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   Chapter 15 Forced Marriage

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Before Brian went to drive that sultry car, his mobile phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and a rare enchanting smile appeared on his face. Of course, he didn't answer and directly hung up.

"Yun clan?" As Brian said, Emily knew something about him.


"You don't want to go back?" Said Emily while looking at Brian, who didn't seem to want to go back at all.

"What do you think?"

"Whatever. But since we have decided to set such a grand scene, it will be too boring if there are too few audiences. I think you have the same idea as me."

It was a piece of cake for Brian to destroy everything of Yun clan now, but he didn't even move a bit. He enjoyed being as a third party. This was not a game of cat and mouse. It would be more interesting to play it slowly. However, the Yun family didn't seem to realize this. They thought that Brian was a dead mouse in the game, but they didn't know that Brian was like a tiger covered with a faltering butterfly. They were doomed to lose from the very beginning.

"Yes. The more audiences are, the more interesting the play will be." They were both actors. It would be a good thing for all the people to join in the fun. "Ask Vincent to send you back. See you at the Civil Affairs Bureau at ten o'clock tomorrow."

Emily waved her hand slightly and took Charles over. From the beginning, Charles did not understand what they were thinking. Forgive him, he was just a seven-year-old child, and a lot of things needed to be digested. He knew that his father had some connections with the World International but he did not have any specific investigation about it, and he also knew a little about the Yun family, but not too deep. It took too much effort and hurt his brain. Moreover, he didn't rest for a day. He was a little tired and began to have a nap.

"Mr. Brian, good luck with you for going home!" Charles yawned.

Gently stroking his son's head, Brian put on a big smile as he felt so happy.

When Charles didn't make his next yawn, Emily said, "Well, boy, you should tell Vincent the address first."

As a matter of course, she pointed at Vincent. When Charles was about to sleep, he spoke out the address. Then he found a comfortable posture in the arms of Emily and fell asleep, rubbing against Emily from time to time, as if he wanted to check if Emily was here or not. Emily laughed at his action, but all her moves were gentle, and she adjusted the sleeping position of him. She looked at Charles like she was looking at her everything.

With a smile, Vincent didn't say anything, nor did he break the warmth between this mother and her son. At that time, he only felt the love in Emily's eyes, but he didn't know what kind of pain it contained when she looked at Charles eyes. After knowing the truth for a long time, with a lot of people, he decisively stood behind Brian and let Brian protect that women called Emily.

But none of them had ever thought that as friends, they could do so much for each other.

"Charles have a good taste." Judging from what Emily had done in front of him on the car, Vincent could tell that who had picked the house in front of him. Looking at the decoration style and the surrounding environment, and the size of the house, Charles was really like his father, who were squandering money.

"What's wrong with this house?"

"It's fine. I'll drop you here. Bye!" Vincent did not want to say more about the price of the house. He had already known something about Emily. It was obvious that she was a woman who loved money. He had been tricked out of two hundred million today and hadn't got the money ready yet. He didn't want to afford the house. Although he was not lack of money, he was not so generous. Brian should take care of his woman and child himself.

It was obvious that Emily liked to earn money very much. Charles looked to be good at spending money. But Emily liked to pressure Charles to make money. While Charles enjoyed such pressure, he also enjoyed spending a great deal of money. Nobody knew that many people were astonished by their behavior, of course they didn't know about that.

Noticing that Vincent's face was a little bit strange, Emily didn't ask more. She was tired today and she had something else to do tomorrow, so she said goodbye to him and went to sleep.

But Brian didn't seem to enjoy so much. Inside the villa of the Yun family, though it was in the late summer, there was an obvious chill in the broad space, freezing all the atmosphere. But this did not include that of Brian who was laughing enchantingly.

Adam Yun became angry looking at Brian's face, he threw a stack of newspapers in front of Brian and asked, "What's going on?" Pictures of Brian and Cassie having intimacy in foreign countries were published on the newspaper. Also, a group of unknown reporters reported that Brian would be eng


"Just like what you saw, it's just a joke." Brian picked up the newspaper and appreciated, "The photos are really good. I really have the urge to cut them and collect them!"

The words made Adam's face once again livid. "Every time you play, you make it known to all. You've made the Yun clan lose face!"

"Did the Yun family have any prestige? Why didn't I know? Since you were a member of the Yun family, Yun family had lost reputation." Brian smiled even more enchantingly. Even though he was expressionless, everyone could feel the endless irony from his calm eyes, which embarrassed Adam.

"You..." Adam raised his hand and was about to slap him.

"Adam, what are you doing?" A woman's voice shouted at Adam, Melissa She put down the soup plate in her hand, "Okay, okay, how to start. It's rare for Brian to come back, there is nothing we can't talk about peacefully." Melissa held Adam's hand and patted it to help him breathe smoothly.

Seeing this, Brian smiled and said nothing.

"Don't try to fool me. Why didn't you go home for a meal instead of hanging out for such a long time? No wonder your father got angry."

Melissa stared at Brian with almost all her strength, but turned to Adam, "You are the same. Those newspapers like to make groundless accusations the most. Don't you know that you have dealt with them for so long? It's all your fault that you let Brian go abroad so early that year, and living at home is much better than staying abroad. It's your fault that he fight against you."

These few words completely suppressed Adam's anger, and he could only sigh long.

"I have cooked a few dishes. Brian hasn't eaten home-made food for a long time. You can eat them as a midnight snack." Melissa defiantly prepared to put the dishes on the table.

"Well, he is so eager not to have it at home. In his eyes, the food outside is much better than that at home," Adam snorted.

"You don't want us to have a good meal? If you don't eat, Brian still wants to eat. Don't mind him, Brian. Auntie has made several dishes that you like to eat."

Melissa looked at Brian gently, like a graceful lady from an eminent family. If nothing had happened in the past, her gentle smile would have infected him.

However, even Melissa was single and hard to live in days, she was determined to give birth to the child, bring him up, and finally became the legal wife of the Adam after more than ten years. It was not a simple thing to do so. Thinking of his mother, that arrogant and decisive woman, who had lost to the woman in front of him, it seemed to be reasonable.

With no more words, Adam walked over sulkily and asked, "Hasn't Ray come back yet?"

"He said he had a business dinner tonight and came back late."

Adam glanced at the time, and then looked at Brian sitting next to him casually. He sighed again, and then shook his head. As if she didn't see that, Melissa just lowered her head to set the dishes.

Before Brian could do something, the door was opened again. It was his brother, Ray, whose parents were different from him, who had just been talked about. He was not as enchanting as Brian was, but was handsome. "Father, mother, Brian." Ray's eyes seemed to defile Melissa's mildness.

The smile on Brian's face was as usual. It seemed that he didn't care about it at all. Actually, Ray was used to his attitude.

"Have you had lunch?" Adam was used to speak first.

"I have eat something for business." Then Ray handed his clothes to the servant.

"Come and eat some more. You must be drinking outside." Melissa had asked another set of tableware.

"How was the talk?"

"No problem." Said Ray while walking towards the dining table.

"What are you going to do?" Adam's voice suddenly became harsh. At this moment, Brian had already walked to the door.

"I'm not hungry. I'm going home." Although Brian liked to watch the play, he had never enjoyed the scene of a mother and a son. Although there was no emotion in his heart, he preferred to enjoy the red wine and listen to stories rather than wearing a mask here.

"Where are you going? This is your home!" Adam dropped his chopsticks.

"Oh, home? I don't remember it. I haven't had this feeling for years. Of course I don't know what a home is," In spite of Brian's indifference, Adam's serious face fell apart. He said, "Don't let the media get the goods on you. You should deal with the matter as soon as possible. Your uncle's daughter, Murphy, is coming back. Meet her. It's time for you to settle down."

"If I understand you correctly, do you want to interfere in my marriage?" Their expressions rarely remained relaxed tonight and began to become bad.

"It's none of my business?"

"Who do you think you are?" After taking a sharp glance at Adam, Adam was stunned. He didn't believe that Brian was looking at him like this.

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