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   Chapter 12 Marry Me (Part One)

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"Star, since you're here, come over and worship my parents. Will you still sleep well at night watching their photos?"

Star panicked and stepped back a few steps.

"Go over there. Why are you afraid of her?" Emily's grandfather pointed at Emily and shouted.

How could Star not be afraid of the situation now? It might be caused by the hand of her. Star trembled and walked towards the gravestone. She had not yet arrived at the gravestone, yet with a loud "clap" sound, Star shook and nearly fell to the ground.

"What are you doing? Don't you see me here? It's your sister. You're absolutely lawless!"

At that moment, Emily's grandfather was about to knock at Emily with his crutch. However, Emily dragged him and said, "Grandpa, you're being partial in public. Behave yourself. Don't let others laugh at you." Then Emily threw his crutch aside.

"What? You... " Her grandpa trembled with anger.

Emily turned a deaf ear to his words and stared at Star, with an eager to swallow her alive.

"Sister..." Star covered her red and swollen face with one hand, and she didn't know what to say, nor did she dare to say anything. She continued to go backward, while Emily slowly walked towards Star and stepped on her heart.

A familiar figure appeared in front of everyone. Sawyer looked at the pale figure of Emily. He felt pain, sadness and deep guilt. Star's hands tightly clasped together. In Sawyer's eyes, now he could only see Emily. Star couldn't allow this.

Emily was totally unaware of everything that Sawyer was expressing to her now. In her eyes, Sawyer was just an asshole with a gentle backpack, and he was one of the murderers who made her lose everything. Seeing that Emily was still approaching her, a hint of unwillingness flashed through Star's eyes. She continued to step back and stood by the side of the stairs. She said, "Sister, listen to me!"

"Stop her!" Everyone was shocked by the intimidating aura of Emily, though the person in front of them was just a woman who was not strong at all.

Star's eyes couldn't hide anything from Emily. At this time, Emily also noticed Sawyer's silence and said, "How do you intend to fall down and then put the blame on me!" Emily did not forget that night when she had overheard their talk outside the hotel room that Star had been pregnant.

Star clearly didn't expect that Emily would guess her thoughts. With her footsteps messy, she said, "I don't understand what you are saying..."

"Ha-ha, you don't understand, right? Then I will let you understand. If you give me such a great gift, how can I not let you happy? I will give Sawyer to you. Star, we have enough time to settle the things between us. Today is just a little!"

With a scream, Emily pushed Star down directly without mercy. Since Star wanted to enjoy such a pain, there was no reason not to satisfy her. Anyway, sooner or later, Emily would be punished. Maybe it was better to make herself deserved to be named. Emily stared at Sawyer, smiling wildly. Sawyer hurriedly held up Star, and Emily's smile was burning into his eyes, which made his heart ache.

"What have you done, beast?" Emily's grandfather was very angry and everyone around them was shocked by the scene. Nobody could imagine that Emily would take such an action. Blood flew out from the body of Star.

"Why are you standing still? Just send Star to hospital!" Emily's grandfather was very anxious seeing this scene. Star had always been doted on by her grandfather. Emily joked at this scene.

"From now on, we will not have such an unfilial descendant as you. You have nothing to do with the Xia clan!" Things about Star were not over yet, and a few words of Emily's grandfather made

those who came to attend the funeral quiet again because they didn't expect that he was going to break off their relationship.

"Grandfather, my parents just passed away. Who else do you want to hand Xia Company over to? Why are you so anxious to kick me out of the Xia clan?" There was no emotion in Emily's cold tone.

"Bastard..." Emily's grandfather was so angry that he shouted, "You only own a small amount of shares of the Xia Company. Do you really think that the Xia Company will be yours? Everything in Xia clan won't be given to an unfilial daughter who disgraced the family and killed parents!"

"Don't be so angry, grandpa. It makes people feel that I've known you mind. Don't worry. It's not that you kick me out of the Xia clan, but that I have severed all relationships with the Xia clan today. Staying in such a cold house like this makes me feel sick!"

Without her parents, Emily looked down upon the tombstone, then she left resolutely. The sentence, 'killed parents', was like a thorn piercing her heart for a lifetime. Passing by Sawyer, she acquiesced, "I will take back ten times what you owe me one day."

Now she didn't have the energy, the thought and the ability to resist the attack of the Sang Company. Her grandfather was in charge of the company, so she couldn't fully take over it. She needed time to endure the piercing pain, and she would take it back. Unfortunately, before Emily could do anything, she was accidentally pregnant and ruined her life again.

At this time, domestic people were still criticizing Emily. Now, they were even more hostile to her, saying that she said bad words to her families, didn't care about brotherhood and was very cruel and merciless. They used all kinds of evil words on her. All the crazy comments seemed to push her on the path of death. While listening calmly, Emily put her hand on her abdomen. She hesitated for a moment, but at last, she had done everything she could to prove her determination.

She wanted the baby not because who his father was, but because he was her bloodline and he was the most important person in her life. Now Emily thought that it had been the right decision to leave Charles in this world.

A man, who said he was Tristan's friend abroad, found her and said that Tristan had asked him to take care of Emily. Because of her child, Emily decided to go abroad. She was not afraid of this city, but it was not suitable for her child. So she left for seven years, and seven years later, Emily turned into this kind of people.

"Does it hurt?" Hearing that, Emily's hand stopped in midair. She hadn't heard such a question from others for seven years or even longer. Did it hurt? Emily giggled, "What do you think, Mr. Brian?"

Without saying a word, Brian fixed his alluring eyes on Emily, which made Emily feel a little serious. "Mr. Brian, I'm also a mortal. If I'm injured, I will bleeding, but I'm used to it."

Emily was used to licking her wound alone, and she was also used to not letting herself live in grief. She had promised to live a happy life, and now she was trying to practice her oath. "I can't accept your compassion, Mr. Brian." She didn't need anyone's sympathy or compassion.

"Do you need it?" Brian made no secret of it. In his eyes, the little girl in front of him was like a reborn phoenix, which had already given out dazzling light. And there was no need to feel sorry for the little girl in front of him, let alone sympathy!

"It's no wonder that you are the Mr. Brian. It seems that you have a pair of eyes that can see through people's heart, and it's also easy to attract so many people with this pair of eyes. Tut, tut, it's really enjoyable." Emily said jokingly.

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