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   Chapter 19 Meet The Old Enemy

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It was this boring disguise that ever cheated Emily. It was ridiculous at the thought of it. "You are not blind, are you?" Emily didn't have the time to quarrel with Star. She preferred going straight forward.

Star's mouth twitched. Before she could speak again, an old voice came out, "What happened?" When heard this, Emily's slightly sarcastic eyes contracted, and she suddenly stood up from the car, looking straight ahead. The coldness burst out from her eyes seemed to freeze everything around her, or she wanted to push the person in front of her to hell. Even Murphy, who was standing next to Emily, was frightened by such eyes. But she didn't retreat or keep away from the side of Emily. She just watched Emily silently, not because she was too scared to move, but because she couldn't help but stare, even if her eyes were too deep for her to understand.

Looking at the figure walking out, Emily was sure that the person who had shouted at her seven years ago was still vivid in her mind. The scene in the cemetery seven years ago was still vivid in her mind. During the days of her life in the Xia clan after she had lost her memory, she could never forget how he had treated his mother.

"Grandpa..." Star had already stepped toeards him.

"What happened?" And his tone was as bad as it had been seven years ago.

"Yes..." Before Star finished speaking, she was interrupted by Emily.

"We haven't seen each other for seven years. It's so great that you are still alive." Looking at Emily's exaggerated facial expression, Michael Xia was stunned. Even though he was a man who was used to all the things in life, he was also frightened by Emily's gaze. "Who are you?"

"Haha..." "You're right. I'm dead already in your mind. You threw me out of the house and never allowed to take anything with me. I've never seen you for seven years. It really disappointed me. But when I see you alive here, I can't imagine how miserable you could be. I haven't seen you for seven years, so-called Grandpa. But I am really happy! " Every word and every sentence was gnawed so hard that it echoed in everyone's heart, bringing back what they had done that year.

Michael's body trembled a few times. "It's you, it's you. That unfilial girl who ruined the whole family and killed your parents. How dare you show up in front of me again! You are such an unfilial daughter in our clan, and it's a shame for our clan."

Emily smiled calmly, "I told you seven years ago. Do you think I really care about the Xia clan? My father's last name is Xia. If my mother didn't follow my father's death, I wouldn't care about the last name. It has been seven years, but you are still so arrogant and don't know whether it is true or not. My father is your son, which is the biggest pity in his life. "

"You..." Michael said angrily.

"Grandpa... How could you say that? He is our grandpa! "

"Ha-ha, grandfather. Just as I expected, my grandfather is always an unpleasant existence in my impression. Just remember that Michael is your grandfather, not mine. I will be very surprised if you are so fond of your grandfather. I wonder how much your grandfather knows you. He repeatedly said that I destroyed the family's reputation? Who indeed did that? " Said Emily, amusedly.

Star's finger was cold.

"You monster!" Michael raised his hand and took up his crutch again, trying to hit Emily.

"Ah!" As soon as Murphy saw that, she pounced on Emily. Emily immediately narrowed her eyes and stretched out her left hand to quickly pull Murphy behind her. Meanwhile, she firmly caught Michael's crutch with her right hand. Emily gave Murphy a meaningful look and Murphy only touched her head with a smile. Naturally, she responded. With a gentle smile on the corners of Emily's lips, she looked at Michael again, his sharp gaze was like a blade of ice that pierced Emily's heart. "Grandpa, haven't you got tired of this trick for seven years?" Emily grabbed the crutch in his hand forcefully and said, "I was hit by you seven years ago for my parents' sake, not for you. They didn't hurt me at all. You have no right to hurt me!" She smashed the crutch on the ground heavily. There was no kinship between her and Michael at all. What left was only anger and dissatisfaction, and so cruel resentment in the past. What's more, he acquiesced to push her out despite the fact that he knew what happened between her and Sawyer.

"You..." Michael was so angry that his whole body was shivering and could not find any words to argue at once.

"Grandpa Xia..."


"Uncle Xia..."

"What happened?"

Another familiar voice sounded. Emily smiled. Today all the people here were here, including Emily's uncle, Sawyer's parents and Sawyer. It seemed to be a family party.

"Emily..." Seeing that, Sawyer was stunned for a while, but may guessed what had happened almost immediately when he saw Michael's reacti

ons. Because of his crying, the rest of the people knew who the woman in front of them was. Everyone was stunned for a few seconds. Yes, who could imagine that the woman seven years ago would become what she was like now, standing in the sun, the cold posture didn't seem like what it had been seven years ago.

"Oh, it's the family gathering. It seems that I am so rude to destroy it. I'm sorry, everyone." Emily's glance at the crowd in front of her was strange. Though the people standing in front of her were the people closest to her seven years ago, they didn't show any sympathy for her and didn't even give her a chance and were cold hearted to her.

"Emily, you're back..." Said Charlie Xia, looking at Emily thoughtfully.

"Yes, uncle. I'm back. Are you happy or worried?"

"What are you talking about? Of course I'm happy to see you back!" Everyone could tell that Charlie was smiling from her face.

"Really? Uncle, thank you for your concern. By the way, during the past seven years, the Xia group has been developing well under your leadership, right?" Emily's smiling eyes were full of coldness, they also destroyed Charlie's pretended lightness.

"Unfilial girl, what right do you have to mention the Xia clan now? Don't even think about taking back the Xia Company. The Xia Company belongs to the Xia clan. Who do you think you are?" Charlie roared again. Apparently, he was irritated by Emily.

"Why did you say that? Everyone here knows that the ruler of the Xia clan is my uncle. You make me feel guilty by saying so. Where is my grandpa? What are you feeling guilty for?"

"What... You... " Michael's face was already ghastly pale, while his fingers were somewhat trembling. Star was comforting him suspiciously.

"Emily, he is your elder after all. It's a bit too much for you to say that." Sawyer said in silence.

"Ha-ha, you're really good at showing partiality as the son-in-law of the Xia clan. Oh, I seem to have made a mistake. Mr. Sawyer always know what he should be partial to. It was that seven years ago, and it will be so seven years later." So Emily became the one abandoned seven years ago. Sawyer's face turned pale.

"Emily, we haven't seen each other for seven years. How could you become so glib tongued? They are elder here. You are being disrespectful." Sawyer's mother also said in a strict tone.

"Etiquette!" "I don't think so. A woman who had a rumor that I was seduced and killed my parents seven years ago may don't have manners." The people around froze when they heard Emily's frivolous words. Apparently, they didn't expect that she would say such cruel words in such a relaxed way. However, when Murphy was about to take hold of Emily's hand, she held it tightly and fixed her eyes on Emily. A pain could be seen in her clear eyes. What a good girl! Emily sighed and didn't try to get rid of her warm hands deliberately. Even after so many years, she still couldn't get used to such warm touch. But Murphy was so persistent that Emily couldn't ignore it.

Murphy had known the identity of the girl in front of her a moment ago. Although she had been studying abroad a long time ago and she didn't know anything about the development of the city, that event seven years ago had caused a sensation in the whole city. At that time, Murphy didn't know the girl in front of her, but now she wanted to give her some warmth. Although the girl in front of her looked relaxed, she had been through a lot of pain. She had just become stronger than before. Thinking of this, Murphy couldn't help but feel sad.

"Hey, I tell you, I don't have a handkerchief to wipe your tears. Hang in there!" Murphy's heavy sobs could be heard even if Emily didn't want to hear.

"I didn't make it cry. I can't help it." The tearful look was like the second Charles, and damn it that Emily had been trained into this.

"Well, well, I'm sorry. If you cry, I will generously give you my sleeve, okay?"

Without any hesitation, Murphy caught the sleeve of Emily and began to clean. Looking at her childish action, Emily smiled, which eased the coldness on her face just now.

Sawyer and Star looked at the scene in front of them with such embarrassment. They could not refuse what Emily said just now, but more and more people were around the traffic accident.

"Let's go back first. This is not the place for dispute. What do you say, uncle Xia?" Sawyer's father finally opened his mouth and asked Michael.

Michael looked around and nodded. They didn't want to make a fool of themselves in the city, after all, the Xia clan and the Sawyer clan were some respected people in the city. But when he looked at Emily, Emily had no doubt that if his eyes could kill people, Michael would be anxious to glare at her. But if they wanted to leave, Emily wouldn't let them go. They cared about their faces, but she didn't. How could she care now that she had nothing left.

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