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   Chapter 10 By Accident

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"Sister, I'm sorry. We have been together abroad for seven years..." Said Star with a crying voice.

"Then why are you engaged to me?"

"Sister, please don't blame Sawyer. It's my fault. I refused his proposal. It's all my fault..."

"Star..." Sawyer called in his heart to stop Star from talking, but he didn't want Emily to see or know anything. But Emily had known everything the moment she appeared at the door.

"Haha..." Emily put on a bitter smile and said, "I see. I'm just a substitute. Don't take it to heart. Sometimes it's too cruel to be so gentle."

"I wanted to be with you." When Sawyer acquiesced in saying this, Emily's eyes trembled with surprise. She stared at Star with a fierce look in her eyes.

"Then you tried to make my sister pregnant while engaged to me. Good idea!"


"Sawyer, our engagement is cancelled. You're not single-minded. I won't accept that. Good luck."

"Sister, please don't tell this to your family." Said Star, tugging at Emily's sleeve.

"Why should I do this? And what right do you have to beg me?" The slightly stern eyes of Emily were frightening.

"Sister, if you said it, my father and grandfather would object us to be together. Please, sister, we really love each other."

Tears running down along their cheeks, Emily felt sad in her heart. He really loved her, which make her suffer all kinds of sarcasm. "I don't know why you did that to me today, even though you might have the courage to take the responsibility at that time. You may consider what you should do and it is none of my business."

"Sister...... Do you have to force me this way? If to tell the truth, you are the one who has a hand in the relationship between me and Sawyer. If you don't... "

"Star, the one who wanted to engage first is not me. Don't mistake opponent!"

"That's because you are the daughter of the Xia family, and you are the one who the Sang family like..."

"Star..." Sawyer did not want to let Star go on talking.

"Brother Sawyer, my father and grandfather would have kicked me out of the house if they knew I was pregnant. Are you telling a lie? If my sister speak out, what will we do? Will you abandon me and our child?" Anyone who saw the tears would be very touched, not to mention that Sawyer still had a crush on Star.

When Emily turned around, she was grabbed by Sawyer. He quickly pulled her into the room and closed the door.

"What do you want to do, Sawyer?"

"Emily, please!"

"Haha..." Emily had an impulse to cry. Her fiancé's affair was with her sister, but she was needed to keep it a secret. How could they treat her like this.

"Go away, don't push me." Sawyer didn't move. But before Emily could make the call, her phone had been taken away by Sawyer.

"Sawyer, what on earth do you want to do?"

"Please..." Sawyer said simply.

"What if I don't agree? What are you going to do? Imprison me?" Now, Emily's last trace of affection for Sawyer disappeared. It was because she was blind not to see his true self.

"Give me some time. I'll handle it."

"But I don't want this. Get out of my way!" Emily struggled slightly. But Sawyer could not do anything but hit her. Emily fainted and became quiet at once.


Sawyer didn't expect what he himself had done. He glanced at the unconscious Emily and didn't know what to do.

"I'm sorry." Star lowered her head deeply.

"It's not your fault." It was meaningless to say who was wrong at this point. It was better to think about how to solve it.

"Let Emily rest here tonight. Maybe when she calms down, she will understand us."

Sawyer lowered his head and thought. If Emily told others about this matter, it would not only be hurt Star, and his family would also be affected. He needed time to do something, so he also agreed with Star. He hoped that he could come up with a way to deal with the matter in one night, and he also hoped that Emily could really understand them. But it was impossible, he could not help but shake his head helplessly and put Emily down.

"I'll pack up for Emily. Go and check in her room information."

Sawyer pondered for a while. It was true that he came to register the name of Star. It was better to change it. There were too many things now, so he did not ponder over them and let him feel guilty for the rest of his life.

After Sawyer walking out, Star had already stopped her pitiful look. "Sister, do you know how much I hate you? Your surname is Xia, but you are actually born with everything. Uncle loves you, the Xia family protects you, and you have the qualification to be self-willed. I have to fight for everything by myself. When you are enjoying your life with smile, I am worried about losing something. I am a member of the family. Just because I am an outsider, I am destined to be inferior to others. Why? Why? I can't accept this. So I'm

sorry, my sister. I can't lose Sawyer, neither can I lose my reputation! "

Star took out a bottle of medicine from her pocket and poured it into Emily's mouth. Then she laughed and called 33. "Remember my requirement. You will receive the money after everything is done and then leave the city. Never come back! "

"Yes, I know. I'm coming!" The voice over the phone was disgusting.

When the call was ended, Sawyer took a look at Emily who was still in coma and said, "don't blame me. Just blame yourself for letting Sawyer have you in his heart. Just blame yourself for your identity as the lady of the Xia family. Enjoy yourself tonight. Then Star unlocked the door and walked out of the hotel one after the other with Sawyer.

At the same time, in a room of the hotel, a beautiful woman was lying on the top of Brian. With clothes half taken off, her fingertips touched his bare skin. Brian just smiled indifferently and slowly raised the girl's chin. "Do you know what I hate the most?"

The woman asked, narrowing her eyes.

"For so many years, no one has dared to offend me. You are fearing that I won't be able to satisfy you in the future, so you dared to drug me." Brian pinched the woman's chin hard.

"No, Mr. Brian..."

Brian threw her aside, stood up and straightened his clothes: "I'm not interested in drugging, especially for the woman who drugged me." The woman's face turned pale due to the coldness in his bewitching eyes, but he could no longer show any pity for her.

Even though Brian was calm, he had already felt the discomfort in his body. Damn, it seemed that the effects of the drug were not so easy to go off. He picked up the phone and said, "Send me a woman."

Clearly, the person at the other end of the phone did not react immediately, but within a few seconds, the person on the other end of the phone said, "I'll arrange for Mr. Brian immediately. Would it be in the 88 room?" And he dispose of it as soon as possible.

"Yes." Brian hung up the phone irritably. Damn it! But obviously, he couldn't resist the efficacy any more. His sight slowly became blurred.

For the sake of blessing, this presidential suite was arranged on the same floor with the building's name, which was the same with the hotel's. But later, Brian and Emily should be grateful for the mistake.

When Emily woke up, she felt something wrong. She felt hot and weak. She wanted to break and seek for freedom. Even though she was lack of love, she knew what happened. She was drugged and she didn't even guess who drugged her. They pushed her away in such a way for their own mistake. How ridiculous.

In the darkness, she could hear the slight rotation of the door. Brian had reached his limit and looked at the number on the door...... 33…… Not the 88 HMM 88 88……

He swept the card away, but the unlocked door was pushed open. He ignored the card and closed the door.

All of a sudden, Emily got a little nervous. Even though the medicine tortured her, she was still sensible. In the darkness, she could not see the stranger's face, but she could see the plunder in his eyes.

Even in the darkness, Brian knew that there were people in the bed. They were effective. He strode over. He didn't need to embarrass himself at this time.

"Back off!" Emily's voice was hoarse, and the fire in her body was burning like the wildfire, almost burning her last sanity. She tried to stand up but was powerless, and at this time the strong figure had already pounced on her.

"Honey, don't move Trust me, you will get a lot... " As soon as Brian finished his words, he kissed Emily on her lips. She didn't even have the strength to refute. She had been drugged with philter, and once he touched her body, all her senses were burnt. Even if she wanted to struggle, she couldn't get rid of the weight on her body. She could only fall in love with the person who was on his body.

Therefore, the desire spread and her reason dissipated. When the tearing pain spread over his body, Emily could not help but cry. In a moment, Brian was surprised, "It's the first time..."

Although he was not awake, his movements were gentle and he could even kiss away Emily's tears. However gentle he was, it couldn't compare with the pain in Emily's heart. She thought to herself, 'Star, Sawyer, standing silent now, I surely will let them pay back for the pain I suffered today ten times.

At the same time, a very dirty man also came to the front of Emily's room, wasn't it said to be concealed? But now, what's the situation? He suddenly saw the room card on the ground: 88. It seemed that it was changed. The man walked to 88 with a dirty smile.

Suddenly, a rush of ringtone broke the silence. Brian said, "The romantic Mr. Brian fell down today. The woman arranged for you hired is nice, right? It's the first time for her, but you didn't remember to be gentle."

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