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   Chapter 17 Connections

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"Where is your car?" Brian didn't bother Emily anymore. It was critical for them to go back.

"Car? Which car?" It took a while for Charles to realize what he meant. "Oh, you mean our car? We don't have any cars." They just came back, how could they have time to buy a car.

"By taxi?"

"What else can I do? Walking on my own?" Charles then gave a despising look at Brian and wondered why his IQ suddenly dropped.

In a trance, Brian shook his head helplessly and took out his mobile phone: "Vincent, send someone to pick me up at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau."

On the other side, Brian had hung up the phone before Vincent could say something. Being confused that Brian drove there by himself, why he gave an order to pick up him? After all, he ordered someone immediately.

The people ordered by Vincent was really fast. They appeared in front of Brian and Charles in a short time, and of course, they also tried their best to send Brian back home. After all, Brian was a notorious person, so there was no place but home for him to go at this time. Yun group was only nominal, and no one in the World International knew that it had something to do with Brian. It was really depressing. However, it seemed that Brian didn't realize it at all. Charles couldn't help but think that the world of adults was too complicated. He was too young to understand what kind of feeling it would be if Emily heard it.

As soon as the car entered the residence estate where Brian lived, he saw a familiar figure. At this time, it was not good news that a person as famous as a star appeared here. It seemed that the residence of the second young master of the Yun family was not a secret place. On the one hand, Charles wanted to see something interesting. On the other hand, he wanted to see how Brian would deal with it. But Brian just took Charles in his arms and walked towards him, as if there was nothing happening. He looked so free and easy that even Charles wanted to applaud. But obviously, the person didn't want to see Brian walk over leisurely.

"Brian..." Cassie shouted with a bright smile. Looking at her expression, even Charles was speechless. As an actor, her appearance even made Charles moved, but it didn't shake Brian at all. He just said indifferently, "What's the matter?"

In an instant, Cassie's face turned pale as if she was an abandoned woman. The expression on her face made everyone want to comfort her. However, it was a pity that the one opposite her was Brian. She said, "Brian... Did I do something wrong? " The sight of Brian leaving the house yesterday made her feel uneasy. After that, she received the news that they had broken up. She was unwilling to accept it.

"Cassie, what do you think?" The smile on Brian's face was so cold that Cassie could tell from his dark eyes that he was staring at her. She took a few steps back and Brian said, "I'm your boyfriend, and everything belongs to you. If you want to ask for compensation from me, just say it."

"Brian... I... " Cassie wanted to say something.

"Cassie, you can go back now. I won't find anyone to send you back." With these words, he walked inside with Charles in his arms.

Looking at the leaving figure, Cassie thought, 'Even from the back, Brian can still attract others' attention. How can I break up with him so easily? I'm different from other women. Isn't the baby at the auction held in Brian's arms?' She couldn't. No one was allowed to take Brian away from her. Her beautiful face had been distorted.

"Wow, Mr. Brian is so ruthless." Charles sighed with emotion.

"I'll take your compliment."

"Humph!" Charles didn't say much, but he didn't deny that what Brian did was to his liking. Now that Brian had got the marriage certificate with his mother, Brian would have a lover of his own. He didn't care what happened between Brian and his mother. It would be annoying if there was always a fly in front of them.

"Come down." Brian put him down.

As Charles looked around, he was so astonished that his eyes were popping out. He thought to himself, 'What a luxurious life! Let's leave aside the value of the crystal lamp above my head. The carpet under my feet is limited in the world, and it's only ten square meters in total. I have been so attracted by it back then. But it's a pity that I fail to make a quick arrangement. Everything around is well arranged like a wealth storehouse. Charles liked all the things around. But how could he packed all of them? He was immersed in his own thoughts, forgetting that "Brian" had a mark on the ownership list of all these items.

"Many things here have spent a lot of time purchasing abroad, and many of them have been transported from layers of insurance and carefully on the way. It's not wise to get them." At the same time, Brian read Charles's mind. That was a so-called kinship between him and Charles. He knew what was on his mind. Like Emily had said, Charles had a good taste which was just like him. Emily loved money, so it was impossible for Charles to squander money like that. However, at the same time, Brian knew that he didn't do that because Emily could not squander money only on the condition that Charles didn't like the things.

Hearing t

hat, Charles felt frustrated all of a sudden. "Mr. Brian, can we negotiate with each other?" he asked. His eyes were full of flattering expression. It seemed that he really liked it.

"You will live here from now on and see it anytime. Where do you want to take them to go?"

It made sense. After all, the man in front of him had gotten the marriage certificate with his mother, which meant that he could see such a luxurious scene every day when he opened his eyes. Oh, yeah, good. It was really a pleasure to enjoy in the future. The smile at the corners of his mouth almost reached the corner of his eyebrows. Brian smiled gently, "What would you like to drink?"


Looking at the fridge, Brian found that there were all kinds of beer and drinks, which were just not as what he wanted. He stiffened his finger and then called someone to send the milk here immediately.

Looking at Brian's solemn action, the corners of Charles's mouth twitched. He stared at Brian and thought about something. To be honest, it was the first time that he had stayed with Brian for such a long time. Although he had seen him in short distance before, he was still shocked every time he saw this face. Even if he didn't want to admit, he could feel the power of Brian in front of him was outstanding in every aspect, but...

"What do you want to say?" After they walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Brian saw that Charles had something to tell him.

"You and my Mommy..." Charles looked nervous.

"Just as you can see." Brian didn't hide the fact that he and Emily decided to marry. He knew that Charles had an intention that was not suitable for his age. His maturity made him feel distressed on one hand, and on the other hand, he felt gratified. No matter how much he could understand about the decisions he and Emily made, it had nothing to do with them. From the day he had a slight break with Emily, they both was supposed to protect him. They had reached a consensus.

"Anyway, don't hurt my mommy. You can't even you are my daddy." The cynicism and rage on Charles's face were replaced by something else. He looked very serious now. From Charles's determined look, Brian knew that Charles wasn't joking. He wondered what kind of gaze he had received from the past. Holding Charles in his arms, he felt guilty and heartbroken. The past seven years were a great burden to him, which he would never make up for, even though he didn't know their existence in the past. Looking at Charles's eyes, he felt guilty, "I won't hurt her, not now, never." This promise could be given by Brian, even if their marriage was a drama and there was no emotional foundation between them. But now that the show had begun and the order to end the play was in his hands. Since he needed a marriage sooner or later, and now Emily liked him very much, he would like to continue the show. What's more, it seemed to be a good performance, not to mention that they had been acting together for a long time. Being stared at by Charles, Brian couldn't say anything to refuse him.

"Really?" Charles asked in disbelief.

"Am I that untrustworthy?" Brian smiled.

"No, Mommy had suffered a lot before. I hope she can live a happy life, but I also know there are a lot of things that mommy is hiding from me." Charles lowered his head and leaned against Brian's chest. His little face was wrinkled, making people feel sorry for him.

"I promise I won't make the same mistake again. You and I will watch over your mommy together. I won't make the same mistake again," Brian consoled Charles. Although Brian didn't know what Emily had experienced, he thought of the time seven years ago and that now Emily was very different from before. He couldn't imagine what kind of pain she had experienced in the past seven years.

"Pinkie." Charles stretched out his little finger and saw that Brian smiled happily. In this way, they completed the secret agreement between them.

"Since you have decided to protect Mommy, I will recognize you as my daddy."

Hearing what he said, Brian didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. It seemed that Emily had a much more important place in Charles's heart than him. However, Brian didn't feel jealous at all. After all, it had been seven years for both of them to depend on each other, which made him unqualified to be jealous.

In the blink of an eye, Emily arrived at the well-known law office of the city, which was the New City Law Office. Without saying anything, she directly rushed into the face of the person in charge of the case. Someone wanted to stop her, but she could not be stopped at all. She burst into the office and put the bright red marriage license on the table. "My marriage license. Now you can give me what you should give me."

John Cheng pushed his glasses to let others out of the room, and then calmly ordered the Secretary, who didn't prevent Charlie and apologized, to pour two cups of coffee. With his fingertips, he picked up the marriage license that Emily slightly tossed on the table and said, "You should know that even if you have this marriage certificate, they have to ask us to determine whether the one you marry can give you a stable future and then you can get everything. "

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