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   Chapter 18 Anxiety

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"John, don't go too far," Emily narrowed her eyes and gazed intensely at the man in front of her, a bleak and dangerous smile appearing on the corner of her mouth.

John pushed his glasses again and said calmly, "I was entrusted to do something worthy of trust."

"You should know that I don't have to get these things." Raising her eyebrows, Emily played with her fingertips frivolously, full of pressure.

"I know. I have never doubted it. But I have the information you want to know, don't I?"

Emily's eyes changed slightly again. "I knew it!" Or why haven't she gotten any news in the past seven years? It was indeed arranged by that person. Only that person would see her so thoroughly and know what could be done to her.

"How long?"

"It depends on who you choose." When John opened the marriage certificate, there was a trace of surprise in his usual calm face, "It's him." He seemed rather surprised.

This surprise successfully amused Emily. "What do you think? My choice is not bad."

"This seems to be not a wise choice." John put a hand on his glasses.

"It seems that you have just watched the surface of things in the past few years."

Hearing what Emily said, John was stunned for a while. Then he regained his calm expression and said, "It seems that there is something hidden."

"Isn't this the time you want to verify?"

"A week."

"I hope you can find some clues," Emily smiled coquettishly. It took her half a month to investigate Brian. A week later, she wanted to see what the person in front of her could find. And John just lowered his head to deal with the document without saying anything more.

"Does Alice still act like that?" With a low voice, John's hand, who was signing the document, paused again. "Since she doesn't want to leave, there is nothing we can do. Do you want to persuade her?"

"Who do you think I am?"

"If you ask her to leave, she won't refuse." John answered seriously, as if what he said was not only about Alice Pei, but also himself.

"That's what she decided to do. Why should I stop her? She has been holding a glimmer of hope for so many years and it's not easy for me to break her insistence. If you can teach me how to do it."

"Do you hate him?" It was the first time that John had said this word after seven years. Although in the end, these words finally changed into a simple word, but they all knew clearly how serious the word was.

"Who knows if I should hate him for his indifference when leaving or love his considerate arrangement for me?" There was a slight bitterness overflowing from the bottom of Emily's eyes, which could not be swept away.

"He loves you very much." You was much heavier than himself.

"But he abandoned me, didn't he?"

John was speechless.

"John, are you sure that he has really left?" Emily's voice was calm, but it was easy to tell that she was thinking about something.

"I don't know." What he knew was what he would do next.

"John, where is Ron?"

John was shocked by Emily's words and responded, "I haven't seen him for seven years."

"Oh, really?" Emily's sharp eyes pierced through John's eyes, which were as clear as the flood, and she said, "It seems that I'm worried too much. You'd better take the time to investigate it. It has been seven years, and I don't want to wait for seven more years. But it just happens that I have to deal with something during this period of time." Said Emily with an evil smile.

"Do you need my help?" John knew what Emily referred to. Though seven years ago, the murder happened, but it was their fault. If they didn't don't want to alert Emily, or if Emily didn't ask to deal with it herself, the Xia clan and the Sang clan would not be like this now. It was a pity that what they wanted to hide were still remembered ruthlessly. In this case, they had to protect each other.

"What do you think?"

"I will give you my reply in a week."

"Okay." Emily answered quickly.

Looking at the woman's figure leaving, she had changed a lot in the past seven years. It was obvious that Emily had been reborn. Even though she was still sharp, she began to enjoy life and had a lot of smiles. Even if it was just disguised, it was much better than before. Perhaps everything was in the plot of that man. Now the situation, what happened in the past, was just like what Emily had said, 'Has he really left? If the man who controls everything and tries to make them obedient was still alive, how can't he come out? Ron can stop Emily for seven years, but he can't stop her for the rest of her life. So Emily was engaged. But except for that man, John thought no one can stop Emily. Can Brian? Gazing at the enchanting face on the marriage certificate that Emily handed to him, James said, "I want all th

e information of Brian as soon as possible and must be detailed."

Ever since Emily came out of the office, she had been very unhappy. Every time she thought of that person, the cruel factors in her heart would be very active. She never believed that the person had passed away, but she could not find any clues by all means in seven years. Hope, disappointment, she had gone through too much. At last, she no longer investigated it, and kept the promise to him to live a happy life, she wanted to dig open his so-called tomb to see if there was a human's corpse inside, but unfortunately, she didn't even know where that man's tomb was. She was walking on the way that that man had predicted. Although everything was for her, when he made every decision, had he once thought of her feelings and whether she would accept it or not? No, maybe he had long thought of it, so he could control the news she still cared, which made her unable to resist. The only thing she could do was to keep her promise to her so-called brother. With a turn of 360 degree, she only heard "bang!" A perfect crash hit the car in front. However, she heard "bang" again. The cars ahead of her died in a chain collision. Fortunately, Emily wasn't hurt. She really wanted to sigh at the safety appliances of Brian's car. Even when she looked at the scene in front of her, she was shocked. She couldn't help but admire the excellent performance of the cars and didn't seem to care about the problem at all.

A few seconds later, with a bang, the driver of the other car slammed the door of the car, not the continuous collision, but the angry person rushed towards Emily. He seemed to know that it was Emily who had caused the accident, "Hey, don't you know whether you can drive or not? If I were not lucky, several lives are not enough to pay for it. Hey, do you hear what I'm saying? "

But at the same time, Emily took a look at the car before her instead of the girl shouting. The car before her was distorted, and it was a totally different face. The first thought that came to her mind was that how much money it would cost to repair the car. It seemed that the person who owned the car was not her. The car belonged to Brian. She immediately comforted herself by thinking that but she had completely forgotten that this car was snatched by her from Brian, and completely ignored that the sports car was screwed by her.

"Hey! Can't you hear me? Are you deaf? What a pity! You are so young!" There was a trace of pity in her eyes while she was talking to herself. The imposing manner to settle accounts with Emily was completely gone.

"Little girl, what did you say?" Emily turned to her with a fake smile.

"Wow, you're so beautiful. And I'm not a little girl, my name is Murphy." It seemed that Murphy didn't notice the imposing atmosphere that there was about to burst out when she looked at Emily. She gazed at Emily closely, as if to appreciate her beautiful face, "But you can't drive like this even though you are pretty. It's dangerous to drive like this. Your speed actually exceeded the limit. Luckily, it's me. What if you are unlucky next time?" Murphy bombarded with lots of questions. However, the affection in her eyes didn't annoy Emily.

"Do you want me to compensate?" The smile on Emily's face was still as slight as before, but it was not as imposing as before. It seemed that she had a rare kindness to this girl called Murphy.

"Ah! Compensate me? " Apparently, Murphy was still in a daze. After looking at the car, she suddenly remembered, "Oh, of course you have to pay for it, so that you can remember it."

"How do you want me to compensate it?"

"How?" Murphy seemed to be a little worried. When she was lost in thought, there was a noise.

"What's going on?" The scream of the woman made Emily suddenly frown. She was too familiar with it. She could surely see Star standing there with a surprised face. This was really a bad luck. Before Emily went to get even with her, Star went to her first. It seemed that the car in the middle was hers. Emily really wanted to clap her hands to applaud. She freely and easily leaned on the car and said, "Miss Xia, do you have a bad eyesight. It was just a simple car accident. Why are you still asking? " Emily always put on airs when she spoke.

"Sister... You... Why are you here? " Star was surprised because she didn't see Emily just now.

"Is this road yours? Maybe not. If you can be there, why can't I go there. Also, I have already said that I don't have a sister. You don't need to call me sister, that makes me disgusted." With Emily's long and narrow eyes staring at Star, Star was angry at once, but just for a moment, she immediately changed to a gentle smile and said, "Sister, are you joking? Did you hit this car?"

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