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   Chapter 22 The Newly Married Couple Living Together

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10003

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They went back to where Brian lived. As soon as Emily came in, she took a glance at it in surprise just like Charles, and then she said, "Extravagance." Then she realized deeply that whom had Charles's taste inherited from.

"How do you feel about your new home?"

"Of course it's a good choice." Of course Emily wouldn't be polite. Looking at the food on the table, she suddenly remembered that she hadn't eaten much yet, so she sat on the table without saying anything. Before she could start, Brian had taken the dishes in front of her with his hands.

"They are cold." Brian said.

"I don't mind." Emily took another plate and Brian took it away again, Emily said, "Hey, I said I don't mind."

Ignoring the retort of Emily, all the food on the table was taken away. "Wait for ten minutes."

A faint smile appeared on Emily's face. She thought to herself, 'It seems that what she has said didn't take effect at all. She angrily threw the chopsticks in her hand. When Charles saw that scene, he couldn't help but titter. It was rare to see someone who can shock his mommy like that. He had decided to live a happy life with Brian from now on.'.

Looking at the smile on Charles's face, Emily said, "Boy, I haven't settled accounts with you yet. The car I smashed today is only two in the world, but I feel that I have seen it somewhere. Oh, it should be in your garage."

"Mommy, you are wrong." Charles smiled innocently.

"What did you say to me at that time? Oh, right. I think it was at a discount and was just tens of thousands. If you don't buy it, it's a pity. Only two cars in the world only costs tens of thousands. Young Charles, don't you think you should explain it?"

"Mommy, you misheard me." Feeling guilty, Charles took a few steps backward and then started to run.

"Brat, my eyesight is at five point five and my hearing is more than ten meters. How dare you lie to me? Are you crazy?" While saying, she stretched out her hands and tried to catch Charles.

Therefore, in an instant, the scene of two people scuffling up and down was seen in Brian's room. Fortunately, his room was spacious and there was no barrier, so they ran smoothly. Looking at the scene in front of him, he felt that the cold house suddenly became alive and had a feeling that had not happened for a long time.

Although Emily had high speed and Charles was agile, Emily won in the end. When Charles stepped onto the sofa and was about to jump out, Brian said, "This sofa is made of leather." In a daze, Charles fell on the sofa. That was why Emily won. He regretted, 'Even though leather is precious, my father can afford it. Why did I shocked by it?' Sometimes he was too picky and sick. He looked at his father with tears on his face. But when he was about to say that he wanted to follow Brian, why did Brian just betray him? Brian shrugged his shoulders indifferently. That's a hint of kindness.

"Well, Charles, where do you want to go now?" Emily held him tightly and prevented him from running away.

"Mommy, I was wrong. You are beautiful, gorgeous, charming and graceful. Don't lower yourself to the same level as a child." Then Charles changed to a happy face.

"But I'm a mean woman."

"Grandpa gave it to me, not my money."

Hearing this, Emily's anger instantly dissipated, "Really?"

"Of course I won't do a losing business as I was taught by my mom from childhood." Charles said arrogantly.

"Well, well done, you are worth teaching. In this case, you give that car to me, and then go to ask for another one. Anyway, you just placed it there as a furnishing. I am kind enough to drive it for you to show off."

Tears started to well up in Charles's eyes. "Mommy, we are biological," he said

"I know."

In this case, Charles's world was once again reversed. He looked at Brian, who just smiled gently and Brian said, "I also want to see what the other car looks like." This car was not an ordinary car that could be bought with money. Although Brian had spent a lot of effort to buy it, he had no other choice. This car was to his taste. It was just the first time that he heard about the so-called great grandfather that Charles talked about. It seemed that his wife and son still had many secrets, but they knew each other very well.

Charles really wanted to run away from home. His mother used to make him wordless, and now he had a father like this. He really wanted to sigh at his evilness in his previous life.

Watching Brian cooking in the kitchen, Emily was stunned once again. "It's rare that you can cook. It seems that the rumors are really ridiculous."

"I cooked when I got tired of eating in foreign countries for more than ten years."

"Is this a heredity?" Emily looked at Brian and then at Charles.

"Mommy, that's because I'm good at learning."

"How can you acquire knowledge without the innate spirit?" Brian said casually.

"Mr. Brian, we are biological."

"So what?"

So Charles decided to

shut his mouth and look into their eyes. He was still not reconciled that his precious car was pocketed by Emily. Although it was still early for him to drive the car and after he bought it only Emily drove it, he still felt that it was a trap.

Without disturbing Charles's thought, Brian placed the food he had made on the table. Without asking Charles, for the smell of the food, Charles consciously sat in front of the table, even consciously started eating. Looking at Charles, Emily thought, 'He is such a foodie. Although he can eat a lot, he doesn't get fat at all. What a waste of food.

"Well, Mommy, uncle Wyon is coming." Charles got the phone call today.

"It's only been a few days, and that old man is taking his move,"

"Mommy, don't say that. It will break grandpa's heart."

But that didn't displease Emily. "He can give me your car if he comes. I haven't bought my car yet."

Charles wanted to cry. Didn't he just lift a rock to hit his own feet.

"Mr. Brian, do you mind having another man join us?"

"Whatever. But who is the man named Wyon Zhou?"

"Oh, his lackey!" Emily said while pointing at Charles who was eating food to make up for his mental defect.

"Is that so?" However, Brian didn't think it was just so simple. But Emily didn't give him a more detailed explanation. "You brat, I have told you to follow my heart before I came back. No matter how you take him back, you can only do what I want."

"Mommy, if I get Uncle Wyon back, grandpa will blame me,"

"Is that so? It's okay. You have thick skin. You can bear the attack."

Charles didn't understand why all the bad things happened to him. But his uncle Wyon won't come here empty handed. Thinking of this, he felt relieved.

Standing next to them, Brian didn't say much. He had never expected this kind of atmosphere, but he felt that it was not bad.

"Which school does Charles study in when abroad?" Brian changed the topic.

"An ordinary primary school," Emily didn't expect this question.

"I asked Vincent to choose several good elementary schools in T City for Charles. You choose the one you like by yourself. Probably with your IQ, you can go to the primary school. But you can feel the atmosphere there. What do you think?"

"Of course." Charles wasn't opposed to entering the school.

"I have put the picture album in your room. If you have made your choice, we can go through the formalities."

"Has my room been decorated?"

"What do you think?"

So Emily saw Charles running upstairs, laughing happily. It was definitely not easy to make him so excited, so she followed him. As expected, when she saw the so-called room in front of her, the corners of her mouth twitched visibly. Except for the luxurious decoration style and the not practical ornamental equipment, it seemed to imitate the general layout of the room abroad, especially those computers and monitor, which made Emily not know what these things were used for every time. She knew that Charles was absolutely a genius in the aspect of computer, she just gave Charles enough freedom and didn't participate in his matters only if he was not injured. However, there is no need to have so many monitors, one could hardly see through so many surveillance cameras.

A bright smile spread across Charles's face as he carefully observed the layout of this room. In particular, the surveillance cameras he had asked for were much better than the one he had bought. They were really fast than that he had expected. Today, when Brian was about to decorate this room, Charles requested to buy them directly. However, Charles didn't expect that the project could not be completed so soon. Sure enough, Brian deserved the praise for his fame. Charles was thrilled to get the computer in his bag. Charles had carried a small bag since he got up this morning. Of course, Emily knew what was in the bag, there was a computer belonging to Charles and some other things in it. "Hey, boy. When you're having fun, pay attention to the time." Emily was afraid that his eye would become nearer.

Charles waved his hand, and he seemed to ignore Emily and Brian completely. Brian squinted at the skillful movements of Charles. All that he wanted were the top-class equipment in the world, and Brian didn't think that he would use them to watch cartoon either. As for what he wanted to do, Brian didn't ask him too much as he would know it at the right time so he didn't need to ask more as long as Charles was happy, but when he knew everything, even though he was calm, he was too shocked to say a word.

"I didn't expect that you did your best." Emily hadn't thought about the school thing yet, but Brian had prepared it in advance.

"He is also my son."

"Thank you." Emily thanked Brian for your considerate mind to Charles. The reason why Emily chose primary school abroad was that she wanted to give him an environment with his peers. It's her guilt to make Charles be so precocious.

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