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   Chapter 9 Being Caught in Adultery

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That night, Sawyer drank a lot of wine alone. When he was about to rest, his mobile phone rang. It was Star calling. He did not want to answer it, but finally he picked it up.

"Sawyer, I love you. Do you know..." Her sobbing, the noise and the voice of several men made it self-evident where she was. Sawyer picked up his clothes and quickly started the car and drove away.

"Let's go back!" When Sawyer found Star, he saw two men belittling with her. He shouted to order her.

"Who are you? Mind your own business. Oh, this is my future brother-in-law." Star was so drunk that she even mocked at Sawyer.

Sawyer wrinkled his eyebrows and directly hugged up Star.

"Let go of me! What are you doing?"

"Hey, bro, do you understand 'first come, first served'. This beauty has made an appointment with us!" A man who just entangled with Star said.

"Get out! If you still want to stay here, don't provoke me." Even though Sawyer was known for being mild, it didn't mean that he was not dangerous at all. A young master who had grown up in a rich family couldn't be totally innocent.

It was just that Emily was not willing to think too much at that time. She did not want to go into it deeply. She just wanted to believe in him. And then she felt the endless pain because of trust.

When the two of them heard Sawyer's words, they quickly retreated. They had some judgment on who could be provoked and who could not.

"That's Sawyer. Today he just engaged to the lady of the Xia family, and now he appeared here in the evening. What would Miss Xia think? " There was an inappropriate smirk on Sawyer's handsome face, but it didn't destroy his elegance. What a special attraction.

"Why do I feel like I've met the woman in his arms before?" Another person cut in, coldly with some relief.

"Of course I am familiar with her. She is the younger sister of Emily, Star!" The snicker on his face deepened.

"They are together, but doesn't Sawyer get engaged to Emily?" His voice didn't change, but obviously it contained some disagreement.

"What does engagement mean? There is going to be a good show in Xia Family. Am I right, Brian?"

In the corner holding a glass of wine, it was Brian, who had just returned home. His charming face made the women around look itching to have a try. Brian smiled charmingly, "Sawyer is just the same." The rest of them all laughed.

Recently, Emily always felt that Sawyer was absent-minded. She said, "Sawyer...... Sawyer... " He was eating, but her mind was wandering.

"Yes, what's wrong?"

Murmured Sawyer, who was trying to hide his guilt.

"It's okay. Are you under too much pressure recently? You look tired."

"No, I just..." Before he said anything more, his cell phone rang. Looking at the number, Sawyer frowned and said, "I have to answer the phone..."

Emily nodded.

"Sawyer, will you have dinner with us tonight?"

Star's voice came from the other side of the mobile phone. Sawyer leaned against the wall with her hand to support his forehead. He thought of that night with Star. At that night, he originally wanted to send the drunk Star back home, but Star didn't want to go back, so he had no choice but to send her to the hotel. Thus, the night which might not happen and should not happen would happen.

Thinking of Emily's eyes just now, he said, "We should have said clearly that day. We are already over, Star!" Sawyer hung up the phone in a hurry, fearing that he would change his mind in the next second. Leaning against the wall, he took a deep breath. How could things be like this.

"Is there something wrong with your business?" Emily smelt smoke, but Sawyer didn't smoke normally and she said, "I don't know much about business. If you have any trouble, you can ask the Xia Company for help. My father likes you anyway, so I am a little jealous. I am his daughter."

Sawyer smiled disappointedly, "That's because he love you."

He loved her, so he didn't want to impose the things that she disliked. He could take the Xia Company as a dowry. Although he also wanted to get the Xia Company to engage, this love made him think of another woman, and the tears of that woman.

"I'll drive you home, and I have something to deal with in the company."

After a short pause, she said, "Okay. I'll ask the driver to pick me up."

Sawyer nodded silently without saying anything. Looking at Sawyer's receding figure, Emily had a different feeling. Did she think too much.

When Sawyer came back home, Star was standing at the door with a packed lunch box in her hand. She might have waited for a long time. She said, "Don't mind..."

Sawyer originally didn't want to talk to her, but when he saw the wound on her hand, he changed his expression and grabbed her hand. "How did you get hurt?" he asked

Star didn't say anything.

"Come in. Let me apply some medicine on your wounds."

"Sawyer, you still love me, right?"

Sawyer stood s

till and Star pounced up to embrace him and said, "I know you still love me!"

In the end, Sawyer did not deny. Star slowly laughed. She thought of that day when she woke up from the hotel, he said by his heart that we did not need to meet in the future, but in the end, she won the bet.

"Are you worrying about your relationship with sister?" Said Star, looking at Sawyer in silence.

"Emily is a good girl. I can't continue to conceal anything from her. I will break off the engagement and tell our parents everything."

Hearing this, the fork in the hand of Star made a sharp sound. Sawyer's eyes narrowed with worry and said, "You don't want to?"

"No, No. I just feel like it hurts my sister."

Star didn't dare to admit that she didn't want to bear the risk of losing Sawyer, but she couldn't lose everything she had now. If he acquiesced in marriage, it would be equivalent to interfering in her elder sister's marriage. Even if this was not the case, no one would care. Her mother's identity and her reputation would be destroyed. She couldn't let such things happen, nor could she show her feelings before Sawyer.

"It's our fault. I'll take the responsibility."

"Yes..." Star nodded.

Emily always felt that Sawyer wanted to say something for several times, but she did not know what she was thinking. Her sister, Star, was also a bit strange. When she asked her to help to choose a gift for him, she was even more curious. Sawyer and Star had never been close, but Star still accepted the invitation. Now she thought that if she did not accept the gift at the beginning, there won't be a tragedy that has been caused later, but unfortunately there is no if.

It was afternoon when Emily got the presents. When she was about to leave, she saw a familiar figure. She wondered why Sawyer was here at this time.

Out of curiosity, she followed him into the hotel. When Sawyer arrived at the hotel, Emily suddenly narrowed her hand. What did he do in the hotel? It was definitely not for business. She went straight to the front desk and asked: "Which room is Sawyer in?"

"I'm sorry, Miss. We set a rule that no one should leak out our guest's information!"

"What if I insist on investigating?" Seldom had Emily been so powerful.

"I'm sorry, miss. Tina. We have..."

"Don't waste time. I'm one of the most important people today!"

At that time, Brian came over with a beautiful lady in his arms. When he saw the scene in front of him, he gave a teasing look at Emily and said, "Since Miss Xia insists, there is no need for you to stop her anymore."

Right at this moment, the manager of the hotel came over and said, "Just do as what Mr. Brian said. Check it for Miss Xia." Emily slightly nodded her head to Brian.

Taking a slight look at Brian, she didn't know who he was at that time. She only knew that Brian's extremely attractive appearance had made many people fall into a trap. But at that time, she had no interest in admiring him, let alone getting entangled with him because of an accident.

"Miss Xia, there is no record of the person you mentioned. But you can find some records of your younger sister, Star."

"What?" Emily's head was buzzing, as if it was about to blow up. She tried to make her voice sound smooth.

"Where is she?" At the thought of their strange behaviors in the past few days and the figure she saw, she was suspicious. She put her hand on the doorbell and was about to push it. But before she could do anything, a familiar voice from inside made her pale. In an instant, she found the door was unlocked.

Looking at Emily's receding figure, Brian said nothing. Anyway, it had nothing to do with him, so he left with the beauty.

"Sawyer, don't you think it's too cruel to tell Emily?" Sawyer said that he wanted to make everything clear with everyone that night. Even though Star was afraid, she also felt lucky. But recently he didn't do anything to make her afraid, so she couldn't wait any longer.

"I have my plan." In fact, Sawyer also wanted to make it clear to his mother. But every time he saw Emily's affectionate and smiling eyes, he couldn't tell but suffer pains.

"You know, I'm not forcing you, but I'm pregnant. It's your child."

Star's words came into Sawyer's ears clearly. When he held out his hand to take the examination report from Star, his hand was trembling. It was really his child, but at this time he didn't know how to welcome the kid he should have been looking forward to. Before Sawyer could say anything......

"Bang!" The sound of heavy stuff falling on the ground startled the two people in the room.

"Who?" When Sawyer opened the door, he saw Emily standing at the door. With mixed feelings in his eyes, he said, "Emily......"

"Sister!" Star also showed a surprised expression.

On the contrary, Emily was much more calm than anyone else. "You should give me an explanation." But the pale face explained how she felt.

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