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   Chapter 8 The Engagement Seven Years Ago

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Charles looked at the delicious food on the table, then turned to look at Brian, with eyes full of affection.

"There is something you want to eat." Obviously, Emily knew him well.

"Mommy!" Charles pointed at Brian with tears in his eyes. She knew very well that such an expression most probably to be fake, but she could not refuse it, especially when she was with Charles. This method always worked.

"Go now." Charles knew that there was no problem if Emily said so, so he motioned for Brian to let him down. And Brian also got it.

"Mommy, your son's future will be in your hands." Charles left immediately.

"Oh, don't forget to ask for more money next door. I can't work for free, right? You don't need to give me too much money. Two hundred million is enough. Of course I don't mind if it is too much."

As Charles was walking, he almost fell down, but luckily, Brian reacted quickly and held him.

"Mommy, we are biological!" He shook his head and repeated the fact.

"Of course, or why would I give you the chance?"

As a matter of fact, Charles didn't want to take this chance. But when he saw the sad look in Emily's eyes, he made a wise decision. He didn't want to go on struggling with this matter. Otherwise, he didn't know what he would say, so he left and gave them a sad receding figure.

"Mr. Brian comes so fast. Don't you need to accompany beauties?" With her slender fingers brushing across a chair, Emily sat down, smiling brightly.

"It's Miss Xia's invitation. I can't refuse it." Brian sat down elegantly.

"Oh, why didn't I remember to invite Mr. Brian?" Emily stared at Brian with a broad smile, one hand supporting her jaw.

"Well, I think you should have a good talk with me, such as seven years ago and your son."

As he spoke, Brian stood up and took a glass of red wine from the table, pouring it for Emily and a glass of wine for himself. He didn't treat himself as a guest at all.

Shaking the glass lightly, smelling the wine, Brian said: "Miss Xia, please enjoy the 1982 Chateau Laffite. This mellow is good for listening."

Emily smiled, looking at the calm and graceful Brian in front of her. Was he still the famous Mr. Brian? It seemed that the rumors were hardly to be convinced. "Haven't you checked it yourself, Mr. Brian?"

"But I prefer to hear it from Miss Xia." For a moment, Emily's playful eyes were gone, and she looked so serious as if she could absorb a person's heart. It was hard to refuse her, even if the person was Emily.

Raising her head slightly and gulping down the wine in her hand, the sound of the glass falling on the table sounded unusually heavy. Putting away all the slackness on her face, she said seriously and calmly, "Seven years ago, in the night when I had an accident, where were you?"

Emily's calm attitude was undoubtedly an admirable thing, and was also of Brian's interest. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "I'm in that hotel too."

Sure enough, there was no doubt, but Emily still wanted to confirm and then got the answer already in her mind.

Seven years ago, Emily was the daughter of the Xia family and the apple of the eyes of Mr. and Mrs. Tristan Xia. Seven years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Tristan were in charge of the Xia Company. As Tristan's only daughter, she was, of course, loved by all people. Moreover, through an alliance with Sawyer by marriage, Emily had become the envy of many women.

Emily was gorgeous, and Sawyer was gentle and nice. They were a perfect match. Everyone would flatter them as a heaven-made match and thought they were perfect for each other. She was so addicted to Sawyer's tenderness that she was cheated completely. She only pursued the gentleness, but she didn't know that the gentleness was a sharp blade wrapped with candies and would push you into hell when you were numb.

Emily and Sawyer knew each other not for business, nor for a banquet, but for an accident.

Nine years ago, Emily had a car accident on the ring mountain road. Luckily, she met Sawyer and was rescued in time, or she would be in danger of life. But someone told her later. Because of the car accident, her head was seriously injured and she forgot everything, including her parents, her relatives, and even why she drove there. She was once panic and confused but a little bit relieved. She didn't know where the relief came from.

With the careful care of Mr. and Mrs. Tristan and the comfort of Sawyer from time to time, Emily was calm at the beginning. She didn't feel much depressed about the loss of the memory, instead, she tried to get new memory, because she had met Sawyer by accident. Now she thought it was just an unpleasant episode in her life, but she didn't expect that it was this episode that made her lose the most important people in her life. So how could she not hate him and get over it.

Also seven years ago, when Emily came to the amusement park. Looking around, there was no one aro

und, she felt strange and called Sawyer, "Sawyer, where are you? Why didn't I see you?"

At that moment, the lights in the amusement park were on and there was a bright light. Sawyer walked out of the light and knelt down with one leg bent. He asked, "Will you marry me, Emily?"

In the light, Sawyer's face looked even more elegant. At that time, Emily nodded without hesitation and smiled happily, "Okay!"

Soon, the proposal ceremony was widely reported. A lot of romantic, gentle and earnest words were applied to Sawyer. When Emily heard these words, she smiled cheerfully and said, "Wow, it's so lucky to have such a popular fiancé. What if there is a beautiful woman who want to replace me someday?"

When Sawyer heard this, the newspaper held in his hand shook. "Then my fiancée will fight those women for about three hundred rounds!"

"Don't worry. I will never let such a good man go." Emily held Sawyer's arm. At that time, Emily might not expect that Sawyer was the first one to give up in this marriage. And he even had the idea of letting go in the beginning.

"Emily, Sawyer, it's time to come out." Sawyer's mother and Emily's mother called them.

Sawyer held Emily's hand and walked outside. The ceremony was grand because both the Xia family and the Shao family were glad to see it.

"Sister, congratulations on finding such an outstanding fiancé." With a glass of wine in her hand, Star came over. Although Emily did not have a good impression of Star, who was her younger sister, the daughter of her uncle, she could not be mean to her. She smiled brightly and said: "Thank you!"

"You're welcome." Star looked at Sawyer with affectionate eyes. At that time, Emily was immersing in the atmosphere and didn't notice that, so she didn't notice the hidden emotions in Sawyer's eyes. "Brother Sawyer, we haven't seen each other for a long time," Star said

"Do you know each other?" Emily looked at Sawyer and Star and asked without any other meaning.

"Yes, I knew her when I studied abroad!" Sawyer's words were a little cold, and Emily did not know why. She just heard that Star with bitterness said, "Brother Sawyer and I..."

"Emily, aunt and uncle asked us to come over." Sawyer interrupted her, so she gripped her cup with her fingertips and looked at the receding figure, wishing to crush it. "Sawyer......" Star uttered the words lightly.

"Emily, where is Sawyer?" Emily's mother came over and said.

"Maybe he is out to greet the guests!" Emily didn't take it seriously.

"Sawyer, are you really going to get engaged to my sister?" Star said to Sawyer, with her eyes full of reluctance.

"Don't you see everything?" Sawyer seemed not to want to say anymore.

"I don't believe that you would fall in love with my sister!"

"Why is it impossible? Do I have to miss someone who has dumped me all the time?"

"No, I didn't, Sawyer. Don't take it the wrong way. I just need some time."

"Two years ago, I said that I would come back and make our relationship known to the public. You said that I had to give you time to become someone that my parents would like to acknowledge. When I proposed to you, you said that you haven't decided. Star, we have been together for seven years. Seven years was not enough for you to give a certain answer. How long do you still need? I can't wait anymore. My parents like Emily very much."

"I just knew it. My elder sister is the daughter of the Xia family and was loved by your parents as soon as she was born. She is the rightful heir of the Xia Company. As for me, my family name is Xia, but in the eyes of others, I am nothing but just the daughter of a mistress. The Xia family means nothing to me. Is it wrong for me to gain self-esteem? Is it wrong for me to get the recognition of your parents? Why? Why don't you know me? Why don't you wait for me? "

Star said with a hoarse voice. Tears began to fall down from his eyes and hit Sawyer's heart.

"Star, I have promised you our future, do you think I'm not worth your trust? I can block everything in front of you. Are you so worried that I might not be able to stop this storm?" Sawyer said indifferently. "You didn't do anything wrong. It's my fault. I shouldn't have forced you to trust me," Without turning around, he left.

Star cried to the ground. At this moment, she just realized that she had lost something. Would she accept the fate like this? She couldn't accept it. She couldn't lose Sawyer, no matter what method she used.

"What's wrong?" Emily looked at Sawyer and asked, "Are you tired?"

"Kind of..." Seeing the bright smile on Emily's face, he couldn't smile.

"Go back and have a rest. You are already very busy."

"Okay," Taking a deep look at Emily, Sawyer flicked her hair behind her ears gently. 'How wonderful would it be if I had fallen in love with you at first .' He thought.

A warm smile appeared on Emily's face. "Just go back now. I'll talk to father and mother."

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