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   Chapter 13 Marry Me (Part Two)

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"Is Miss Xia one of them?"

"To be honest, this face is really my cup of tea." When Emily touched Brian's enchanting face with her little finger, Brian just smiled. Emily said, "But if you want to play with me, it seems that only this face is a little lighter."

Holding Emily's hand, Brian said, "It seems that I'm not the one to play."

They looked into each other's eyes and smiled to each other. At the moment when Emily showed up at the auction together with Charles and when Brian stepped into the room, nobody was willing to play at that moment.

"Well, since you have guessed it, how do you feel? Would you like to play with me?" Emily didn't withdraw her hand but stood by the table. One was standing and the other was sitting. One was pretty and the other was enchanting. They two formed a harmonious picture.

"Why should I play with Miss Xia? It doesn't seem to do me any good."

"Well, Mr. Brian, don't be so heartless. I haven't asked you for the custody for seven years. It's very expensive."

"I don't lack money."

Damn it! Although Emily seemed to have an impulse to get rid of this evildoer in front of her, she still had to hold back her anger and said, "Well, Mr. Brian, since we have such a relationship, it is not appropriate for you not to help me." The excitement in her bright eyes was self-evident.

"Do I have anything to do with Miss Xia?" A joyful smile appeared on Brian's face.

We have had a child. What is the connection? Look at what you are talking about! Emily is just joking in her mind, nothing more. She is smiling as she replied, "What do you think? I think our relationship is quite deep!" She looked straight into Brian's eyes without any scruple, but with some indescribable depth.

"Why did you choose me? I don't think it's just because I'm Charles's father!" Only this may be not enough, but they had known each other's thoughts. Now Emily was not the kind of person who cared about their past, even if he was Charles's father.

"Of course I like seeing fun too," said Emily while withdrawing her hand from Brian. "I really like the fun you made, and also I like money. Mr. Brian, I like you because you have such a huge amount of money."

Though Emily didn't make it clear, they both knew what she was talking about. She said, "Mr. Brian, you like playing with someone. I don't think I'm worse than the girls around you, not to mention..." Emily suddenly got close to Brian and they could sense the breath of each other. "You are a dissolute, ungrateful, frivolous and notorious young master, and I am a unkind and wanton woman with bad reputation. Isn't it a good match? What interesting things will happen? Don't you want to see it?"

Holding Emily in his arms, Brian said, "Sounds great."

Without embarrassment, Emily nestled in Brian's arms and said, "Yes, Mr. Brian has agreed."

"Is it necessary for me to say no?"

They smiled at each other. But there was something in each other's eyes that they couldn't see. And there was no need to know.

"Miss Xia, what do you want to do?"

Emily jumped out of Brian's arms and said, "Marry me!"

These words surprised Brian who was calm all the time.

"Well, Mr. Brian can't afford to play the game with me?" Emily noticed the startle in Brian's eyes.

"Miss Xia, are you sure you want to make a fool of yourself by marrying me?"

"It's so rare. I thought you don't care about marriage. Am I wrong?"

Staring at Emily, Brian said with unfathomable charm, "Miss Xia, it seems that you have taken an in-depth investigation on me."

"We should be responsible for our marriage, shouldn't we?" Emily smiled like a ghost.

"It seems that you are sure that I will agree,"

"I can't find any reason for your disagreement. You can watch a show for free, you can resist the Yun clan's attack, and you can also get a good son. Most importantly, I'm w

ith you. This is a very good deal, won't it?"

"Sounds good, but it makes you feel wronged, Miss Xia. I always treat beautiful women well." Brian was implying something.

"Don't try to deceive me. I won't offend your interests. I need a marriage. Our relationship can be open or private. It's all up to you. You can still act on your own. The engagement will be dissolved within a year. I won't force Charles. It's up to him to make a choice." Emily sounded calm, but there was also a depth that ordinary people could not reach

Taking a look at Emily, Brian said: "Miss Xia, in this case, it's not good to postpone it. As you said, I should indeed have a marriage to fight against the Yun clan, and wipe out all the rumors. However, I still feel that I'm at a disadvantage."

Damn it! Emily wanted to swear. As a beautiful lady, she didn't say anything, but he Brian felt wronged. "What do you want to do, Mr. Brian?" Brian could hear the sound of Emily gritting her teeth.

"On one condition: I'll have the right to decide whether to stop our marriage or not."

Obviously, Emily didn't expect that Brian would make such a request. She thought for a while and said, "Okay." Anyway, there was no harm. At that time, Brian would have no choice but to stop. Unfortunately, Emily was wrong in the end. "Since you have made a deal, don't you mind me to make one?"

"Miss Xia, please go on..." Brian said with a smile.

"If something happens in the future, you have to protect Charles even if betting everything you have." Emily's eyes showed no sign of joking. They knew clearly how important this sentence was.

"Okay!" The answer without hesitation made Emily's eyes change a little bit. "Listen carefully, what I said is all of you!"

"I know it clearly. Charles is also my son." Even though Charles was just a son that suddenly appeared in his life and they were not very familiar with each other, it was undeniable that Brian loved his son very much.

There was no need to question Brian's firm eyes, but after thinking for a while, Emily found that it was indeed the case. How could her son not be favored by others? So she said, "Mr. Brian, I hope we have a pleasant cooperation."

"Miss Xia, shall we change our addresses to each other?"

"How to change it, Mr. Brian? Master Luo... Brian... Luo... Which one do you like? " Without hesitation, Emily said, "Or do you like me calling you 'darling'?" The warm breath into Brian's ears made him feel warm and numb. Brian put his arms around Emily's slender waist and said, "Of course I like the last one." They were so close that her nose almost touched his.

"When are we going to get married?" At this point, Emily gave in. She hadn't decided to give himself a shot in the face of a master in love!

"As soon as possible."

"How about tomorrow?" The way he talked to her was as casual as asking what he had eaten today. Upon hearing him, Emily's lips slightly twitched. This weirdo was unusual, but Emily liked him just because he was unusual. "Okay!"

After the discussion, there was no need to stay in the room. "The food tastes good." Before leaving, Brian said.

"Now I know whose that asshole's nitpick inherited from."

Upon hearing this, Brian gave a gentle smile, dispelling all his hypocrisy.

"Did that brat get me any money?"

"I don't think Vincent can hold on. Charles is a slick talker." Brian spoke indifferently

"Wow, it's so rare that someone think highly of him."

"Like mother, like son."

"I'll take it as a praise. By the way, don't forget to figure out a good way to tell Charles about your secret collection of skin care. He's very persistent."

"I know who makes Charles so smart and sly today,"

"This is wisdom."

Without much talking, they broke in and saw the bright smile on Charles's face and a painful look on Vincent's face, so the result was obvious.

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