going to find out who is to blame?"

"Where should we find to blame?" From the very beginning, Brian had known that the reason why he had been selected for Emily was not only because of this bloodline, but also because of his identity as the CEO of the World International. The reason why he had chosen Emily was not only because she was Charles's mother, but also because he had a liking for her way of doing things. Therefore, he had no idea who should be blamed and how to deal with it. This problem had never existed from the very beginning.

"Believe it or not, Charles cares about you. For the people that I can marry, you are indeed the number one." A few years ago, when Charles discovered that he had a similar face with Brian, he had doubted it. Of course, it was true that Emily also thought so. And now she was sure that no matter what she had experienced, she would still trust Brian. "As for why I hasn't come back for seven years, I am controlled by others." If the old man hadn't taken her all her identification cards away and she had not been able to find them, she wouldn't have waited for seven years. However, the old man was also a person who obeyed her advice, and the person who had planned everything was no longer in the world. There was a saying that in seven years, one could completely forget all the pain, and one could completely forget a person in seven years. However, this saying didn't seem to fit her. The past memory clearer after the seven years.

"Adoptive grandfather?" Brian said indifferently.

Raising her eyebrows slightly, Emily said, "Mr. Brian wants to investigate the residence booklet. Since we are a family now, I have to investigate you as well."

"As you like." It seemed that Brian didn't care at all.

"Why did Mr. Brian first establish World International?" Asked Emily casually.

"I'm bored living abroad."

The corners of Emily's mouth twitched a few times. Damn it. He had nothing else to do and made a multinational company, and it was so huge now. He really got some leisure time.

"Don't look at me like that. That's the truth."


"I knew him when I studied abroad,"

"Really? A man with no background?"

With a smile on his face, Brian asked, "Didn't you investigate the man?"

"I only investigate the people I care about."

"Thank you for giving me this honor."

Emily shook the glass slightly. "Did you make the identity of the president a secret to the public because of the evil taste?"

"But don't you think it's different to watch the drama from the bystander's point of view."

"I have to admit that it is really an excellent idea." They clinked glasses and drank.

"I don't think you are only together with Vincent, right?" Emily fixed her long eyes on Brian.

"Are you interested?"

"Of course. We are married. You are living with me as my husband legally. I should care about my husband ."

"Oh, here you are reminding me. Tonight is our wedding night."

Hearing that, Emily's lips froze and she said, "Mr. Brian, haven't you had enough sex outside?"

"The feeling at home is different from that outside."

"Well, I'm moved."

"Emily, don't you want to hug me to show your movement. I will accept your warm welcome." Brian smiled.

Upon hearing this, Emily's mouth twitched again. Looking at the smile on Brian's face, she thought that he must be a coquettish man who attracted a lot of women. However, she didn't expect that she would be inferior to him. With a beautiful smile on her face, she said, "Of course I will satisfy your request. I've told you before that you are handsome enough to seduce me." Emily put down the wine gl

ass slightly, turned around and put her arms around Brian's neck. "Are you satisfied with my hug, Mr. Brian?" They were so close that they could see each other's eyes. It was only a few centimeters away. When Emily heard that Brian took a breath, she felt very satisfied. Emily wanted to play with him to see who was more excellent at playing.

"Emily, you are playing with fire." At the same time, Brian put down the goblet and put his arms around Emily's waist. His sight became deeper and deeper. Desire was the first information that Emily read out through his eyes. 'Huh, No. Am I so attractive to him?'. Emily was angry. 'Fuck! Don't you know men have strong desire for women at night? What's wrong with you? Look at your beautiful face now. It seems that you are going to be tortured. The man is uncontrollable to so sheer seduction. '.

"Oh, this summer it is too hot, I prefer to cool down quickly." As Emily spoke, she tried to leave his body, but was stopped by Brian.

"Oh, so do you want to take your clothes off to get cold?"

'What the hell! Are you taking off your shirt?' Emily thought. "Mr. Brian is so impatient. How many days has it been since you release your desire last time? I still remember that you were dating some other beautiful women a few days ago. Can't they satisfy you?" Emily couldn't help but look at Brian's body, which was full of provocation.

"Let's have a try and you'll know." Brian still wore a coquettish smile. In an instant, he got close to Emily and kissed her. But when he was very close to her, she moved quickly and hit him with the tip of her elbow. During this time, Emily had been a few meters away from Brian. With a safe distance, she moved very smoothly. Brian narrowed his eyes and said, "It seems that you are humble. There seem to be a lot of secrets. " With just one move, Brian could be sure that she was not a weak woman. But it seemed that what she have learnt was also not like the ordinary taekwondo. The woman's defensive skill was different from others, and the moves were too sharp. Why was she so sharp? It was said that Emily was loved very much before. She should not have such a skill. It seemed that it was impossible for her to master it and reach the pinnacle of martial arts in the past seven years. Although she possessed a different outer appearance, it hadn't changed anything inside. Things were getting more and more interesting.

"You too." In other words, Brian's dodging actions were not that harmless. But the more he did liked this, the more Emily liked him. The more powerful he was, In the future when they was in danger, the more guaranteed he would be for Charles. "So you must think twice before you do anything next time, because I'm not easy for someone to get. It's so embarrassing to make both sides get hurt. "

"The more difficult to get the things, the more interested you're in them. Do you know?"

"I like men with pure mind. Mr. Brian..." Emily looked Brian up and down and said, "Not that clean..." The smile on Emily's face was unusually bright. But hearing that, Brian didn't lose his temper, instead, he said with a light smile, "You mean I have to guard my body for Emily. If it's your request, I'd like to have a try."

What did he say really surprised Emily. The situation was that Emily almost stumbled. What was more horrifying than that there was always one butterfly always enjoying itself in the flowering shrubs said it would touch only one flower. Although Emily knew that the so-called "Enjoying in the flowering shrubs" might not be as bad as the rumors described by outsiders. But for men, especially a man like Brian, it was impossible to miss any woman who was easy to get. He wouldn't let them go even if he didn't take a bite. Anyway it's none of her business."Mr. Brian, I don't want to be tailed by a group of flies every day when I go out. Therefore, you are kind enough to continue to enjoy in your imperial harem."

"I think Emily doesn't mind dealing with flies."

"But I don't want to waste my energy. I need to sleep now. Mr. Brian is more convenient to do what you want." After saying that, Emily turned around and walked upstairs. Something came to her mind all of a sudden. "Mr. Brian, although I don't mind you summoning your imperial harem to have fun, you'd better not let that bastard see it. He has been raised by me since he was a little boy. If you teach him something bad, he won't be able to come back on the right path." She yawned as she spoke. She wondered how would Charles react if he heard that.

"Don't worry. Don't you know that I only date one girl in my social circle? Since I've got the marriage certificate, how can I still cheat on you?" Emily was puzzled, because she didn't understand what Brian meant. She looked at Brian, but only saw the smile in his eyes. She felt sleepy and shook her head not to think much about it. After all, it was not that easy to see through Brian's mind. She'd better have a good sleep.

"Oh, Mr. Brian, I forget that I haven't bought any clothes yet since I came back from abroad. Since we are married, I'm glad to trouble you." Then she kicked to open the door of a bedroom and went in. Brian looked around and found it was his bedroom. Brian smiled and thought, 'Buy clothes with me? It seems good.'

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