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   Chapter 14 The So-called Identity

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"Look at me, woman! What a surprise! Come and hug me." Before he finished his sentence, he had already run to them, swaying the check in his hand. Emily lifted him up and found it was two hundred million on the check. She said, "Well done, boy!" Emily gave Charles a kiss immediately.

At the thought of this, there was a deep frown on Vincent's face. He had lost the calmness as he was in the business world. They couldn't imagine what kind of horrible things he had suffered from Charles.

"Brian, you have a qualified successor!" Hearing the affirmative tone of Vincent, Emily immediately knew what kind of method Charles had used. "Well, boy, have you done something behind me?"

"How's that possible? You're so good to me. Is there anything that you don't know about me, Mommy?"

Charles shook his head fast. The more abnormal he was, the more guilty he looked. But Emily didn't dwell on it. Instead, she looked at Vincent from head to toe. The sparkle in her eyes made Vincent feel like someone was watching him.

"Now that Mr. Su has already known our relationship, I think you should at least give me a small gift for our first meeting!" Hearing that, the smile on Vincent's face froze again. Like mother, like son.

Just now, a moment ago, Charles held a piece of paper with the same bright smile, and said that it was not a big deal for them to get together, two hundred million was enough for gifts. Then Charles took away two hundred million from him. Now it was Emily's turn. Vincent really thought that he was treated wrongly.

"Okay, I will take it as a gift."

Even though Vincent was a calm man in the business world, he still failed to react. "What gift?" he asked.

"Wedding gift." Brian said casually, ignoring the fact that it was so shocking.

'Marry?' Vincent couldn't react, 'With who? It was certainly not Cassie.' So he stared at Emily who just came in. Emily had disappeared for seven years and had made such a big scene since she came back home. Now he understood what was going on.

Who else could it be except Emily in front of him? Vincent calmed down and thought it might be a good choice. "Now that Brian offered, this gift must be very important. How much do you want from me, my sister-in-law?" Emily's eyes were shining like a fox's, with the interest that anyone could see.

When she heard Vincent calling her "sister-in-law", she smiled happily and said, "Sister in law, that sounds great. Now that you call me sister-in-law, do as you like!" She had to save face for Vincent. If he heard her saying that, he would be grateful.

"You brat, how much did you eat tonight?" The weight was exactly the same as several hours ago.

"No, I just had a little. Oh, just a little. I never waste food. Mommy, I'm a good child who is economical." Charles looked at Emily with his pure and innocent eyes, as if he wanted to be praised.

"Yes, yes, you're right. I can't find such a good kid like you anywhere." Emily didn't argue with Charles. They seemed to understand each other very well.

"Then, good boy, you can go to squeeze your father, I can't bear the weight of you."

Emily didn't expect that she would send Charles to Brian's arms directly, as if she was afraid that she might get infected with some sort of virus if he stayed in her arms for one more minute. Charles felt so sad that he almost cried out. He thought in his mind again, 'We are biological!'.

However, Emily had already lowered her head and loosened her arm which was called weak by herself. When Emily wanted to move a little, Brian held Charles in his arms. He did the same thing again. Of course, there were fascinating gestures in both of their eyes. But the twinkles in Charles's eyes were different from that in Brian's eyes. When he looked at Brian, his eyes were even more dazzling.

"Mr. Brian, since you have taken my mommy, is it necessary to get some bride price? There is no need to give too much. Just tell me your secret of your skin!" His face seemed that all had been discussed, which made the movement of Emily's hands suddenly twitch.

"Well, young Master Charles, I didn't know until today that I was so 'valuable' in your heart!" A cold shiver ran down Charles's spine as he saw the teasing smile on Emily's face.

"Mommy, in my eyes, you are as beautiful as the sun, moon and stars, as valuable as rivers and mountains. How can I compare you with any ordinary thing?" Charles blinked his big eyes and said, "Mommy, you said that if there is a chance for me to rob, I must do it heavily. See? My understanding ability is so good. Am I a good boy, Mommy?"

Upon hearing this, Emily beamed with pleasure. She fondled his son's head and said, "Okay, my good boy."

"If you want the secret skill, you should change your address to me." After saying that, Br

ian hugged his son. Even though they were not familiar with each other, they felt like they were related by blood.

"Change to what? Mr. Brian? Mr. Yun? Brian..." Charles spat out a series of words, but it was a pity that Brian didn't hear the words that he wanted to hear. It sounded so familiar to him, wasn't it the sentence similar to Emily's subtle words just now? He said, "Sure enough! They are similar!" Said Brian, holding Charles up.

Hearing that, Emily smiled and responded, "Of course, my son doesn't dare to act like me!" Brian looked at Charles sympathetically, feeling Emily's vigor was so natural and intimidating. It went right to the bottom of Charles's heart. Charles really wanted to give a big hug to Brian, which was actually what Brian did.

After so many years, finally one person could understand what he had suffered in his heart. It was not easy. This was definitely his father. How Charles wished that he could tell to Brian everything he had suffered in the past seven years. Now Charles ignored the secret and only felt moved to find his confidant.

Seeing that Charles was not ashamed at all, Emily gave a despising glance at him.

At first, Brian didn't expect that Charles would immediately recognize him. After all, they were strangers now. In the past few years, they hadn't been familiar with each other. The sudden appearance of Charles even made him a little confused.

It was undeniable that Brian liked Charles very much, and Charles did not reject him. It was enough for them now. As for the future, Brian took a look at Emily. Thinking of their previous proposal, it should be very interesting.

"What's your plan tonight?" In case that Charles would slip down because of anger, Brian held him up again.

"I have taken back my expenses tonight. Now, of course I'm going home." Emily swayed the check in her hand in a haughty manner, and apparently saw a tinge of pity flashing through the eyes of Vincent.

"Really? I thought you would be so generous and enjoyed the night of this presidential suite."

When she heard this, Emily's hands froze and she said, "He-he, don't you know that I hate hotels the most?" Even though Emily had Charles at that night, she was still very angry.

The corners of Brian's mouth lifted into a small smile. He knew what was on Emily's mind. "Do you need my help?" he asked.

"Oh, I seldom see you like this, Mr. Brian."

"After all, I am also one of the persons concerned. Moreover, we will have a deep relationship tomorrow. I should help you."

"What's wrong with you, Mr. Brian? Aren't you afraid of being detected and exposed?"

"I haven't hidden anything. I just didn't find out who did it. But Miss Xia hasn't exposed anything tonight, has she?"

How audacious he was! No one could connect the dissipated, ignorant Mr. Brian with the ruthless and astute CEO in the business. They had tried everything possible, but couldn't find out the secret CEO of the World International.

In fact, even Emily didn't notice anything abnormal. Without such an accident, she wouldn't find that the man from the Yun Company wasn't connected with the man from the World International. Despite of this, it took her some time to verify that the words on the check was Brian, the World International.

As expected, Brian was successfully attracted, and Vincent also came. Therefore, all of the things were completely confirmed. Brian's identity was self-evident. In Brian's eyes, the Yun Company was just a drop in the bucket, or perhaps not even one drop. Probably only the power holder, Brian and the executive president, Vincent knew how much money the multinational company had.

But Emily had to admit that this deliberate concealment of Brian was really powerful. This was the reason why Emily came to him. Since she had to choose a marriage, why not choose someone with a strong background, and also related to Charles. In the future, at least Brian would be able to protect Charles.

Even though the power was much weaker than that of Emily, there would be still a lot of uncertainty in the future. Moreover, Emily felt that the background of Brian was not that simple.

"Let me drive you home." Brian had already walked outside with Charles in his arms. Emily said, "Stay out of this matter. I'll settle all problems myself. I'll get even with them for what they owe me."


Being ignored, Vincent could only follow up by himself. Looking at the three of them walking in front of him, he smiled. He hadn't seen such an undisguised expression on Brian's face for a long time, so long that he had forgotten it. It seemed that he wouldn't see it in the future. He didn't know why he had such a feeling on Emily and Brian. And just as Vincent expected, Brian met Emily and his entire life was overturned.

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