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   Chapter 20 Verbal Stimulation

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"Oh, I forgot to tell you that I seemed to carelessly crash your car. Look at this car, it should belong to uncle, right? It seems that the profit of the Xia Company is quite good. It seems that I have to pay for it."

"Please don't. don't make fun of me." Said Charlie with a smirk.

"I'm not kidding. Besides, I have nothing to do with the Xia clan, so I should settle accounts with you. But I don't know whether they will damage my reputation or not. Oh, I forgot that I have lost my reputation for a long time. Oh, I should thank you for your help."

"What do you mean by that? Is it the past or our fault?" Sawyer's mother said again.

"Oh, isn't it? Oh, it seems that Mr. Sawyer hasn't told your mother everything yet. You are right. How can you admit that you have done such a terrible thing? But Mr. Sawyer, I don't think it's appropriate for you to do that. There is a saying that you can do what you want and hide the fact from others. Aren't you afraid that the ghosts will come to you and blame you?" Emily's indifferent tone suddenly turned sharp, and Sawyer's face grew paler as if he was an evil ghost from hell. And the hand of Star to support Michael also began to shrink.

"What do you mean?" Sawyer's mother got furious, but Emily didn't intend to explain. Some of the shows would begin on the stage, which seemed not to be heated enough.

"You ask the wrong person, don't you? By the way, my grandpa, I've lost my bloodline, and you haven't seen my son yet, right? I don't have so much cash with me. Why don't you arrange a meeting for us today? I don't want to you be surprised in the future." Then she picked up the phone before anyone responded, "Boy, I hit your great grandpa's car. Get the money quickly." Then she hung up the phone without waiting for Charles's response, which astonished Murphy.

As soon as Charles put a piece of meat into his mouth, his phone rang. He had a bad feeling.

"What's wrong?" Brian knew that it was from Emily.

"My mommy said she crashed my great-grandfather's car and asked me to pay for it." Charles reluctantly thought about the car crash which had just happened within a few hours after Emily going out. He felt something wrong all of a sudden. "Do I have a great-grandfather? I only have grandfather." He was confused.

Great-grandfather, it seemed that Emily came across the Xia clan. Brian narrowed his eyes and looked at Charles, who was still staring at the delicious food on the table and was unwilling to leave, and then he said, "Let's go now. It's getting more and more interesting."

"What are you talking about?" He glanced at Brian with a confused look on his face. Suddenly, he realized something and asked, "You mean your mommy?"

Brian smiled and said nothing.

"Mr. Brian, run, run, run. Mommy's show will be interesting." Charles couldn't help but hold Brian's big hands with his small hands. The warmth Charles gave Brian made him feel warm. Brian became more gentle and didn't look wild and dissolute any more.

As Brian started the car, he took out his phone and called someone. Charles was confused about it.

"Your Mommy would like to heat up more." Especially when she met the Xia clan.

Brian really knew his mother very well.

"Why do you have to do this, Emily?" Sawyer's father looked at the woman who wantonly leaned against the car and inadvertently blocked their way.

"Uncle Sawyer, you and my father used to be good friends. I once respected you, but it was also in the past. Do you understand?" Emily looked directly at Sawyer's father, making him speechless. Sawyer had nothing else to say. Seven years ago, when the Xia Company was attacked by everybody because of the event, if he hadn't withdrawn the investment in northern city, northern city would have been safe, and Tristan wouldn't have rushed to northern city in such a hurry, but he might have made a mistake. Facing a junior who was so disappointed today, he could neither refute nor publicize.

Thus such a standoff was naturally formed. Michael was still frozen because of the words "her son" from Emily just now. More and more people gathered around to see what was going on, and even Sawyer and Star were recognized. After all, the news of engagement spread everywhere, how could anyone not know the face. However, because this confrontation was too strange, so no one dared to ask about it.

"Oh, my dear mommy, how can you do this? You just need to go out for a few hours to scrapp such a limited level sports car. Should you teach me?" Hearing the familiar voice, Emily smiled, "Do you want to learn?"

"Well, forget it. I'm the best man in the world. I won't spend as much money as mommy does."

"Thank you for saving me money."

"You're welcome. Don't ask me to pay when I have dinner in the future." Charles was still thinking about the delicious meal.

"It's not my fault. I d

on't have the financial power of our family."

There was no need to be so clear and solid. Speaking of this matter, Charles wanted to spit it out. His mother loved money very much, but she never took much money with her. The check and card were all in his hand. Technically, she said that she had trained his ability to run a family early. In fact, his mother was not in the mood to care about him at all, and handed them all to him. Fortunately, it was not in her hand. Emily was very clever when she cheated others for money. But she didn't know where the money was put after she got it. Emily didn't know much about her own wealth. Alas, it was better to keep it in his hand and he would take care of it regardless of any grievance.

Charles's appearance shocked everyone. Of course, except for Sawyer and Star whom they had seen before, they were all stunned when they saw his face. This face was so familiar to them, especially when they saw another person by their side.

"It seems that you are going to buy me a new car," At this moment, Brian's voice sounded very polite. Emily didn't feel strange. After all, if Charles came, it was very likely that he would also come.

"Well, I don't think Mr. Brian is so mean. What's more, we are related."

"There is only two of this car in the world. I like them. I made great efforts to find them. Are you sure you will deny it?"

No, that's not true. The car is fancy but it's too high-end. Looking at Charles, he was speechless and almost forgot that his mommy was dumb in the aspect of car. Why did she have to remember so many car symbols? They couldn't be eaten or drunk. That's what Emily said to him, which resulted in her poor knowledge in car. "Mom, Mr. Brian is right. This is the latest this year. The limited amount is only two. " His father was really good at getting the car. He should have a better life with his father. Following his mother would only give him a miserable future.

Looking at the car carefully again, Emily was a little surprised. She raised his eyebrows and said, "Is that so?" Staring at Charles, she asked in a heavy voice.

Charles didn't think it was a good idea. He tugged at Brian's sleeve and said, "Mr. Brian, what about Mommy asking you?" What a naive smile.

"Really? I don't think so." Brian said with a charming smile.

As a result, Charles ran away with tears. What did that mean? His mother was like this, so was his father. There was no way to solve the problem in these days. However, under the burning sight of Emily, he still wisely chose the man named Brian. He tugged the man's sleeve and made him bow down. He whispered in his ear, "Daddy, we are biological."

Hearing the word "Daddy", Brian was petrified and lost his direction at once. Although he knew that Charles was forced by the situation, it was enough for him to do anything for him. "Emily, you should have something to do, right?"

Of course, Emily didn't hear what Charles said. She glared at him and decided to settle accounts with him later. But she really had something important to do now.

Charles's appearance was already surprising enough, and this time it was a shock for a man like Brian.

"Why is Mr. Brian here?" Sawyer said in hesitation.

"Send him here." Brian touched his son's head, making it sound by all the people. It was none of his business how other people thought about it. As a result, Brian saw a thoughtful and surprised look on the other side, and Emily rolled her eyes at him. He responded with a smile.

"Isn't Charles here to meet your great grandfather?"

"Do I have great grandfather?" The expression on his face was innocent and pure, which made him look pure and innocent. There were only Emily and Brian knowing that in his pure eyes, there was something cunning, and something else.

"Of course. But I have severed the relationship with them. So you do have and also don't."

"Then what do I come for?"

"Of course you are here to thank them for having taken good care of your mommy, and most importantly, thank them for your elaborate design. Otherwise, how could you come to this world?"

"Oh, I see." Feeling touched, he stood straight and made a deep bow to the people standing there. "Everyone, great grandpa, great grandma, grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, thank you for taking care of my mom. Thank you for giving me the chance to come to the world. I will remember your kindness, and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Don't worry." Hearing those soft and gentle voices, they did not have any warm feeling, but a kind of cold. They suddenly understood what Emily meant. Emily had already remembered everything they had done in her hearts, and her son would remember it even more in his mind. How deep was this hatred? They would remember it deeply. They could not find any words to describe the miserable expressions of Sawyer and Star.

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